Leveret stood at the base of a tall weeping willow, staring at the girls sitting beneath another tree not far away. One was a young woman with her nose buried in a book, her eyes moving back and forth quickly. She was a fast reader and was very intelligent but she didn't have the spark that Leveret was looking for.

But the other one! The little girl, Alice as he had heard the older girl call her, was truly exceptional! She had an insatiable curiosity that Leveret could easily use. And her personality! How could such a young girl be so terribly dark? She was also much more outgoing than the other children of her generation, always wandering off.

"Alice will you please stop doing that?" The older girl snapped, slapping her sister's hand as it reached for her sister's hair. Alice hissed like a cat and pulled her hand against her chest, her eyes narrowed furiously. "I don't understand you Alice. One moment you're a sweet little girl weaving daisies in my hair and the next you're being an evil brat pulling at it." She said furiously.

The little girl stuck out her bottom lip in a pout. "Lorina why are you so mean? And what's so interesting about that book anyways? It has no pictures or conversations." She said, peering into the book with a disgusted look on her face.

The older sister rolled her eyes. "Not every book has to have conversations or pictures little sister. There are some very good books without either." She said.

Leveret and the little girl shook heads at the same time. "You're wrong." The girl said at the same time he thought it. In Wonderland books were only good if they had pictures or conversations. If there was no conversations there were plenty of pictures and vice versa.

The older girl rolled her eyes again and went back to her book, grumbling about never getting any work done with a sister like Alice. The little girl huffed furiously before getting to her feet. She brushed dirt from her dress before running over to the riverbed. The seven year old dropped down beside the river and started playing in the water, making patterns on the surface. She was lying in a bed of river daisies, or at least that's what she called them. Any flower growing beside a river was a river daisy to her.

Leveret's nose twitched annoyingly and he swatted at it with his white gloved hand. He glared at the glove on his hand with enough anger to kill a Jabberwocky. How long had he been a servant of Victoria Redd? He couldn't remember a time when he was free of her. He had desperately wished for freedom a million times over when he was away from Victoria's prying eyes but it had never come. Though his servitude wasn't a total loss. Through it he had learnt many secrets and one of those secrets was going to help him take over Wonderland and force Victoria Redd into the same servitude he had to endure for thousands of years.

Alice could tell someone was watching her and she knew it wasn't her sister. The little girl looked around and saw a man standing beneath the weeping willow tree. He was strange looking with white hair, pink eyes, and long rabbit ears sticking out of his head. He was wearing white pants, a white dress shirt, and a red waistcoat. There was a golden watch tucked into the waistcoat-pocket and its long golden chain was twirled around his finger. There was a smile on his face that made Alice both curious and afraid.

But then the man disappeared only to be replaced with a fluffy white bunny, dressed in a red waistcoat of course. It was holding a watch in its little paw and its little nose twitched oh so adorably. Alice thought he was cute but she was a distrusting girl, a very evil little distrusting girl. She stood up as the rabbit hopped over, holding her fists up like she had seen her brothers do before getting in a fight.

"You're late little one!" The rabbit said, stunning the little girl. The rabbit could talk! She had never seen a talking rabbit before, just like she had never seen a rabbit in a waistcoat or carrying a watch. Her head cocked to the side curiously. "You're late!" The rabbit said.

Alice's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Late for what?" She asked.

"Late for your arrival!" The rabbit said, sounding kind of impatient.

"You can't be late for an arrival you never scheduled." Alice pointed out.

"It was scheduled." The rabbit argued.

"By who?" The girl was getting quite irritated now. Her thin arms were crossed over her chest and a fierce glare was on her childish face. "Tell me rabbit!" She demanded, stamping her foot.

The rabbit shook its head and laughed a little. It jumped over the river and ran off through the field beyond. Alice let out an irritated shout and decided to run after him. How else was she supposed to learn who scheduled her arrival without him? She ran through the river, soaking her white stockings and dress. The little girl ran across the field after the white rabbit, who seemed to be going slow enough to keep in her line of vision. Finally the little creature reached the hedge where Alice was sure he would stop. The rabbit disappeared and was quickly replaced with the man she had seen earlier. Alice slowed down but she kept walking towards him, her curiosity driving her.

"Little Alice, do you know who I am?" The man asked her as she approached.

"You're the rabbit." Alice said with certainty. She may have been only seven but she thought she was rather smart. Anyone else would agree with her if she didn't hide her smarts behind smart aleck remarks and if she actually used them for school.

The man smiled. "Yes little girl, I am the rabbit. I am also Leveret of the Hare Family, servant of Victoria Redd." He said, brushing his shaggy white hair from his eyes. Those eyes were so disturbing, they seemed to stare into Alice's soul.

"Are you going to tell me who scheduled my arrival?" Alice asked angrily.

Leveret smiled, his buck teeth showing. "Do you know of Wonderland child?" He asked, completely off subject.

