Alright so I'm making it my mission to make this couple known. Until I'm done with my other chaptered stories I will just be posting one shots for these two or short chaptered stories. Hopefully in time others will write a story for these two as well. So here you go. Sorry if it's to short. I can't tell because I'm writing this on my phone.

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Title: Altered memories

Rating: T

He only had a few rules for her to follow. One of his rules was to never kill an arrancar. She stared at her blood soaked hands regretting her decision to end that pathetic arrancars life. She had never been punished before. She didn't want to be punished. All she wanted was for the arrancar not to touch her. She warned the arrancar not to touch. She didn't like for everyone but a few people touching her.

The arrancar didn't listen and just laughed. He said she could never kill him. Everyone knew she was the weakest arrancar and many took advantage of that knowledge. He thought he could take advantage of her. For a little while she let him, not wanting to break masters rule. First it started off as simple touches, then touches turned to rubs and strokes. She was starting to feel uncomfortable. She didn't like it. She hated his hands on her. This day he had taken it to far. He had pinned her against a wall while she was taking master some fresh new sheets for his bed. He began to feel all over her body. The kisses and the biting came next. She could smell his arousal. If she didn't stop him she knew how far he would have went.

So she killed him. It has been so long since she's killed a hollow. She enjoyed the feeling of his blood on her hands. The look of shock on his face as she pushed her hands deeper into his chest was priceless. She only had to move her hand a little farther to have her hand around his beating heart. A sinister smile found it's way on her face. She had found her target and ripped it out. He had fell on her, the blood coming from his wound staining her uniform red. She pushed him off of her.

She stared at her blood covered hands. Now, she had to face a punishment. Hopefully master understood why. She had two choices. One: clean up the body, herself and take the sheets to master Starrk. Two: Just take the sheets to master Starrk, and not keep him waiting any longer. She chose the latter. She wiped her bloodied hands on her already bloody uniform. She didn't want to wash the sheets again. Not wanting to draw attention to herself, she quickly made her way to his room.

Standing in front of his door, she took a deep breath and exhaled. She knocked on his door a couple of times. She received no reply. She tried again. Still she received no answer. Worried, she opened the door, Master Starrk was no where to be seen. She was met with the sight of his room. It was a mess. Feathers lay in a thick pile on the floor. All of his pillows were destroyed. His sheets and clothes were shredded. No amount of sewing would repair them. Though some of his pillows were salvageable. She went to her closet and pulled out some trash bags, a broom, some clothes, and a sewing kit.

First she cleaned up all the shredded fabric of his clothes and sheets. She threw her own bloody clothes in the bag as well. She didn't want to put the new clothes on until she washed herself and was done cleaning. It would probably be awhile before Master Starrk returned from what ever he was doing. Who the hell did this to his room?

As she walked around the room picking up the shredded material; a few visions flashed before her eyes. The first one was of a blushing orange haired boy with brown eyes. He scrambled to look away from her, while handing her his black robe. She smiled at his innocence.

The next was of a pale blonde haired man, in a white coat. He had a huge smile on his face as he showed her something he had invented. She was bathing in a hot springs when he barged in, out of excitement. A girl with shoulder length blue hair dressed in all black from shoulders to toe kicked him in the gut hard enough to send him out if the hot springs.

The next was of her and twelve other people celebrating something. What they were celebrating she didn't know. All she knew was that it was for her. They all held their drinks in the air as they cheered. A woman with bandages in her hair was talking yet she could hear no words leave her mouth. Whatever she said had embarrassed her, so she threw an empty battle of Sake at the woman. The woman dodged it with a huge grin on her face and her tongue pointed at her.

The next was of the fear she could see in peoples eyes. They were in a battle field. The field looked like one of nightmares. All the trees were dead some twisted into odd shapes. The sky was gray and lay all around her, some of them wearing a black uniform. The majority of them was dressed head to toe in black the only thing visible was the area around their eyes. Vultures and crows feasted on their flesh. Blood was all around her. She recognized the majority of the people who looked at her with fear in their eyes. What were they scared of? They were in other visions she had. Their weapons were drawn, and pointed at her. One of them was saying something. She felt angry and a strong blood lust. She couldn't hear them or herself. All she knows was that she was the first to attack the group of people. The vision always stops there.

