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The next day, the competing students sat in the history room, waiting for the teacher to show up. The day had seemed a bit odd to some of the students, being that the class populations looked like they had shrunk as the day went on.

Courtney was tired of waiting. She stood out from her chair and walked to the front of the room. She raked her nails down the blackboard to get everyone's attention. All the students in the room covered their ears to block out the painful scratching.

"What is your problem, Courtney!" Heather yelled over the screeching, her fingers jammed into her ears.

"Just trying to get you all to stop talking! Now look," Courtney paused, and stopped making the noise. She climbed onto the teacher's desk and got her dictator face on.

"I will be teaching this class until an adequate person comes in to replace me. Today we were going to talk about the American Civil War. Please open your books to page three-thirty-aah!" Courtney fell down with the desk when the floor disappeared under it.

"Que?" Alejandro asked, then screamed along with the rest of the class when the desks free fell from the fifth floor of the school to the basement level.

The students, yet dazed and confused, were not at all surprised to see Chris in front of them. They were, however, surprised to see Courtney landed in his lap.

"EEW! I touched old!" Courtney hissed and ran back to her seat.

"I AM NOT OLD!" Chris shouted, and took a deep breath. "Anyway," he started coldly. "Today's challenge has to do with the American civil war. Team Algebra Physics, you are the Confederates, and Team Literature Team will be the Union. There are flags out on a field, along with forts for you to fend your states. Some of your teammates are going to be the 'slaves', and if they're caught, you have to get them back before you try to capture the flag. Winners get a special prize along with immunity...or not!"

"You have some supplies for your war in your forts. You only get thirty minutes to prep and plan. Now get to the field!" The students ran to the field and got suited up. Chris smiled his signature grin to the camera.

"Who will win? Will it be the unorthodox Confederates, or the all-superficial Union? Find out in this episode of Total Drama High School!"

Algebra Physics wore red bandannas and wristlets, and Literature Team wore ones of blue.

Team LT's Fort...

"Alright!" Courtney shouted, putting on the commander jacket and tossing out roles between her teammates. "I will be our leader! B, DJ, Cody, Cameron, and Noah are our slaves. Izzy, Sierra, and Scott will be our offense and defense and Heather my co-commander. Alejandro will be the flag catcher! Are we clear?!"

Everyone agreed except for Heather. "Co-commander? Seriously?" Heather squinted at the brunette, who rolled her eyes. "Do you want to be a slave too?" Courtney shot back.

"As if you'd do anything to me!" Heather shouted, and the two began to get physical. Alejandro noticed this and used his charm to stop them both.

"Hey, Hey!" Alejandro got between them and stopped the two from fighting. "We need to plan, not battle."

Courtney blushed and shook her head. "Okay...The slaves will be our wall and the offense will fire if then get past the wall."

Alejandro smiled. "Good. I can make it across. You two will have to keep ship here." He finished, referring to Courtney and Heather.

Heather glared at the two. "Yeah, yeah. Let's get ready." She opened the supplies box and handed out walkie-talkies. DJ, Alejandro, and Scott each got one. Heather grabbed the last one and threw it at Courtney. She then gave each of the offense paintball guns, paint grenades, and smoke bombs. The slaves got a shield and some tennis balls.

Team AP's Fort...

"Alright Dorks," Eva started, taking the commander role. "The weak links, being Ezekiel, Dakota, and Bridgette will be the slaves. Anne Maria, Brick, and Zoey will be the offense." Eva tossed out the supplies to the right people. "Jo is going to try to get the flag."

"I got this!" Jo smiled to herself, looking out the fort window to see the slaves for the other team.

"Sir! Am I allowed to capture some string beans, I mean, slaves before flag capture."

"Permission granted." Eva grunted, tossing a walkie-talkie to her.

"Watch out, dorks, here's Jo!" The sandy blonde smiled, running to the Union fort once the bell signaled for the start of the game.

Panning out on the action and to Chris' face, he smiled his signature grin and said his line. "Who will win the challenge this time? Will it be the previous losers, the Algebra Physics, or Literature Team? Find out next time on Total Drama High School!

Algebra Physics: Anne Maria, Dakota, Zoey, Mike, Gwen, Bridgette, Ezekiel, Courtney, Eva, Jo, and Brick

Literature Team: Cody, Cameron, Izzy, Sierra, Noah, Scott, Dawn, Trent, Alejandro, Heather, and Blaineley