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If Yoruichi had looked back in her hasty retreat to get away from Stark's room; no to get away from what she witnessed in Stark's room, she would have saw the heart broken man's attempt to come after her. But not only that. Had Yoruichi looked back she would have saw his desperate attempt to reach out to her knowing it will be the only time he could. She would have saw him desperately try to grasp on to any part of her beautiful body he had spent so much care and love exploring every crevice of the peaceful night before. Stark's fingers had been so close to grasping onto the rim of her sleeve; he could just imagine gripping onto it, pulling Yoruichi into his strong arms and not letting go until he finished explaining the situation. Stark knew what would happen if he let Yoruichi run. He knew that if he didn't grab a hold of her in time then he would not be seeing her until she was ready to talk. And sometimes that would take days.

In reality when Stark's fingers were only mere inches away from anything he could grip onto, he felt a forceful tug on his wrist. A tug strong enough to stop him in his tracks. A second of broken concentration was all it took for Yoruichi to disappear from his sight.

It was rare for her to leave away from any situation without resolving it first. She only did that when she was mad enough that she wanted to harm him. Stark called out to her.

"Yoruichi!" But she was too far gone to even hear his desperate calls of her name. Stark fell to his knees in defeat. This was one game he could not win. If his love wanted to run from him than...than he could not chase. He wasn't allowed to. No matter how badly he wanted to. He's tried that before and it only resulted in Yoruichi putting more distance between them and making her angrier.

Stark has ran after her before, he ran for days chasing her down across Huecdo Mundo. A fruitless effort. When Yoruichi didn't want to be caught he never caught her. Even as he kept chasing her, the only time he caught sight of her was when Yoruichi had got tired of running and tackled him to the ground.

"I've made such a terrible mistake," He cried out in a pained tone. "Yoruichi please come back to me." When she came back and was hopefully ready to listen to reason he would explain that everything she saw was a huge misunderstanding. But until than with each passing second his heart shattered more and more knowing that she was hurting because of him... that she was running away from him again.

"Master Stark you don't need that weak used whore. You need a woman who has time for you and only you..." The rest of her words fell on deaf ears as a pair of arms wrapped lustfully around his broad chest as her sultry voice continued to whisper in his ear. Stark stiffened under her touch, never in his life has he wanted to harm a woman so badly. Stark pulled away from her grip. Everything was her damn fault! She would pay, and she would pay dearly for mistake.

/flashback starting/

"Once Lilynette is done come to my room, I have something I need to show you." He whispered in her ear before placing a kiss on her sore cheek. Stark walked out of the room leaving a fuming Lilynette and a nervous Yoruichi behind.

As Stark headed to his room he ran a gloved hand through his dark brown tresses. He couldn't help but imagine and smirk at the 'punishment' Yoruichi could be receiving from Lilynette. If he knew his girls as much as he thought he did, than it was something immature that only a child would be affected by. Well at least one good thing that came out of Yoruichi leaving for the human world was that he had some time before his love stopped by his room. That gave him time to prepare. He wanted to make the most of what little time they would have.

He and Lilynette would be leaving for the human world again in a few hours, so he at least wanted to spend an intimate moment with Yoruichi. He couldn't fathom how long it had been, since he last touched her...intimately that is. Any amount of time greater than an hour was much too long to be away from Yoruichi. She had become a drug that he had become addicted to. And this was an addiction he didn't want to kick. Truly he was a selfish man.

Now that he had Yoruichi he didn't want to share her with anyone else. An image of Lilynette angrily shouting at him appeared in his mind. Stark had forgotten about her for a moment. Whoops...His pink eyed companion would be the only one he wouldn't mind sharing Yoruichi's attention with. But every other insolent man and woman better be ready to cross blades with Stark.