The last was of her laying there in a pool of her own blood. Cloaked figures were standing over her. She felt weak, she was thankful that the cloaked figure that picked her up was gentle. This was the vision she had the most, and the only one when she could actually hear what someone said. The figure that was holding her said one thing as he carried her. She knew it was a guy because of how deep his voice was. The voice apologized to her. As he carries her the only thing she noticed was a long piece of white hair.

She often had visions when she was doing simple tasks. Some scared her, some she liked. She didn't recognize or remember any of those people except from those visions. She thought they were just something her mind made up. As far as she could remember she has been with Master Starrk since she was young. She remembers becoming a Vasto Lorde. She remembers Starrk and Lilynette telling her how lonely they were before she came along. He was amazed when she wasn't affected by his spiritual pressure.

Her spiritual pressure had the opposite effect of his. Instead of killing hollows with hers, they seemed to be attracted. Every second she would be attacked. She had to learn how to react quicker, how to kill quicker, and how to take on multiple enemies. With as much fighting and killing she did, she couldn't trust anyone. The one time she did decide to trust someone they attacked her, but she was faster and that friend had just become another meal. Everyone would eventually turn on her.

She evolved quickly and only within a few weeks. Once she became a Vasto Lord she met Starrk and Lilynette. They wanted her to come along with them. She thought she had learned her lesson with trusting other hollows, but being lonely as long as she had made her accept their offer. They all protected each other. What hollows her spiritual pressure attracted Starrk and Lilynette's destroyed. She felt as if she had a family. Then came along Lord Aizen.

She remembers how Lord Aizen offered her the second position of the espada. She refused to take it and instead became Master Starrk's fracción and the lowest ranked arrancar. Aizen said she would be his trump card for future. Many arrancar didn't know how strong she was for she was good at suppressing her spiritual pressure till it wasn't detectable. As she suppressed it she noticed the amount of fights she got into lessened greatly. They didn't know that she was stronger than Barragan. Lord Aizen only let a few people know. As far as she knew only Lord Aizen, Gin, Tosen, Master Starrk, Ulquiorra, Barragan, Harribell, and Lilynette knew. Lord Aizen had insisted that she still have the number 2 tattooed somewhere on her body. She kept it hidden with the clothes she wore. She had it tattooed on her right inner thigh. Many of the arrancar looked down on her for being weaker wondering why the strongest Espada would bother having the weakest arrancar as his fracción. She didn't care. As long as she could protect Master Starrk, Lilynette and Ulquiorra then she was fine with her life how the other arrancar treated her.

Ulquiorra had become a dear friend to her. Though he didn't show it, she knew he thought of her as a friend. Somehow she just felt as if she already knew him. She knew how to interact with him. So it became easy for her to befriend him. Besides herself she didn't know of anyone else who even bothered to try and befriend him. Besides him, she only cared about Master Starrk and Lilynette.

Lilynette was like a little sister to her. She enjoyed the young girl's company. She was a curious thing, and always had questions. Questions that she were happy to answer. She remembers when Lilynette had her first crush. She didn't know what to do, so she came to Yoruichi for advice.

This brought a smile to her face as she explained to Lilynette how to get her crush to like her. She thought it was another child arrancar like Lilynette. When Yoruichi found out who her crush was she thought it was hilarious. When he had come to her room dragging Lilynette behind him she was reading a book. He had held Lilynette out to her by her ankle. Lilynette was upside down with her arms crossed and a frown on her face.

"I didn't work Yoruichi." She said with a little blush on her cheeks.

"You're responsible for this?" He said as he lifted her higher to emphasize his point. When she heard his voice she looked up from her book.

