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After picking his battered and bleeding body up off the floor, Nico noticed finally noticed the shocked and more than a little scared expressions of the students that were only outdone by the teacher's expression.

"Mr. Di'Angelo… how did you-" was all that Remus managed to get out before Nico ran out of the room.

Nico was furious with himself for losing control of his emotions like that, he had honestly forgotten that he was surrounded by wizards and not the demigods who if not comfortable with, where at least used to his abilities. Here in the wizarding realm the second word of this incident got out he would be labeled the next Dark Lord, and hunted down like an animal. As Nico stormed into his dormitory he called out to the Bloody Baron.

"Baron I have a message for you to give to my father, tell him that my cover has been blown and that we will have to continue searching for the remaining soul fragments on our own. For now I will be blowing off some steam at camp." He said when the ghost of Slytherin House drifted into his room.

"Yes my Prince" came a soft whisper as the ghost slowly faded away. Nico swiftly packed everything he wanted and shrunk it down to put in his back pack. Nico took one last glance around his dorm and shadow travelled out of Hogwarts, Great Britain, and the entire western hemisphere.

"So Nico, what's up?" asked Percy as he deftly parried son of Hades' thrust and launched his own attack.

"Nothings up" Nico said, jumping out of the way of the slash at his chest and quickly used the flat of his sword to whack Percy in the leg, putting him off balance.

"Oh come on Nico, you know you can't lie for shit. Also the fact that I found you ripping the poor training dummies to shreds at 7 in the morning after going away on some secret mission for two weeks makes me more than a little suspicious." He said grinning not at all fazed by the death glare he was getting.

"Look Perce it's just-I just needed to get something out of my system okay?" he said momentarily stopping the sparring session. "I was just reminded of why I don't talk about my family that much."

"Well you wanna talk about it now?" asked Percy looking a little concerned.

"I don't know… maybe?" said Nico quietly.

Percy walked over to the bench on the outskirt of the arena they had been sparring in. "Come on, talk to Cousin Percy." He said, motioning Nico to come sit too.

"Alright, yesterday I faced a monster that shows you your worst fear," he said taking a seat next Percy, "and well… Percy I saw Bianca! But it wasn't really Bianca, it was like some sick twisted version of her. She said- she said that I should have done something, that I should have been the one who d-" he couldn't even get the word out.

Percy suddenly turned serious and his smile faded. "Nico listen to me. That thing wasn't Bianca, Bianca never would have said that. There was nothing you could have done. You were half way across the country for the Gods sake!"

"I- I guess I know that, but then it turned into…" he started but then trailed off looking at Percy in a way that reminded him of how truly young the raven haired boy was.

"Nico what did it turn into?" Percy asked looking at him.

"…It turned into you…" he said cringing like he expected Percy to start yelling.

"What did I say Nico?" Percy asked without hint of anger.

"You said that we could never be family… and that you regretted the day you ever met me…" Nico said in a whisper, not daring to look into the older boy's eyes.

"And that's where it went wrong Nico. You are my family, and whenever I think of the day I met you the only thing that I regret is that I didn't meet you sooner." Percy said completely seriously.

"Really?" Nico asked looking up.

"Really," Percy said, then grinning, "after all who else would I be able to beat down in training if not for you?"

"Percy!" cried Nico, punching him in the arm.

"Now come on squirt, time to go make a mockery of ourselves in archery." laughed the green eyed teen, getting up.

Nico laughed to, after all he had a family again… even if it was just Percy.

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