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Ch.1 Where's London?

Its been 5 years since the boy known as Harry Potter was left on the door step of Number four Privet Drive. The now 6 year old boy was curled up in the cupboard under the stairs. He didn't know what he had done wrong, but he was curled up in the corner anyway. Hoping that the monster of a man Vernon Dursley would forget him there for the night.

The Great Goddess was watching, knowing that Vernon would definitely not just let the boy go. Harry was being terrorized by Dudley a rather large and spoiled boy when he had caused a stack of plates from a cabinet to crash to the floor. When Vernon had seen he had grabbed the child by his hair and dragged him to the cupboard and thrown him against the wall inside.

"Are you going to interfere?" Gainel the Master of Dreams asked.

"Yes." the Goddess responded. "This is disgusting. I see it so often, but I think I may have a better use for him than to become broken in this place."

"We are all but forgotten. We don't have the power we did before." Gainel said.

"I have the power for this." The Goddess told him. "This place will be needing a Champion. I know exactly what to do. In the process I may be able to save what we have left."

"BOY!" Vernon yelled. "C'mere you ungrateful brat!"

Harry began to shake as he slowly stood. Wincing against the pain spreading through the side as he walked slowly out of the cupboard, he came to stand before the man while his eyes never left the floor.

"What did you do?" Vernon growled.

"Nothing" Harry said almost to softly to hear.

Vernon stepped forward and said in a low menacing voice. "Don't you lie to me boy." Just before lifting his hand and backhanding Harry hard enough to knock him off his feet. "WHAT did you DO!" he screamed.

"I dunno!" Harry cried while trying to pull himself up to run away.

Instead of a response Vernon kicked Harry in the side hard enough to hear a muffled cracking noise.

Before anything more could happen Harry fell into blackness.

As the boy passed out the Goddess took her chance to interfere and pulled the boy into The Realm of the Gods.

She held him for a moment making sure that his injuries weren't fatal. Using the already different way time moved in the Realms she began the process of sending him back. She remembered a castle in a time where he could be trained and raised in the way she wanted leaving a mark on him in the process knowing her past self would sense it and guide him on her own. Even if she couldn't technically guide him herself when the time came she could pull him back again.

Veralidaine Sarrasri was walking into the stables, the horses normally happy to see her all began talking at once.

"Calm down! One at a time! What happened?" Daine asked.

An old dapple grey gelding replied. "There is a human boy in my stall. He smells different. He just appeared there a moment ago. I don't know where he came from."

"Smells different?" she asked as she walked to the stall "Mithros! is he even alive!" she exclaimed when she saw him. Hurrying into the stall she changed her ears to a bat to listen for his heart. A slow but steady beating allowed her to relax and carefully pick him up, placing his head on her shoulder and cradling him to her body. "I'm taking him to Alanna." She told the people as she was leaving.

"Alanna!" She called as she rushed to the castle. "Alanna where in the Gods are you!?" She shouted as while men and women along the way stopped and looked at her with shocked expressions. "Dammit! Find Alanna instead of looking at me like I'm touched in the head." She told them As she approached The Kings Champion's private quarters.

Before she got a chance to start kicking it it opened revealing a tired looking, red head with violet eyes with a sword drawn. "Daine! Whats happen-" She started but stopped when she focused on what she saw before her. "Whats wrong with him?" She asked as she moved to allow Daine inside.

"I don't know! Thats what I'm here! It looks like someone tried to beat him to death and the people don't know where he came from." She said as she carefully placed him on the bed.

Now able to see him better Alanna stared wide eyed at the small boy with a dark purple bruise on the side of his face with a bit of blood dried under his nose. Beyond that he looked to thin to be alive in the first place. She walked up and pushed the hair back off his forehead as she knelt and noticed a lightning shaped scar. She began to pull her gift forward to see what else was wrong with him and was shocked to find three cracked ribs and a sprained wrist along with many more varied bruises covering most of the small childs body. "Goddess" she whispered in shock. Picturing her own children she wondered how anyone could ever do such a thing.

"Can you help him" Daine asked.

"Yes, but please go get Duke Baird and tell Jon I won't be at that meeting this morning." She said without looking up. As Daine left the boy began to glow a soft violet. "Little one when you wake up I'm going to kill whoever did this to you."

Hours passed as Daine sat by Alannas door waiting for some sound of the boy moving. Alanna had taken a guest bed to get some sleep after healing what she could for the boy. She looked when she heard someone approaching. "Numair, I'm not leaving until he wakes up. Your not going to convince me to go anywhere. Alanna already tried."

"Wouldn't dream of it maglet, but I figured you might like some company." The tall man said as he sat against the wall next to her.

"Its disgusting" Daine said. "The things we have seen and I think this may actually be one of the worst." She said as she leaned into him. He lifted his arm to put it around her.

"No one likes to see children hurt." Numair replied."Do you know anything about Alanna and Duke Baird saying how he was dressed strangely?"

"Odds bobs! I'd completely forgotten! The horses said that he smelled funny, they said that he just appeared in the stables!" Daine exclaimed.

Numair chuckled and replied "Well, I suppose it can wait until he wakes. I don't suppose we can do much about that, but I would like to go see if there is any lingering magic in the area."

"Its the stall with the dapple grey gelding." Daine told him. "I will stay here but let me know what you find."

