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Chris knew that something was wrong when DJ of all people asked him how to spell 'Bunny'.

"Chef... I think the campers may need some proper... Education..." He informed his co-host. "I'm thinking... Total... Drama... High school!" Not waiting for Chef's reply, he grabbed his phone out of his pocket and called his producers for confirmation.

"We're back with a whole new season of Total Drama! Last season we had a whole new bunch of competitors and we returned to the island. The smarty pants bookworm bubble-boy Cameron won the million dollars. The season before, we saw some old and a couple of new contestants traveling around the world and battling it out for the million dollars. In the end, newbie Alejandro won the big bucks!" (I'm sticking to the Canadian version as that's the original.) Chris gave his signature grin. "And it was epic! Seriously! Great TV! Well, now we're back with a mixture of competitors from all seasons fighting for yet another million dollars in... Total... Drama... High School!" With each word, the camera zoomed out to reveal that the host was standing in front of a school.

*Theme song plays*

"So, lets find out who will be competing this season shall we?" As he said this, a bus pulled up in front of the school.

"It's everyone's favourite model, Justin!" Chris announced. Holding a mirror, Justin walked out of the bus.

"Good to be back Chris." He tuned to the camera and winked.

"Okay... The next competitor came third in World Tour and developed himself a stalker... It's Cody!" Smiling, the geek stepped out of the bus waving. Seconds afterwards, a squeal was heard and a certain violet haired girl leaped out of the bus and attacked Cody. Her hair still hasn't grown back to it's original length but now came up to her shoulders, the colour was still as vibrant as ever which indicate that she had dyed it again just before the show began.

"I see Sierra needs no introduction..." Chris smirked. "Onto the next... She's mean, she once had all her hair shaved off and has a gold tooth... It's Heather!" Scowling, Heather stepped out of the bus muttering under her breath: 'One million dollars, one million dollars...' repeatedly.

"He's the bad boy who cheated on his girlfriend, and the girl he cheated on her with... It's Duncan and Gwen!" The green haired punk walked out with his arm around the goth girl.

"No singing this time!" Duncan growled. Ignoring this, the host carried on.

"She was a CIT, was cheated on by Duncan and used the power of the law to get herself on this season... It's Courtney!" Scowling at Chris, Courtney hopped off the bus.

"You might as well hand over the million dollars now." She informed him confidently.

"You of all people should know that that's illegal." He laughed. "Now, he won World Tour and charmed all of the ladies... It's Alejandro!" Beaming, the tanned Spanish boy jumped off of the bus.

"Nice to see you again Chris!" He grinned.

"You too... Al..." The host chuckled to himself as Alejandro cringed at the nickname. "And next up is probably the one person on this show who can beat up Chef... It's Eva!" The girl jumped off of the bus and landed with a loud bang. Giving her fellow competitors an intimidating glare, she took her place farthest away from the group.

"He was eliminated 1st twice and turned into a Gollum like creature, rest assured he's fine now... It's Ezekiel!" Chris grinned.

"Yo! It's my turn to win eh!" The prairie boy hopped out of the bus with a determine look on his face. Many of the contestants shivered when he walked past, remembering him in his previous state. Laughing, Chris went on to the next person.

"He was broken up with on TV, he has an obsession with the number 9... It's Trent!" Carrying his guitar, the other campers couldn't help but notice that the usual handprint on his shirt had been replaced by the number 9.

"He's soft, he's loveable and the other day he asked me how to spell 'Bunny'... It's DJ!" The softie stepped off of the bus with his pet bunny in his arms and a worried look on his face.

"I really hope I'm not cursed again this season..." He mumbled while taking his place next to Duncan and Gwen.

"I'm sure you'll be fine!" Gwen told him encouragingly.

"Or, you know... Maybe not!" Chris laughed. "And now, she loves make-up and doesn't know who her own boyfriend is... It's Lindsay!" The blonde girl stepped off of the bus and waved.

"Hi Chip! Wow! Where are we?" She looked around and Chris frowned at her, clearly pissed that she had gotten his name wrong... Again... Chris regained his posture and stuck on his daft grin again.

"They were both eliminated first in the second season for being too lovey-dovey... It's Bridgette and Geoff!" The couple stumbled off of the bus while making out, not paying attention to everyone around them.

"Well that's it for the original cast... Now on to our fresh new cast!" Chris laughed at the scowls he got from the old cast.

*Confession Cam*

Justin: *Looks around the broom closet the confession cam had been placed in and rolled his eyes* It's better that a toilet I guess... Although the lighting is terrible in here! I hope I don't ruin my eyes by straining them.


*Confession Cam*

Lindsay: *Has her back to the camera and is looking down at the floor* Where did the toilet go... I guess I'll ask Tyler later...


*Confession Cam*

Duncan: No matter what anyone says, I'm not even going to try and get along with those freaks!


*Confession Cam*

Bridgette: I hope I make friends with the new cast! It's good to see some fresh faces!


The bus the original cast had gotten off of left and in it's place stood a newer looking one. This was just Chris' idea of trying to annoy the old cast and make them feel forgotten. "Let's start off with our previous winner... After the break!" Everyone groaned at the host.

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