Even that pale skinned green eyed bastard. Gggrrrr just thinking about him led to Stark wanting to put a sword through Ulquiorra's skull. Oh how he would love that! Perhaps a lobotomy would suit Ulquiorra nicely? Stark placed his gloved hand on the tip of his chin in thought. The Primera espada compared a regular Ulquiorra and a lobotomized one and didn't really see much of a difference. Then again his knowledge on such a procedure and the after effects of said procedure was limited to what he has seen of the vic- errr, test subjects of Szayelapporo.

Stark also knew it wouldn't sit well with Yoruichi if he caused any intentional harm to the cuatro espada. Frustrated Stark released a sigh at the thought of a pissed off Yoruichi. That woman's wrath would make even the strongest man shiver in fright. He certainly didn't want to tempt Yoruichi's wrath again. Stark shivered at the thought. He learned his lesson the first time.

Stark didn't really like Ulquiorra much. Why? Maybe it was because Ulquiorra was male (an attractive one at that) and besides himself; was the only male Yoruichi spent voluntary time with. Somehow the green eyed espada made Yoruichi smile her radiant smile that only Stark was suppose to do. Ulquiorra didn't even try yet Yoruichi still enjoyed his company. He literally did nothing. Tired of thinking about Ulquiorra, Stark focused on the destination ahead, his bedroom.

As he walked down the hallways leading to his room he passed by many arrancars doing various things. Some activities ranging from chatting amongst themselves to some of the female arrancars swooning over him. Stark ignored their lusty stares, for he only had eyes for one woman. Besides the closer he approached any being considerably weaker than he, their reactions were all the same. They would flinch at the feeling of being overwhelmed by his vast spiritual pressure, and then they would flee before the feeling of suffocation started and killed them.

This was another reason Stark constantly loved being in his room. Being surrounded by the weaker arrancar only reminded him what it was like before he found Lilynette and Yoruichi. It reminded him, why he would always be thankful to Lord Aizen for surrounding him with people that could withstand his killer spiritual pressure. And once this war was settled he planned on living a happy life with Yoruichi and Lilynette. Well... as close to happiness as a hollow can achieve.

Stark grinned as he thought of that life; of the happiness, completely oblivious to the pained expressions of his fellow arrancar around him. Usually when he noticed the pain he caused them he would quicken his pace. One weak arrancar who couldn't withstand the deadly spiritual pressure fell to her knees and coughed up blood, coloring a tiny part of the white floors of Las Noches red. She was lucky to survive and though no matter how straining the task was; was lucky to live to breathe another day. This was the unintentional doing of the primera espada. The burden that Stark and those significantly weaker than him suffer. Stark's strength was truly frightening.

Said man had finally finished walking the nearly crowded, ever watchful halls of Las Noches. Only the hallway leading to his room was vacant, for the visitors for this area were few and far inbetween. Stark stood in front of a bleached white door with the number one written in the corner of it. This was his room of course. Stark placed his gloved fingertip on the golden door handle; gently running his fingertip over the length of the handle admiring the handles intricate design. The handle itself was of a golden wolf in mid jump with it's body stretched out. From the tips of its claws to the tip of its tail was a masterpiece.

Stark gripped the handle of the door and with a gentle push, the door opened with a creak and he entered his room. Relieved to finally be in his sanctuary he lay content on his western style California king sized bed. So many hours of his day and night were spent in this wonderful bed, along with some happy moments in his life. Whether they were old or new, his dream, or his reality they were times he'd never forget. One happy memory that Stark would never forget, a memory he was very fond of; happened only last night.

Stark ran his hand affectionately over the white sheets, on the right side of his bed. Yoruichi had slept in this spot peacefully last night. She was so beautiful when she slept despite the loud snore. He actually thought it was really cute. As Stark thought about his beloved Yoruichi, his eyes scanned his custom created room.