"I'm sorry Ulquiorra, I didn't know that she had a crush on you. I thought it was some child as well." Yoruichi looked as if she was ready to laugh. Behind her book she was smiling from ear to ear. He dropped Lilynette to the ground not really caring if she got hurt or not. She landed on her face pretty hard. She got up quickly rubbing her bruised forehead.

"You jerk!" She yelled at him. Her crush on him was gone now. Dude was an asshole.

"Next time how about telling me who you have a crush on, and I can give you proper advice." She winked at her. She got up from her chair and placed her book down.

"Come on Ulquiorra I'll walk you to your room." He was about to object but she was already dragging him out her room.

"So what did she do to you? If you say long story, your room is really far away so we have time." That was often his excuse to get out of conversations. So she made sure he couldn't use it this time.

" The girl was just constantly bothering me. She was like a shadow. Everything I did she asked me about it. I couldn't go a minute without her saying something. When I told her to leave she just stayed. So I just dragged her out. I'm not interested in a child." He explained. The child had done much more but he didn't want to tell Yoruichi that. Yoruichi had noticed there was something he wasn't telling her. She chose not to ask him about it.

" So who do you have an interest in?" If Ulquiorra had actually taken an interest in someone she was going to get them together.


"You said you're not interested in a child. It sound like you were implying you have an interest in an adult. So who?" She asked.

"I have not taken an interest in any body. I will never take an interest in any body." She stared at him.

"Why is that?" She didn't believe that Ulquiorra was heartless. She believed that it just took the right person to bring out the emotions and love within him. That person only had to get past his exterior, and be patient with him.

"Yoruichi I have no emotions nor a heart. I do not feel sadness, affection, anger, or happiness. I don't even feel the same way you feel for me. I wouldn't care if you died. I wouldn't mourn your death." What he did next had surprised her. He pinned her against the wall with his index finger pointed at her heart, a beam of light the color of his eyes forming at the tip. In just seconds the beam grew in size. It burned away the fabric that rested there leaving her chest completely exposed.

"I can kill you now and not regret it." She looked into his green eyes searching for something besides the emptiness. She knew he was trying to prove a point. Ulquiorra wasn't the monster he believed himself to be.

"Ulquiorra I don't have a heart either." She pointed to the left side of her chest. He looked at her chest. He noticed her hollow hole was where her heart should have been.

"Yet, I can still feel love. I love you, Master Starrk, and Lilynette. You are my best friend. I trust you with my life which is why I know you will not kill me." She smiled as he moved his hand away releaseing the cero. She embraced him. As she held him she felt him stiffen under her touch. He didn't push her away yet he didn't embrace her either. It was a start. He just had to get use to her touch.

"Why do you trust a monster like me? I don't understand." He could never return her feelings. Would she ever understand that?

"Because you are not a monster. You are my friend.I don't care if you don't feel the same way about me. You will always be special to me." His body was warmer than she thought it would be. She didn't understand why he didn't believe he had a heart. She could hear it beat perfectly fine. It was soothing, and had she been tired it would have lulled her to sleep. Hopefully one day Yoruichi wouldn't be the only one to listen to his heart beat. She held him a little tighter before she let him go. She wanted him to feel that some one cared about him, that he was loved.

"Good night Ulquiorra." She said as she sonidoed away.

