Everyone was talking, laughing, happily sipping away on their drinks at The Sheriff's Office. It was the most popular multi-function establishment for adults in Shreveport, and they were all having a great time. Their work-day was over, and while they couldn't spend too much time hanging out, they still enjoyed the companionship shared over drinks and bar snacks.

Cara shivered. Once again she felt someone staring at her but, upon surreptitious examination, she couldn't immediately discern the culprit, so she ignored it...once again... and focused her attention back on her friends.

When the waitress came back to check their drinks, Cara opted for a cup of coffee instead of another extra-white White Russian. One was enough, and she had to drive home afterwards anyway. Suddenly she felt the strangest sense of approval wash over her, and had no idea where it came from. It felt exactly as if someone was proud of her for ordering a coffee instead of another drink! She'd felt that feeling before, but never this intensely.

Cara decided there was something distinctly unusual about this huge place. She'd been there many times before with her friends, and while the first visit had been unexceptionally pleasant and she still loved the place, every visit thereafter just got stranger. She briefly wondered if it was because the place was owned by vampires, but quickly shoved that thought aside.

Vampires had been "out of the coffin" for about six months now, and while they were cautiously accepted by most people, there were just enough bigots and racists in the world to make their lives (unlives? she snorted to herself) unnecessarily difficult.

While Cara had a distinctly irreverent sense of humor, she saw no reason to start automatically blaming any and all mishaps or unexplained things on vampires simply because they "suddenly" existed. The two vampires she'd knowingly met had all been nice enough to her; aloof, definitely, but not insultingly so. Granted she'd met them there at The Sheriff's Office while they were working, but still, every person was a person and to her it didn't matter if the "person" was human or vampire.

A different waitress soon brought the drink and coffee orders, and Cara was surprised when the vampire (she refused to consider a female vampire a "vampiress" since a human female wasn't considered a "humaness") sat her cup of coffee and server of milk down first since waitresses generally served the more expensive drinks first.

Cara nodded her head and thanked the waitress nicely as was her custom, and began preparing her coffee only to then notice that her cup was half full. She wondered how the vampire waitress knew that was how she preferred her coffee - more room for all the milk she used - but by the time she thought to ask, the lady was gone. She wouldn't have expected a "usual" waitress to know this about her, much less some stranger. When she felt the "I'm being watched" feeling again, she just shrugged and turned her attention back to the semi-drunken chaos of the group.

A little while later she happened to look around the bustling "tavern" section of the establishment and noticed that the mysterious vampire waitress was nowhere to be seen.

Stephanie's sudden cackle jarred her attention back to her companions and made her wince. She hoped no one noticed since she loved her friend dearly, but when Steph had a few drinks in her...yikes...

Taking that as her cue to leave, Cara gathered her purse and check, and started with her polite good-byes. As expected, Steph, Min(dy), Cin(dy), and Evan all "boo-ed" her exit intentions and she laughed cheekily at their antics. After promising to see them at work in the morning and leaving a nice tip for whichever waitress picked it up, she paid her check at the bar and pretended she didn't feel someone following her as she walked to her car in the well-lit parking lot.

The last several evenings that she'd visited TSO she'd felt someone following her, and the first two times she'd made a big deal of looking around to see who it was but had never spotted a soul. Thereafter she just ignored it...it wasn't like she'd see who it was anyway.

Sighing as she unlocked and entered her car, Cara locked her car doors (as if that'd stop a determined vampire, she snarked to herself), fired up the engines, and made her merry way home.

Once inside she made sure that all the doors and windows were locked, and that all the blinds and curtains were closed, as she continued to ignore that "I'm being followed" sensation. After prepping for the morning - the hardest part of her day - she finally showered and went to bed.

And couldn't sleep for shit.

Who the hell kept eyeballing her at TSO?




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