Lord Aizen had called it a bathhouse and said it was a perfect match for his personality. It was lavishly decorated in a Roman theme. And like the actual romanian bathhouses his room was huge, he could easily fit fifty or a hundred people in his room. Right in the center of his room was an ever flowing bath that could fit about twenty people. Next to the bath was two tables, a very comfortable lounging chair that he often found himself taking his naps in; and an assortment of pillows strewn about in a large pile he slept on as well. He also had another pile of pillows on the other side of the room. The first table next to the bath was adorned with various bath products of different scents for women and men alike. It also had white towels and robes of different sizes and lengths.

The second table was always stocked with something new every day, whether it be food, dessert, some kind of drink, or all three he was never disappointed. Human food was divine. Lilynette always enjoyed what was on that table, and every day he got to see her smile from eating the delicacies. It made him a little happier as well, to see her smile and enjoy the little things in life. To see her still be childish in both mind and her ways. Sometimes he felt like a caring father and an older brother to her.

Stark yawned as his eyes finished scanning the entirety of his room. Besides his bedroom, he also had a full sized two person bathroom. The sink, toilet, and bathtub were all made of marble; white of course. The mirror ran the full length of the wall and he had a steam shower. Stark was happy with the interior design of his room, and couldn't ask for a more comfortable room.

Stark checked the little pink Barbie clock on his wall. The only colored thing in his room was a gift from Lilynette. He never had the heart to tell her that he hated the little plastic bitch and that the clock was a damn eyesore. She loves her, and when Lord Aizen gave Lilynette every single Barbie movie ever made in existence, Lilynette had made him and Yoruichi watch every single movie with her.

Barbie needed to figure out what the fuck she wanted to do with her life, because she has done almost everything. How the hell are you a fairy in one movie, then a pop star in another? At the thought of both those horrendous movies he could feel a vein on the top of his head twitch. Damn, thinking about why he hated the clock so much he ended up forgetting to check the time.

Stark decided to do that now. The time was 9:33 p.m. It had been some time since he arrived in his room. Yoruichi should be arriving any minute now. Just as he finished his thought, his beloved had strolled into the room with a toothy grin on her face and a mischievous gleam to her golden orbs. Lilynette must have put her in a good mood.

Oh well, Stark planned on putting her in an even better mood. They most likely both needed some stress relief, he knew for sure as hell he did and Stark knew the perfect way. Yoruichi strided over to Stark, giving him a nice view of her breast as they bounced up and down with each step. Her shirt did little to restrain those chocolate mounds which jiggled and swayed seductively just begging to be played with.

He could just imagine her lovely voice continuously moaning his name in shameless bouts of pleasure.

"My, my, it seems like you're rather excited." Yoruichi whispered seductively. Her eyes burned with the same lust dripping from her voice. Stark could already see her eyes glazing over. She stroked the bulge protruding from his pants playfully but not at all innocently. Yoruichi knew exactly what she was doing. Stark looked down, and indeed Yoruichi was correct. His member was straining against the confines of his pants, pants which he only recently noticed had become tighter on him.

Stark must have got an erection while he was fantasizing about his queen. Speaking of who...said woman was currently relieving herself of her clothes. First went the jacket and shirt. He noticed Yoruichi wasn't wearing a bra today. Next went her gloves and pants, leaving Yoruichi in nothing but her lacy panties which she was already taking off now.

That was strange because Yoruichi always let him take off undergarments. Maybe she was just extra eager today? Well he couldn't blame her, Stark was ready to ravage Yoruichi right this second. But he had to control himself. He was always gentle to Yoruichi, and tried to avoid hurting her. Sex was sacred and a very intimate thing to him. Which is why he only imagined enjoying it with the love of his life.

Stark's lust filled eyes hungrily roamed over Yoruichi's now naked body as she grabbed his hand and pulled him close to her body. Stark took this as his cue to wrap his arms around Yoruichi's waist. His grip on her waist was firm yet gentle as he positioned them so that Yoruichi's back lay on the bed and he on top of her.