She smiled that was the day she became even closer to Ulquiorra. She continued to clean up the pieces of fabrics. When she was done. She moved on to the feathers. There were so many. By time she was done she had three large bags full of feather. She could only find two pillows that could be fixed. Luckily they were his biggest ones. She stuffed the pillows with feathers before getting the sewing kit. She was never really good at sewing, but she could do a decent job. Once she was done with his pillows, she made up his bed. She put on the fresh new sheets she had brung and was thankful no blood got on them. She wondered where master Starrk was. He never went on missions without telling her. She didn't to worry, Master Starrk could take care of himself. His room was back to normal besides the four trash bags. She could give the shredded fabric to Gin he would find something to do with it. She could pull a prank on Grimmjow., Szyayelapporo, and Nnoitra with Lilynette with the feathers. For now she just put all the bags in Lilynette's room. It was right across from his room so she didn't have to travel far. Once she was done stuffing her closet with the bags of feathers, she sonidoed to drop the the bag off in front of Gin's room. She knocked once before leaving. She looked at his clock that was on his wall. It only took her about ten minutes to clean the room up. She grabbed her a bath towel and showered. She enjoyed the feeling of the hot water running down her skin. The water that ran down the drain was a light shade of red. Once she was done washing her body with the lavender scented soap; she let her purple locks fall free from the ribbon she wore. Her hair was longer now, and stopped at the small of her back. It was hard for her to wash her hair by herself. It was so much of it, that she couldn't be sure if she washed it all. As she rinsed to soapy suds out of her hair the water going down the drain was once again a light shade of red.

She should've just snapped the arrancars neck. There would be no blood on her if she had. For some reason she always ripped out her opponents hearts. She wish she knew why. She wanted to know if there was some signifigance to the action. She noticed Ulquiorra will kill people where his hollow hole is as well. She didn't think he was conscious of the action. She washed her hair once more before wringing it out. She didn't really feel like blow drying it, so she let it air dry. She turned off the shower, and wrapped herself in her towel. She put on her uniform.

Her uniform consisted of a white sleeveless backless shirt. The shirt was held together by two straps that tied around her neck. She wore a long sleeved jacket that stopped just above her naval. The sleeves stopped past her fingertips. The outline of the jacket was black along with the zipper. She wore some white hakama pants that stopped at the bottom of her ankles. She wore black socks with white arrancar shoes. She also put on some ankle weights and wrist weights. Lord Aizen had made her wear the them. Every week he increased the weight. Now finally done getting dressed she went back to Master Starrk's room. He still wasn't there. She couldn't sense Lilynette either.

She went to Ulquiorra's room. She opened the door to his room expecting him to be there. He wasn't here either. She sighed and sat on his bed. She examined his room. It was rather spacious but plain. The only thing in here was a couch, lamp, and a bed. The bed wasn't very comfortable. It was as if he barely even used it. She decided to move on to the couch. This was actually a lot more comfortable. Does he sleep on this instead? It sure was comfy. She lay with her back to the couch her hands behind her head. She stared at the ceiling. She felt a little drowsy. Not really wanting to fall asleep, she sat up. She could her the 'tic' and 'tok' of his clock. The time read 6:47 p.m. She felt a shiver run up her spine.

She was in an arena, standing over three people's bodies. They were all men. One of the men, looked as if he could be her father. He had purple hair like herself and golden eyes. His skin color was pale though. The next man was dressed like a ninja the only noticeable thing was his eyes. Those eyes held a rage in them directed at her. The last man had auburn hair, with green eyes. He wore a White haori. On the back of it was two horizontal lines in a diamond. The arena was filled with people, not a single seat was left unoccupied. The white robed man and the one that resembled her were injured. The man that resembled her had various cuts and wounds on his body. His eyes held acknowledgement and praise. The robed man had a gash going from the right side of his forehead through his right eye. The wound was fresh and still bleeding. His shoulder was dislocated as well. The two men were kneeling in front of her. They appeared to be surrendering.

The man dressed like a ninja was on his knees. The worst she did was knock and throw him down a few times, so he suffered the least amount of damage out of the four of them. He got up and brushed himself off. He unsheated his blade. This man would not accept defeat. She hoped he valued his life more than his pride other wise he was going to die. He ran towards her before disappearing out of sight.

Really? Did he believe he would best her at this? She felt insulted. He appeared behind her swinging his blade towards her neck. She didn't bother with dodging the attack. She wanted to show him, and all the people who looked to him as their leader how weak he was. How foolish they were for trusting their lives to this man. She caught the blade in her hand. This surprised the man. His blade wouldn't budge as he tried to pull it from her grip. She took out her dagger and smiled a sadistic smile. The vision ended.

