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ico Di'Angelo was not a happy camper. In fact he wasn't even a camper anymore. He was a student. His father had sent him to some school for wizards or "wand-waving pains in the butt" as he called them. Apparently one of these lunatics had found away to cheat Death. And the gods know that Father doesn't like to be cheated. After being blessed by Hecate he was shipped of to Scotland before you could say "half-blood hill". His Father said that a soul-fragment had made its way to the underworld from here last year and he sent me to see if he could find out where the rest of the soul was. So like he said, not a happy camper.

"Alright class, line up!" came a shout from the front of the classroom, stirring him from his thoughts. "Today is going to be a practical, so textbooks away."

He had figured out that Professor Lupin was a werewolf almost immediately after getting here. And with a name like Remus Lupin could he really be anything else?"Then again, maybe it's normal fora person who turns into man-eating beast once a month to teach children." he thought, somehow he didn't doubt stranger things had happened with these maniacs.

Still he was a little wary, since coming here he had been attacked by; a pack of Acromantulas, three vampires, a particularly annoying centaur spouting something about Mars be bright (debatable); about half the merpeople in the lake; and a Griffin. So far the only good thing that had come from this situation was that he had discovered the godsend that was the Dementors! Apparently these delightfully nasty little buggers (he really needed to get out of here) were part of his Father's domain and therefore were indebted to him. In others words they had to do whatever he said! Oh, the possibilities.

"Now does anyone know what a boggart is? How about you Mr. Di'Angelo?", asked Professor Lupin, completely disregarding the Granger girl right next to him who's hand was raised and looked like as if she was a bit constipated.

" A boggart is a creature who takes the shape of someone's worst fear, because of this no opne knows what their true form is. They like to live in places such as the undersides of beds, the insides of closets, or behinds drapes with windows left easiest way that they can be defeated is with laughter." He said automatically. He had practically memorized the list of monsters he had made from the library to look out for. These guys were only #23 on the list. "I mean really, laughter?"

"Excellent answer, 10 points to Gryffindor!" said Lupin grinning, "Now, since you seem to be fairly knowledgeable about the subject why don't you go first for a demonstration?" he motioned to the largish bureau behind him.

"Sure," Nico said while shrugging, "might as well see what I'm afraid of." He got up from his seat and walked up to the front of the class and stopped 10 feet from the bureau.

"Now Mr. Di'Angelo, the spell is Ridikulus. Got that." asked the scruffy looking werewolf.

He didn't say anything, just nodded while staring intently at the piece of furniture in front of him. He was in battle mode right now.

"I will realease it on the count of three. One…two… THREE! ALOHAMORA!" Lupin shouted, unlocking the bureau and quickly stepping out of the way of the battle he sensed was coming.

Out of the bureau stepped-


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