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"While we are gone I would like you to meditate and practice focusing." Numair was telling Harry the morning of Daine and his departure.

"If you need anything, ask Onua, she is going to be here with the new recruits and I have asked her to keep an eye on you." Daine said before Numair could continue. "You can stay in our rooms here but I want you to check in with Onua for breakfast and supper at the very least okay?"

"Mum, I will be fine. Lilly is here and she won't let me get into anything to dangerous." Harry said while fighting not to be upset that he couldn't come.

Suddenly Daine was hugging Harry, "If you disappear again I will destroy everything in my path to find you. I swear it."

"Come on magelet, we have to get going" Numair said with a slightly confused tone in his voice.

"Are you sure you're ok mum?" Harry asked, she was never this broken up about leaving, she didn't like going places without him he knew, however; it seemed like she was going to cry at any moment.

"I know I'm being silly." Daine sighed and pulled away with a soft smile.

"Not silly mum, just odd." Harry replied.

Numair was looking at Daine with a look that obviously read "we are talking later"

"I don't know what to do Lilly I'm bored. Alan is busy. Everyone has something to do except me." Harry complained to his cat.

"You could make yourself useful." Lilly told him.

"I could, but not today, I'm not feeling useful." Harry replied.

"No, you're feeling sorry for yourself." Lilly said sternly.

Glaring, Harry stood up making Lilly jump to the floor. "Fine then, we're going into the city, to explore."

"If we must." Lilly stretched before jumping to Harry's shoulder.

"We must." Harry said with a smile. "It will be fun." So at that he began making his way towards the Lower City.

After walking for a while towards his destination Harry noticed how his surroundings changed. The streets had turned dusty people's clothing more worn. However most people didn't look any worse for it. It wasn't the sad feeling of poverty, the people seemed to know one another better, people noticed him right off. Of course in his white tunic and new breeches he stuck out like a sore thumb. He should have gotten changed. He hated being stared at.

Suddenly he was falling to the ground. While his thoughts were roaming he hadn't been paying attention to what had been going on around him and someone had run full force into his back. Lilly fell off his shoulder spitting curses the way cats do best.

"You dolt! Get out of my way!" he heard someone yell at him. Scrambling to stand quickly he reached out and grabbed the person by the wrist. He knew better from his honorary uncle George than to just let anyone in this part of a city bump into you and not check his pockets before letting them go.

"Let me go!" the person hissed at him. Apparently having decided yelling was drawing more attention then they wanted.

Just then Harry noticed people running up behind him. "Keep her there!" someone yelled.

Panicked the girl began to struggle though she wasn't making much progress, as Harry had taken her other wrist as well.

It was too late however as her pursuers had caught up already.

"Give me back those apples you little thief!" The man demanded.

Harry confused and dazed as to how this was happening when all he wanted to do was go for a walk decided to help. "How much does she owe you for them?"

Looking at the boy the merchant assumed from his clothing that he was the son of some noble and child or not he had to respect him. "four coppers, noble."

Reaching into his pocket, Harry ignored having been called noble, he knew people made that assumption when the saw him. Harry handed the man for copper pieces and said "good luck with the rest of your day."

Huffing the man stomped off leaving Harry and the girl standing there with Harry's hand still wrapped around one of her wrists.

Jerking her hand back and succeeding only because Harry was shocked the girl glared at him "What was that?! I refuse to be in the debt of some noble's kid."

Finally looking at the girl Harry realized she was maybe the same age as him if only a year younger. "I'm not a nobles kid" He replied noticing her brown black eyes. She had long straight and thick black hair that was left down instead of tied back. He thought she was at least half Bazhir.

"I don't really care if your the deformed son of an ape, you got in my way!" the girl said defiantly, her voice still not raising but defiantly not just talking.

Harry laughed and said "how about we just walk, you don't owe me anything but if you want to pay me back for something that I find needs no payment, then keep me company. I'm bored."

"You talk like a noble." She muttered. "Fine then. Walk along Sir Not-a-Noble."

Harry laughed again. "I'm Harry, and I promise I'm not a noble."

Sighing the girl replied. "I'm Tessa."

"You can't go anywhere without finding trouble can you?" Lilly asked him as she jumped back to his shoulder to avoid being stepped on. "Well I suppose you made a friend. It wasn't useless trouble at least."

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