Yoruichi smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck crashing her lips against his own in a kiss filled with hunger. Stark answered the kiss with just as much energy for he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. His already tight pants were growing tighter by the second, he really needed to relieve himself of his erection it was starting to get painful. Stark pulled away from Yoruichi's lips which oddly weren't as soft as usual. Mind you, Yoruichi's lips were soft now just not like usual.

Stark ignored the little detail and began to take off his jacket and shirt giving Yoruichi a nice view of his chiselled chest. He had the body of a Greek god, created from constant battle and training. His brown curly locks were soft and silky yet they were a complete contrast to his rough beard. The feeling of it as Stark sent kisses down her naked body was ticklish and rough at the same time. Yoruichi let out a delighted moan as Stark continue to rain butterfly kisses over her body.

Stark couldn't help but notice there was something different about Yoruichi as he kissed her in the crevice of her neck. She didn't arch her back like she usually did when he kissed her in that place. Was he doing something wrong? Was she starting to grow tired of him? Many questions ran through his head as he stopped kissing her for just a moment.

It was a good thing too, as he would have been in even more deep shit.

"Was this what you wanted to show me?"Starks body went cold and fear ran up his spine as he heard that voice. It was Yoruichi's voice laced with so much disdain and barely concealed rage. But it can't be her, for Yoruichi was under him right now. Right?

Stark feared looking back. He feared what he might see, but he needed to know. He feared this might be like a scene from one of those soap operas he's seen before. Yet he looked behind himself at the bedroom door anyway. Stark's eyes widened as he saw a pissed off Yoruichi standing there with her arms folded. Damn, definetly like a soap opera scene. So then who was beneath him?

Stark looked under him expecting to see another Yoruichi, but instead he saw pale white skin, where brown should be. White hair where purple hair should flow. And instead of the golden eyes he loved looking into, he saw two irises made of blue, red, and yellow. This was not Yoruichi it was an arrancar named Chamel. And she was naked up under him, with him with his shirt off, and them both being in a sexual position. Stark practically betrayed Yoruichi. He touched another woman. He had to explain everything to Yoruichi before she got the wrong idea. Stark just had to...

"I can explai-" Stark tried to utter those words but stopped himself for two reasons. The first being he could see Yoruichi stare at him with such a rage, you would guess they were sworn enemies rather than lovers. The second reason for him not finishing his sentence was because Chamel cut him off. What she said not only pissed him off but also added insult to injury.

"Not very much to explain honey. Your Master grew tired of a used toy, and decided to play with a new toy." Chamel chimed as she rested on the bed with her arms behind her head.

'Dumb bitch' Stark thought. Surely Yoruichi wouldn't believe her. He needed to explain himself now, before things got more out of hand...

"Yoruichi I-," Stark started but before he could finish Yoruichi had cut him off.

"Goodbye Master Stark!" Yoruichi growled as Stark watched her throw the broken door out of her way and leave the room. The door embedded itself deep into the wall behind him.

/flashback over/

Stark turned away from the door he had been staring longingly at as he felt a hand on his shoulder. Sadness was replaced with rage at what he saw. There stood Chamel with a triumphant grin on her face as if this was her plan all along. Chamel stroked her hand down the length of Stark's arm until her hand stopped at his wrist. She looked into Stark's gray orbs wanting to see the lust and need he was showing her when he believed she was Yoruichi.

Instead she was met with a look of rage causing her to flinch slightly. Yet it didn't deter her from her goal.

"Now why don't we continue where we left off?" Chamel seductively asked placing her hand on Stark's chest. Stark didn't react in a negative or positive way to her touch. Mistaking that as the 'go' sign Chamel began to lean forward ready to plant her lips on his. She closed her eyes wanting this to feel like the perfect moment. Master Stark was the man she wanted most in Las Noches.