The visions have become more and more frequent. She needed to talk Master Starrk about them. She left Ulquiorra's room, and began to wonder the halls.

"Hey, you there!" She turned around, though she already knew who it was.

"Appache, that is no way to address anyone. It makes you look hideous." Sun-sun said as she walked up to Appache.

"Shut up Sun-Sun. Haruichi was it?" Asked Appache. Before Yoruichi could correct her, a third female joined the group. She looked at the approaching female.

"Her name is Yoruichi you idiot." Mila Rose corrected her. It was her who walked up to her to shake her hand.

"Mila Rose." Mila Rose offered her hand to Yoruichi. She took her hand and shook it.

"I know who you are. Them to." Yoruichi gestured towards Sun-Sun and Appache.

"Unfortunately we can't say the same about you." Sun-Sun said. 'Good' Yoruichi thought. She made it her business to know about every arrancar here. She needed to know who to watch out for. She also didn't want people to know much about her besides her being Master Starrk's fracción and that she was the weakest arrancar here.

"You see we try to know, every female arrancar no matter how weak they may be. We've met them all besides you." Yoruichi looked at Sun Sun. The girl constantly hid her mouth with the sleeve of her shirt.

"We would like to get to know you better." Mila Rose added.

"Though I must say I don't understand why the number one espada would want the weakest arrancar as his fracción. You have a spiritual pressure lower than a humans. You pose no threat to anyone. A fracción is suppose to protect and serve their master. How can you the weakest one of us serve him?" She looked Yoruichi up and down."Maybe, your just his little fuck toy."

"Appache!" Mila Rose and Sun Sun yelled at their friend. Yoruichi just frowned. Disrespectful, little bitch. She could end her life now if she wanted to. Master Starrk would never treat her in such a way. Mila Rose and Sun-Sun began to scold Appache, it wasn't long before they began arguing.

"If that is all you have to say, then I will be leaving now." She walked away from the bickering trio. She needed to find Master Starrk.

"Yoruichi wait!" Sun Sun had grabbed her shoulder.

"What is it?" She was annoyed with them already. She was ready to leave.

"Master Harribell wanted to speak with you. We couldn't find you before she had to go to the espadas meeting. She told us in case this happened for us just to keep you occupieded until she got back. Please stay." She pleaded with her. She didn't want to fail Master Harribell. The task was so simple. Yoruichi wanted to face-palm in this moment. She forgot there was an espadas meeting today. She was brought out of her thoughts by the slight pressure Sun-Sun was applying to her shoulder. She looked at girl.

Yoruichi could see the desperation in her eyes. She looked at the other two fraccións. They had stopped their bickering, and was staring at her waiting for her answer. Yoruichi had a feeling they would break her legs to keep her here. Their faith and loyalty to their master was unquestionable. They would go through any means to carry out her orders. That was good.

"Show me where the meeting room is, we'll wait for our masters near there." The three girls smiled. Mila Rose led the way.

"It will be some time before we get there." She said as she continued walking. They could have sonidoed there but they didn't want to leave Yoruichi behind. They walked in silence for a little bit. Sun Sun stepped on Appache's foot and pointed her head in Yoruichi's direction. Yoruichi was looking at her surroundings, committing to memory how to get there next time.

"No." She hissed. She was not going to apologize to her. She meant what she said.

"Don't be rude Appache. Go apologize for what you said. We don't need anymore enemies." Sun-Sun said behind her sleeve. Appache could be such a stubborn handful.

"No." She said one more time. She didn't really like the bitch. It was female arrancar like her that made them all look weak. In huecdo mundo the females were always the first to die. The male hollows would always go after them suspecting easy prey. She's surprised Yoruichi is even still alive. Many of the arrancar believed the only reason Starrk kept her around was for sex. Appache was just the only one who had the balls to say it.

"We're here." Mila Rose stopped walking to stand in front of a huge set of double doors.