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Naomi yawned and opened her green eyes, gazing around her room. She looked at the sun streaming through her window and muttered, "I overslept…"

Then her eyes widened. "I OVERSLEPT! AH!" She jumped out of bed and got dressed. She wore a grey hoodie, with the hood up to cover her short, spiky, dark brown hair, navy shorts, and blue, black and white runners.

She quickly rushed downstairs. "Mom what time is it!?" she asked her mother. "Twelve o'clock," she replied.

"WAH! I'M SO LATE!" she yelled rushing out the door. "Don't forget to come back after you get your pokemon!" called her mom after her.

As soon as Naomi reached the lab, she crashed into the wall, and fell on her back. "Ow… why can't I go anywhere without crashing into something?" she whined.

Suddenly the door opened. "Why hello Naomi, how nice of you to drop by!" said Professor Maple.

Naomi stood up immediately and gasped, "Professor Maple! Do you have any Pokemon left?"

Professor Maple nodded. "Seeing as you and your sister are the only ones who has their 10th birthday today, all the Pokemon are left!" she said cheerfully.

Naomi beamed. "Awesome! May I see them?"

"Of course! Come on in!" said Maple. Naomi walked inside slowly, trying to savour every moment of getting her first pokemon.

She looked at all the starters. Ayavine, the Grass-Type. Pupyro, the Fire-Type. And Merjet, the Water-Type, which was also flying-type.

Ayavine was a cute little white t-rex pokemon, with an iris flower growing on its tail. Pupyro was a reddish-orange fire puppy, who had droopy ears that were on fire. Merjet was an avian mermaid. From the waist down it was a fish's tail, but from the waist up it was a blue macaw.

Naomi sighed. "I just can't choose! They're all great pokemon!"

"Tell me when you have made your choice," called Professor Maple, walking off to do… whatever it is Professors do.

Naomi nodded and looked at all the pokemon. "Hmm… which one of you will be my first pokemon…"

She saw something in the corner. "Huh? What's that?" she muttered, walking over.

It was two eggs, hidden away in the corner. "Wow… I wonder if the Professor will let me take one instead of a starter… I've always wanted to be a breeder…"

"Interested in the egg?" said a voice behind her. Naomi jumped.

"Hiyori! Don't scare me like that sis!" Naomi yelled, turning around.

"You know I can't resist a good scare!" smirked Hiyori. Naomi rolled her eyes.

"Have you chosen who you're gonna pick as your first pokemon yet?" asked Naomi.

Hiyori nodded. "I want one of those eggs," she explained. "Great minds think alike! So do I!" exclaimed Naomi.

"Have you chosen yet girls?" said a voice behind them. They turned around and saw Maple.

"Yes!" they both said at the same time. Professor Maple smiled. "So who are the two lucky pokemon today?"

"Well… me and Hiyori would each like to take one of those eggs instead of a starter… you see… we want to be breeders," explained Naomi.

"Ah, I see. In that case, go ahead! Take your pick!" said Maple. Naomi picked up one of them and said, "I choose you, egg!" Hiyori picked up the other one.

"I wonder what they will hatch into…" wondered Hiyori. Maple chuckled. "You'll find out," she said.

Naomi and Hiyori smiled. "Thank you very much Professor!"

"You're very welcome. Now, off you go!" Maple ushered them out.

"Bye, Professor!" they called before she closed the door.

"I'm so excited! We're finally starting our journey!" said Naomi cheerfully.

Hiyori nodded. "So…" She stopped walking. "Where exactly are we going?"

Naomi froze and turned, then rubbed her head sheepishly. "Hehehe… I dunno actually…"

Hiyori facepalmed. "Typical, Naomi, typical."

Naomi looked around, then pointed north. "I vote… for this way!" and she set off. Hiyori sighed and walked after her, shaking her head and muttering, "Your ideas will get us killed someday…"

They plodded on for a while, not getting anywhere. "Naomi, do you even know where you're going?" asked Hiyori. "Nope!" answered Naomi bluntly.

Hiyori facepalmed again. She pushed a strand of hair out of her eyes. "Naomi, if you don't know where you're going, or where to go, shouldn't we have asked?"

"Now that I think about it… that WOULD have been a better idea than walking off in a random direction… Oh well! What's done is done!" she said, cheer returning to her voice.

"Naomi, I said it once, I'll say it again, your ideas WILL get us killed some day."

Naomi grinned sheepishly and continued walking, clutching her egg close to her.

Suddenly, Hiyori saw a jeep move at the end of the road. "Naomi, off the road, NOW!" she yelled to her twin. Naomi nodded and walked onto the side of the road. Hiyori followed suit.

As the jeep went by, it stopped, and Professor Maple came out. "Why hello again girls," she said. "How nice to see you again. Though I'm sad to say that you went in the completely wrong direction." Hiyori threw a cold glare at Naomi at this.

"Hehehehe… I take credit for that Prof!" said Naomi. "I was just taking Ash here to the lab, he's come from Kanto to travel the Kliya region and enter the Kliya League," explained Maple.

A black haired boy with a Pikachu on his shoulder stood up and said, "Hi! I'm Ash, and this is my best friend Pikachu," he said. "Nice to meet you! I'm Naomi!" said Naomi cheerfully. "I'm Hiyori, Naomi's older-by-2-minutes twin, happy to be your acquaintance!" chirped Hiyori.

"Well girls, since you went off in the wrong direction"- (Naomi grinned sheepishly at this) "-Why don't you come back to the lab with us?" Maple asked.

Naomi was about to say no, that they were fine on their own, but Hiyori immediately said, "Sure!"

"Climb on then!" said Maple, climbing back into the driver's seat. The girls both climbed into the jeep.

Hiyori said she didn't like sitting beside strangers so Naomi was stuck in-between Ash and Hiyori.

When they finally reached the lab, they all climbed out of the jeep and went inside.

"Wow! The starters are so cool!" remarked Ash. "Yep, I guess you've never seen Kliya pokemon before," said Naomi. "No, I haven't, so this will be an awesome journey cause I'll see tons of new pokemon, not to mention catch some too!" said Ash.

"He's a bit energetic isn't he?" whispered Hiyori to Naomi. "Just like you."

"Yea whatever," Naomi whispered back.

"Well you three, the first thing you need to do to start off your journey is go to K ageniji Village and those of you who are entering the Pokemon League can challenge the Kageniji Gym Leader, Jill," explained Professor Maple.

"Awesome! A gym in the first town we come to!" exclaimed Ash. Naomi coughed and said, "Village, not town," but no one heard.

When they were all outside, Hiyori suggested that they travel together for now. Both of the others agreed so they set off for Kageniji Village.

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