She tried so hard to attract his attention but it always seemed to be on his sole fracción Yoruichi. How the hell the weakest arrancar in history got to be the number one espadas fracción was a mystery to many. As far as everyone was concerned she couldn't really fight, and her sole purpose here was just to pleasure their Lord, Master Stark, and Ulquiorra.

Why were they so fond of her? There are a lot more beautiful women here that could satisfy their needs. It wasn't fair. For these three powerful men to give their attention to this one woman really pissed Chamel off. Ulquiorra who rarely spent time with other arrancar often choosing to be alone gave attention to this weak woman. Master Stark whose spiritual pressure was so high often accidentally killing arrancar chose to spend time with this woman who for some reason would just not die. Lord Aizen often busy with keeping some order in Las Noches, busy plotting how to win his war, busy planning and prepping, found even an ounce of time for this...this wench.

Chamel set aside her thoughts remembering what was going on right this moment. After all she was about to kiss the man she desired most. She hoped it would be everything she dreamed of. Would the kiss be gentle or rough? She would find out soon enough.

Chamel opened her eyes as she felt a slight pressure on her neck.

Stark stood there with his hands wrapped lazily around her neck. His face was devoid of any emotion leaving her to wonder about his next move.

"Master Stark?" Chamel questioned as she placed her hands on his wrist trying to tug them away. They didn't budge an inch.

"I don't know whether to end your life slowly, quickly, or simply spare you." Stark stated so casually. Chamel's eyes widened at the realization he was probably going to kill her.

"What?" She questioned.

"You have to be punished" What was she being punished for? She didn't do anything wrong. Chamel had no more time to think as Stark tightened the grip around her neck leaving her with very little oxygen.

"W-wait," Chamel choked out as she clawed at the hands that gripped her throat. She didn't even imagine the night ending like this. She didn't expect for everything to turn out as crappy as it did. She struggled against his grip which was only growing tighter by the second. The room was beginning to spin, her lungs felt as if they were on fire, and the pain was starting to become was so bad Chamel felt as if her neck was about to snap in two. Tears began to fall from her eyes.

Then it all stopped. Stark's hands were removed from her neck. Chamel coughed as oxygen assailed her lungs. It felt so good to breathe again. But why? Why did he stop? Her vision was still a little blurry so she could barely see anything. Chamel could hear voices though.

"Now don't be hasty Stark. We need this woman alive." Chamel could hear heavy breathing that sound like it belonged to Stark. What was going on? She looked to the direction of the breathing yet her vision was blurry so the two figures just looked like blobs. She couldn't distinguish who was who.

She needed to know who was who. Maybe if she squinted hard enough she just might be able to make out the figures.


She was right. By squinting she could make out who the two figures was. One was Stark and the other was... was Lord Aizen. And what she saw surprised her. Lord Aizen currently held Stark against the wall with his hand on Stark's neck. She understood now, why Stark was breathing so heavily. Lord Aizen had stopped Stark from nearly killing her and restrained him from making any sudden moves.

"She...needs...to...die!" Stark said in between breaths.

"Why did you stop me?!" Stark yelled angrily. Lord Aizen only seemed to smirk at this question. It seemed like he was dealing with a child who was just upset he couldn't have his way. This was the very first time Stark ever lost his cool.

"First I already told you because she will be a valuable asset for the future. And second since when do you lose your cool and choose to murder in cold blood?" Lord Aizen questioned in a serious tone. He was really not in the mood to replace Chamel with another arrancar. Her ability was valuable for his future plans, so she could not die. What the hell did she do to Stark to bring out such a carnal side of him?

"Since she destroyed my relationship with my beloved."

What?! He loved that little whore? Impossible! Outrageous! How could this be? Stark wasn't supposed to love her. Chamel growled in jealous.

"Come now do tell me what happened between you three." Lord Aizen had let go of Stark seeing that he calmed down slightly. Aizen really needed an explanation of the feelings he had felt a while ago. Stark told Lord Aizen what happened less than an hour ago.

