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The Dreams of Angels

Chapter Fifteen

Angélique's POV

I watched as the masked man dragged Christine angrily into his lair; but why was he so mad at her? What happened between the time I left and me hearing the screams of panic from above? I then watched as he forced her into the wedding dress from the alcove. I guess that's what the dress was there for; because he loved her. I cried silently as I heard them singing together even though it wasn't a song of love. I could hear the fact that people hated him for his face; but what was wrong with it exactly? I mean all I have seen since he took me in was the mask so I have never actually seen underneath before.

"Wait, I think my dear, we have a guest." I looked up and saw the patron on the other side of the portcullis. I then watched in trepidation followed by horror as I saw the patron being strung up in a lasso. I sort of spaced out for a moment although I heard snippets of what they were singing as they all tried to persuade Christine to make the right choice. There was a pregnant silence as Christine waded into the water and started singing. What was she going to do? But before I could comprehend the situation she kissed him on the lips not once but twice. I felt moisture forming on my cheeks and so I walked out through a nearby passageway without looking back...

Phantom's POV

All I could do was stand there as she kissed me on the lips; not once but twice as not even my own mother could bear to kiss me. I then realised that no matter what I did Christine would never truly love me; and that she only kissed me just to save the boy.

"Take her, forget me, forget all of this, leave me alone, forget all you've seen. Go now don't let them find you! Take the boat, swear to me, never to tell, the secret you know of the angel in Hell! Go now! Go now, and leave me!" I yelled as I stumbled towards my room. I sat there; dejected as my music box began to play at its own accord, almost like it knew my plight and what I was feeling at that moment. My eyes then fell upon a small piece of parchment and I picked it up gently to skim through it. I dropped it in shock as I realised what it entailed. I was in such a deep state of shock I didn't even realise the fact that Christine had entered the room; I was broken out of my stupor when I felt her hand around mine and felt the coldness of the diamond in my palm.

"What's wrong?" She asked quietly.

"It's Angélique; she's in trouble but I fear I may be too late." I replied forlornly as she took the note from my hand and read it for a moment.

"I know where she is." Christine said quickly and she dragged me towards the way out as the echoes of the mob carried their way through the cavern.

Angélique's POV

I didn't care which direction I was walking as the lights around me turned on one by one and the Opera House disappeared from view but I couldn't stop the tears from falling as the pain in my heart intensified. Why did he have to fall for someone so perfect and talented rather than the girl who gave him everything including her heart? I felt myself smile a little as the Seine and the Eiffel Tower soon come into view; I knew that soon enough all of my troubles would be washed away and that I would be able to leave the hurt behind. I stepped up to the side of the bridge and looked over at the city as the lamps were turned on and it was like the city was really waking up; Paris looks so beautiful at night and I will most certainly miss it but at least I will be able to join my parents soon. I was about to climb over the side to end it all when I heard someone call out my name; I turned around emotionlessly to see the masked man, Christine and the patron running towards me with concerned expressions gracing their faces. But why would they be concerned about me? The masked man had a whole future ahead of him with Christine and the patron could have any woman he wanted as any girl would give their lives to be married to someone as rich as him.

"Please Angélique don't throw your life away."

"You have no right to tell me what I can and can't do with my life. All I wanted that night was to join my parents as I had nothing to live for; but then you saved me and I felt like I was needed and cared about. But you have her; she's perfect and sounds like an angel. You don't want the orphan who is impure and sung that song you heard as her suicide note." I replied seethingly as I placed one leg over the railing.

"Well here's my suicide note to the man who captured my heart but will never have it." I then stood up on the railing of the bridge and opened my mouth to sing:

I took a little trip to your underworld,

I took a little trip because of you,

I did as you said,

And followed where your music led,

And tried to do what I could for you,

But here's how it works in your underworld,

You make me pay with every little bit of my heart,

I tried to give what you would take,

I sacrificed it for your sake,

Now look at me and see what I've been through.

Little Angel in Paris,

Little Angel in servitude,

Little Angel in the dark,

On their laps, in their arms, in their beds!

"What are you saying?" He asked calmly as he took a step closer like he would a wild animal.

Why would I refuse to speak a word?

Why was I broken and bruised?

Why didn't I sing till I heard your song?

Or bring out my feelings at all?

No not due to her!

And who kept watching,

Desperate for your feelings,

Who kept silent?

Hoping you would save her?

Who kept dying?

And this is all I get given!

"What did I give?" He asked quietly.

"Heartache and pain." I replied quietly as the tears began to fall. He then sang in reply:

Look with your heart,

And not with your eyes,

The heart understands,

The heart never lies,

Believe what it feels,

And trust what it shows,

Look with your heart,

The heart always knows,

Love is not always beautiful,

Not at the start,

So open your arms,

And close your eyes tight,

Look with your heart,

And when you find love...

"You lie!" I yelled and so I tried to throw myself off the bridge. But I didn't get the chance to as I was grabbed around the waist and dragged as far away from the edge as possible.

"Please Angélique listen to your heart; what is it telling you?"

"That I can no longer ignore my feelings for you." I replied and I gasped as he knelt down on one knee and pulled out a ring from his pocket. But this one didn't look anything like the one he gave to Christine; it was in the shape of an angel and composed of lots of tiny diamonds.

"Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife and help me compose the music of the night?"

"Yes! Yes I will!" I cried out happily and I kissed him on the lips and the world around us was forgotten as he slipped the ring on my finger.

Two weeks later...

We were married in a simple church ceremony alongside Christine and the patron who also got married at the same church as us. I found out the patron's name was Raoul and I forgave him for what he had done to me that night as I believe in fate; I think if I wasn't kicked out onto the streets I wouldn't have met Erik; my angel and my husband. Only love and music are forever...