A few minutes after Numair left Daine heard movement in the room and stood quickly, rushing into the room.

When she entered she saw the boy sitting up and looking wide eyed at his surroundings. When he saw her, his entire body froze.

"Your alright, I wont hurt you." she said softly, like she would with a frightened animal before she learned how to use her wild magic to calm them. She closed the door behind her and moved towards the bed. He moved off the bed almost falling as moved against the furthest wall. "I'm Daine. What's your name?"she said as she sat on the bed.

"Where am I?" He asked. Not leaving the wall his eyes focused on the door.

"In the castle in Tortall." she replied.

"Castle? Where's Tortall?" He asked confused, but his focus was now on her and not the door.

"Tortall? It's south of Scanra west of Tusaine and Tyra." She said almost not believing he had at least not heard of Tortall.

"What? Where's London?" He asked confused.

"I've never been to or heard of a place called London." Daine said. "I promise not to hurt you, would you come over here please?" The boy just looked at her. "Can you at least tell me your name?"

"Harry, I'm Harry." He told her as he slid to the floor, to tired to remain standing.

"Well Harry, If I go get you some food, will you stay in this room and possibly get back into bed?" Daine asked worried that he was up to much from being hurt so bad.

Brightening slightly at the mention of food he nodded.

"Alright, you will be safe in here." Daine started to stand as she explained. "Anyone who comes through that door will not hurt you. Please don't try to get away. I promise to be right back." she walked to the door and closed it behind her.

"Is he awake?" Alanna asked walking up to her right.

"He is. He is afraid of me though, he doesn't know where he is or what Tortall even is. His name is Harry. Also... He may have gotten out of bed." Daine said wincing as she told Alanna the last bit.

"What! He needs rest. With how bad he was hurt he shouldn't even be healed enough to move for a couple of days!." She exclaimed, trying to move passed Daine.

"Alanna he is terrified right now." Daine said stopping her. "If you go in there you have to be calm and patient."

"Fine, but I am still going in. I just got up and I want to see how the healing is working on him." she told Daine.

"I am getting him something to eat. I will be right back" Daine told Alanna as she left.

Daine was on her way back with a bowl of stew and some water when Numair ran up to her.

"Daine!" He exclaimed "I don't know where he is from, but I do know the Gods put him in that stall." Numair said as fell into step next to her. "The entire stables was effected by the amount of power that put him there. Far more than the amount it would normally require to move someone between Realms."

"Why would they do that?" Daine asked "and why the stables? He says he is from a place called London. Have you ever heard of it?"

"London?" Numair started. "That I know of there is no place called 'London'."

"That's what I thought too, and if you've never studied it I don't know if I believe it exists. He almost has a tortallan accent though. I just don't understand this." Daine said more to herself than Numaire. "Although I am betting... I'm meant to help him. The Gods would have left him to be found by someone else otherwise."

"Are you coming in? He is up." Daine said as she walked back in the room where she noticed he was definitely not back in bed. "Alanna?"

"I'm swear I am being calm and patient." Alanna said with gritted teeth while lying on the floor looking under the bed.

"Alanna what did you say to him!" Daine exclaimed as Numair said,"You don't know how to be either of those Alanna."

"Nothing!" Alanna insisted before glaring in Numair's direction.

"Harry, Alanna isn't here to hurt you, she is the reason you can move right now at all. She has been helping you heal. I brought you some stew, please come out?" Daine said while kneeling and trying to see him under the bed.

"She has PURPLE eyes! Purple!" Harry said sounding a bit muffled. "AND she has shiney purple glow stuff! and I think I am close enough to the bed to get the food."

"You cant eat under the bed Harry." Daine said. "You tried to use your gift to get him out?" Daine directed her question at Alanna.

"Well he wasn't coming out." Alanna stated defensively. "It didn't work anyway, his gift keeps blocking mine."

"I don't have a gift!" Harry called out.

"Fine, the magical air that follows him around stopped it then! Either way it didn't work."

"He has the gift?" Numair asked.

"What gift? I don't have it!" Harry called again.

"Odds bobs! You two are NOT helping." Daine exclaimed. "Get away from the bed Alanna. Harry please just come out." Exasperation showing in her voice now.

"Okay..." Harry said softly as he crawled out of under the bed on the other side from Alanna.

"Now, if you sit on the bed and let Alanna make sure you are ok you can eat and get some sleep." Daine told him.

Harry looked up dejectedly and nodded climbing back up on the bed. "I didn't take anyone's gift." he mumbled when he sat against the headboard.

"Of course you didn't no one thought you did. Different kind of gift Harry." Daine reassured him.

"I'm sorry if I frightened you but I need to touch you in order to check you. So please stay there." Alanna said as she reached for him. "Why were you hurt so bad Harry? Who did it?"

Harry sat very still and didn't respond to Alanna. A minute later when she moved back he answered,"My uncle." Then he looked up to Daine, more specifically the bowl of stew in her hands.

"Here you go, here is some water on your bed stand alright?" Daine said. "How old are you Harry?"

"I'm six." He said as she started to eat.

Alanna frowned and looked at Daine and Numair. "That means his growth is stunted, he is hardly big enough to be four. He has been treated this way for a long time. Not to mention that he has several already healed or older injuries." Alanna said as she walked towards the door "I need to go for a walk."

"So, where's London?" Numair asked.