"Ah, well it might take a little while but Yoruichi will eventually calm down and return. She a very reasonable and level headed woman. She's wild and irrational but also level headed. Until then you have a mission to complete and Lilynette has been waiting for you." Lord Aizen had turned away from Stark to face Chamel. She gulped a little.

"Let's go Chamel." Chamel hurried to her feet not wanting to keep her Lord waiting even a second too long. Stark watched them as they left his room. Right now he could only think of his Yoruichi. Would she ever forgive him? Does she hate him? Everything was so frustrating right now. All he wanted was to be able to fill the void of loneliness he felt. Yoruichi and Lilynette filled that void. But without both he felt that loneliness.

Whenever Yoruichi went on one of her little 'retreats' he felt the loneliness. Whenever he and Lilynette went into their ressureccíon and they summoned the wolves, Lilynette no longer answered his calls. Sometimes her conscious had become one with the wolves and that brought on the feeling of loneliness.

Stark balled up his left fist and punched the wall his back was propped up on. He was beginning to act very out of character.


As Chamel walked along the corridors of Las Noches with Lord Aizen she couldn't help but smile.

"Did I do good my Lord?" Chamel asked in a curious tone. Aizen had stopped walking to look at Chamel. Aizen took a hold of her chin and brought his face within inches of her own.

"You did a wonderful job Chamel. Every couple needs a little lover's quarrel." Aizen said with a sly grin.

/ With Yoruichi /

Yoruichi placed her back against one of the many sandy hills in Huecdo Mundo exhausted. Scanning her surroundings Yoruichi sighed. All around her lay dead bodies of various forms of hollows. Most of the sand around her was stained red with their blood and the stench was becoming very foul pungent odor.

Death was always around her. It was basically a part of her. All her life she's fought. All her life she's been paranoid in Huecdo Mundo ready to kill all who approached her. Now was no different.

She needed a second to collect her thoughts and clear her head. Maybe she should've stayed and listened to Stark. But she also couldn't deny what her eyes saw as well. And it certainly wasn't a pretty sight. But why would Stark betray her? Didn't he love her? She loved him and that's why witnessing what she saw hurt her so much.

Yet strangely she felt as if this wasn't the first heart ache she felt. Maybe she just wasn't cut out for love. Yoruichi sighed once again as she got up from her spot. More hollows were coming, most likely attracted to her spiritual pressure. Yoruichi decided to just let them be. She was faster and would be able to outrun them. It was pointless to kill them and even more pointless to stay.

Well that was until she felt some familiar spiritual pressures approaching. Yoruichi's eyes narrowed as the arrancar continued to approach her. What the hell did they want and why the hell were they out here?

It wasn't long before they stopped in front of Yoruichi. As they stopped in front of Yoruichi, she could see the mock grins forming on their faces. Today was just not her fucking day. Just looking at them, Yoruichi had begun to already grow annoyed at the four women's presence.

"Harribel what do you and your entourage want? I'm certainly not in the mood." Yoruichi stated in an annoyed tone.

"We were just wondering what you were doing out here all alone Yoruichi and came to check on you. Instead we're greeted with your nudity rather than the scantily clad woman we usually see. " Harribel spoke. She seemed to drag out the word alone as she spoke. Yoruichi just crossed her arms and humphed.

"It's very rude to ask a lady her intentions and not reveal your own." Yoruichi replied.

"Last time I checked you never acted very ladylike before." Apache countered with a grin. Yoruichi just frowned at her remark.

"Look at the pot calling the kettle black." Sun-Sun snorted as she looked towards Apache.

"Tch you're a bitch Sun-Sun." Apache grumbled in annoyance.

"Enough!" Harribel ordered. Her voice cut through Apache and Sun-Sun like a blade. Their Mistress' command was absolute and they dare not utter a word.

