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The journey mostly consisted of silence. They didn't talk because there wasn't really anything TO talk about. Ash broke the silence.

"So where are your starter pokemon?"

The girls replied, "We didn't get them. We got starter eggs instead."

"Huh, I thought you always had to start out with pokemon…"

Hiyori facepalmed (how she loves facepalming) and Naomi snickered.

"Well now you know!" chirped Naomi (My definition of chirped is an abbreviation of 'said cheerfully').

Naomi spotted something on the horizon. "Hey look! There's Kageniji Village!"

Ash got very excited at this and started making battle strategies with Pikachu.

Hiyori looked at her map. "Actually, that's Strawberry Town, the town between our home town and Kageniji Village."

Naomi and Ash fell over (you know, when characters get excited then someone else points out that it's the wrong thing to be excited about and they fall over).

Naomi went into a random dark corner and muttered, "My sense of direction has failed me."

"Is she always like that?" Ash asked Hiyori. "You better get used to it Ash, not a day passes without her being like this," she replied.

"Come on Slowpokes!" called Naomi, who while they had been talking, rushed ahead.

"No one, I repeat, NO ONE calls me a Slowpoke!" yelled Hiyori, dashing after her sister.

"Pika pikachu, pika pikachu…" said Pikachu. "I'm going to guess that means, "What a pair, what a pair," replied Ash. "We better go catch up before they leave us behind!"

When they reached Strawberry Town, Naomi crashed into a red-haired girl. "Sorry!" she said, then she saw who it was. "Ichigo! How are ya buddy?" she said, crushing the girl called Ichigo in a hug.

"I'm being suffocated, that's how I am!" yelled Ichigo, trying to breathe. Naomi let go and grinned sheepishly. "Sorry!"

Hiyori and Ash caught up. "Hey guys! This is Ichigo! You remember her Hiyori right?" asked Naomi.

Hiyori nodded. "Yep!"

"Hiyori!" said Ichigo.

"Ichigo!" said Hiyori.

Ash and Naomi watched them yell eachother's name in rapid succession. "Are my twin and my cousin done yelling at eachother now?" asked Naomi after a while.

The two turned to her. "Yep!"

Naomi brightened up a bit, an idea coming to her. "Say, Ichigo! How about you join us on our pokemon journey?"

Ichigo shook her head. "I have to stay and help my parents in the daycare."

"Aww… that's too bad…" said Naomi quietly.

"Well, we can't dawdle either!" said Ash, starting to march off in the direction of Kageniji Village. "We won't be able to win any badges standing here!"

Naomi pointed out that he wouldn't be able to win any badges until he caught more pokemon, to which Ash froze in his tracks.

"I… knew that!" he said, continuing to walk, obviously hoping to run into a wild pokemon. Pikachu and Hiyori sweatdropped. Naomi marched after him.

"Well… they're right… see ya later Ichigo!" yelled Hiyori, running after the energetic duo.

"Hey, what's that?" said Ash after a few minutes of walking. He had seen something moving in the bushes.

"I say, I do belive it's a Pokemon!" said Naomi, having a sudden urge to use a British accent. Hiyori burst out laughing at the accent while Ash went to investigate the bushes.

He saw the pokemon that had been making the rustling, it was standing in a clearing eating some berries from a bush. It looked a bit like a cockatoo, with something shiny on its chest.

He pulled out his pokedex which Professor Maple had upgraded to scan Kliya pokemon.

"Blingatoo, the cockatoo Pokemon. The shiny object on its chest is the source of its power. It has a tendency to steal shiny objects from trainers," droned Dexter.

"I think I'll catch it!" said Ash, careful not to alert the Blingatoo of his prescence. "Go Pikachu!" he yelled.

"Pika-chu!" said Pikachu, jumping off of his shoulder and assuming a battle stance.

"Use thunder bolt!" commanded Ash. The Blingatoo looked up from the bush and saw Pikachu just in time to get hit by his thunderbolt.

It let out a shrill cry as it got hit. When the thunder bolt stopped, it had enough energy to use quick attack.

It hit Pikachu, but didn't do much damage due to the Blingatoo being weakened.

"Finish it off with volt tackle!" exclaimed Ash.

The girls had arrived a few moments ago and were watching the battle with interest.

The Blingatoo got hit with volt tackle and fainted.

"Good job Pikachu! Go poke ball!" he yelled, throwing a poke ball. The Blingatoo went into it and the poke ball shook a few times before finally becoming still.

"Alright! I caught a Blingatoo!" said Ash, picking up the poke ball. "I wouldn't be so excited over a common Blingatoo… they're the most common Pokemon here in Kliya," said Naomi bluntly.

Ash's face darkened for a moment, then lit up. "Well at least I have a new friend now!" he said. "Come on out Blingatoo!" He threw the poke ball in the air, and Blingatoo popped out. It immediately lay down because it was extremely tired.

"Oh yea… It's not healed yet!" said Ash. "Blingatoo, return!"

When Blingatoo went back in its poke ball, Ash said, "We should get to the pokemon center soon.

"Yeah, I hope Nurse Joy will be able to tell us when our eggs are going to hatch!" Naomi said excitedly.

Hiyori nodded and said, "Come on, it's supposed to be right over that hill!" she said, pointing to a nearby hill.

"Well come on!" exclaimed Naomi, proceeding to dragging the other two along with her.

When they got to the top of the hill, they looked down at a small village, with a building that had so many trees in it that they supposed it must be the gym and that it was a grass-type gym.

"Hey look! There's the gym!" exclaimed Ash. Naomi saw a huge building not too far from the gym. "And there's the pokemon center!" she said.

"Well come on! We don't have all day!" said Hiyori, beginning to march in the direction of the poke center. Ash followed, while Naomi stood there and seemed to be staring at her egg.

Naomi suddenly fell over and started rolling down the hill. "AH! HELPPPPPPPP!"

Hiyori and Ash watched Naomi whizz past them. "The fast way of getting to town!" Ash exclaimed, and started rolling down the hill as well.

Hiyori walked down the hill calmly like a civilized person.

When Naomi got to the bottom of the hill, she immediately got up and sat down. "I think it's hatching!" she exclaimed, setting her egg down on the ground.

When the other two got to the bottom they sat down around the egg.

Suddenly, the egg began to crack. "Ooh! It's hatching, it's hatching!" exclaimed Naomi.

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Naomi: But I wanted to know what it will hatch into…

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Hiyori: He's right you know.

Naomi: *sits in a corner sulking*

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Naomi: *bites her hand*

Naomi: Nope! But I do feel something wolf-like inside of me.

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