"To answer your question Yoruichi we were sent out here on a mission to eradicate a rogue sect of vasto lorde." Harribel answered with a hand on her sword. Yoruichi could sense there was something else. Something else that Harribel wanted to say. So Yoruichi called her out on it.

"Ah but that doesn't explain why you came to me. You could have easily just went straight back to Las Noches. We are not friends so you're not obliged to wonder about my well being and I know damn well you did not come to check on me from the kindness of your damn heart. So what the hell do you want with me Harribel because you couldn't have caught me at a worse time." Yoruichi stated angrily. Apache's, Mila Rose's, and Sun-Sun's eyes all narrowed dangerously at her. She could feel the anger coming off of them in waves, but Yoruichi couldn't care less.

They were pissed at the disrespect Yoruichi has shown to their Mistress and one of them was ballsy enough to lash out in their Mistress' honor.

"YOU INSOLENT BITCH! YOUR DISRESPECT TO MISTRESS HARRIBEL IS UNFORGIVABLE!" Apache yelled in rage as she covered the distance between her and Yoruichi in a flash. She could no longer control her rage nor her actions. Apache felt a strong desire to kill Yoruichi. Right now it was all she could think about. With that single purpose in her mind she felt drawn to purple haired woman. As Apache ran she could hear her two friends Mila Rose and Sun-Sun yelling after her in alarm. But she didn't care! That wasn't going to deter Apache from showing this insolent arrancar her place.

Kill her...

Devour her...

Destroy Yoruichi...

Apache could hear the words being whispered in the back of her skull egging her on. She could do it. She could kill Yoruichi.

Just before Apache was directly in front of Yoruichi, Apache reared her fist back, ready to strike Yoruichi. As Apache thrusted her fist forward three things happened so quickly Apache didn't have time to understand what was going on. The first thing that happened was that Apache had missed. Well she didn't miss, it was more like Yoruichi dodged it by moving slightly to the side. Such a slight movement that it was barely noticeable. It left Apache herself wondering what happened.

Yet she had very little time to wonder in her confusion as she felt a white hot pain in her abdomen. It was a pain that shook her very soul to the core.

The second thing that happened was that she felt a hand on her shoulder and then a lesser pain in her abdomen. Her vision was getting blurry, so she couldn't register what was happening around her.

'What the hell happened?' Was all Apache could think about. Now Apache felt weightless as if she were soaring through the sky. Was she? The only time she got this feeling was when her, Sun-Sun, and Mila Rose wrestled and one of them threw her. Yeah, she just might be soaring through the sky. Apache felt herself land onto something hard. The ground maybe? No, it was softer as if she hit a body.

The third and final thing that Apache noticed before darkness overtook her was the desperate voices of her two companions yelling her name. What happened In less than five seconds?

Yoruichi flicked her right arm to the side ridding the appendage of the multi-colored eyes arrancar's blood. Apache was lucky Harribel had made it in time to throw Apache away from Yoruichi before Yoruichi's hand had gone to deep into Apache's abdomen. What was the stupid girl expecting? Was she so blinded by her devotion to Harribel that she didn't notice the waves of reiatsu oozing from Yoruichi?

Maybe that was the reason for Apache rushing recklessly. Who knows? Yoruichi watched Harribel look over her fracción with slight concern in her eyes. Not really wanting to see Apache potentially bleed out Yoruichi turned her back on the quartet and began to walk away. It was time to go back. She would deal with Stark later. The wound she inflicted would heal in about a day or two anyway.

"Yoruichi if you believe I will allow you to harm Apache and walk away unscathed, you must be more idiotic than I thought."

"Is that a threat Harribel?" Yoruichi hissed as she turned around to face the third espada.

To answer Yoruichi's question Harribel unsheathed her sword.

"This time I won't hold anything back and..." Harribel shot forward raising her hollowed blade over her head.

"...and if you dare to underestimate me you're going to die Yoruichi." Harribel brought her arm down with enough force to slice Yoruichi cleanly in two.

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