Alice rolled her eyes, something she had seen her sister do a million times over. "Of course I know of Wonderland." She said though she really had no clue about the place. She wasn't about to seem stupid in front of this albino man though so she lied.

"No you don't child, stop acting like you do." Leveret snapped at her. The girl flinched back, surprised by how powerful his voice was. He had such a sweet velvety voice, how could it become so fierce and sharp? He was very young too, only about eighteen, so how could he be so scary? Alice swallowed down her fear though, not wanting to seem weak or anything. "If you knew about Wonderland you would have dived into the rabbit hole the second I mentioned it." Leveret said, gesturing to a large rabbit hole beside his feet.

"Then tell me about it." Alice told him, her arms crossed over her chest again.

Leveret dropped down to one knee in front of the girl and smiled in a strangely interesting way. "Wonderland is a terrifyingly beautiful place little Alice. It's a place where nonsense makes sense. It's the place where insanity is sanity." He told her. The little girl's grew wide with wonder and Leveret smiled. "Would you like to go there child? I'll tell you who scheduled your arrival if you do." Leveret said.

Alice stared down at the rabbit hole, biting her lip. "Well, I suppose it wouldn't do any harm to at least take a look." She said, the wheels in her head turning. Wonderland sounded like her kind of place, a place where she could change at any moment and not be yelled at for it. Yes, Wonderland could be a just the place for little evil Alice Liddell.

Leveret, in the blink of an eye, became the rabbit once again. He bounded down into the rabbit hole and Alice quickly followed, not wondering how she would get out again if she wanted to. She fell down at a very slow rate, slow enough to give her time to stare around at the walls of the tunnel. There was cupboards and bookshelves filled with a strange assortment of things and here and there she could see maps of strange countries and pictures of people she'd never seen before hanging on almost broken pegs. She reached out and grabbed a jar off of one of the shelves. It was labeled "Orange Marmalade" but the contents were far from that. It was dark red and thick, like blood. It probably was blood.

"Ew." Alice said bluntly, placing the jar onto a shelf as she passed it. The girl looked downwards but saw nothing. "Well after such a fall as this, I shall think nothing of tumbling down-stairs! How brave they'll all think me at home! And if I fell off the top of the house, which is likely to happen, I wouldn't say a word about it!" She said excitedly, thinking about how fun it would be.

Alice continued to fall down and she continued to search for the white rabbit as she fell, though she never saw him. The girl got impatient quickly and soon she was trying to tap her foot in midair, something that was very difficult to do. She presently began to try curtseying in midair, something she fancied was difficult to do and wanted to see if she could do it. Surprising enough she could, which please the little girl into losing most of her impatience.

But as time stretched on Alice became bored again and rather lonely without the rabbit there to talk to. So the young girl began to talk to herself, musing over the things that had begun to bother her. "What will happen to Dinah while I'm gone? Nanny and mother are always complaining about Dinah doing things like getting up on the table. Father doesn't mind her if she sits in his lap while he reads but brothers don't let her have any peace. Sisters don't either and Lorina hates Dinah." The girl had basically begun to ramble, her voice basically becoming white noise even to her. "Oh no! They'll let you starve won't they Dinah! Oh I wish you were here! I don't think there are any mice here but I'm certain you could catch a bat. Do cats eat bats?"

Alice fell into a kind of sleep then, mumbling about cats eating bats and sometimes bats eating cats. She dreamt of walking with a human sized Dinah asking her rather earnestly if her dearest kitten had ever eaten a bat. Creepily enough, Dinah agreed excitedly and began to describe different kinds of recipes Alice should use when she decided to eat bat. Alice was about to point out to Dinah that she was much too slow to catch a bat when she was jolted out of her dream by her sudden impact into a pile of sticks and dry leaves.

"Stupid tunnel! I swear I'll get my revenge on you!" Alice said furiously as she jumped to her feet.

Leveret, who was leaning against a marble column, chuckled. "Such a naïve little girl, so full of energy and evil. You'll be perfect for helping me take over Wonderland." He said happily.

Alice stared at him, one eyebrow raised furiously. "You brought me here to use me rabbit? How dare you!" She said furiously.

"Oh don't be so angry little one. You want power too don't you?" Leveret asked, his smile sly. Alice smiled back, her smile just as sly. Of course she wanted power, it was all any child ever dreamed of really. Her more so than most children, the idea of ruling over others and having her way was like a goal to her. "Then won't you help me child? You could help me rule and everything would be as you said." Leveret told her.

Alice knew he would most likely double cross her but she was a child and she was blinded by his promises. "Alright Leveret of the Hare Family, servant of Victoria Redd, I'll help you." She said, a slow evil smile spreading across her childish features in a way that creeped even Leveret out.

"Then follow me." The rabbit man said, taking off down a hallway Alice hadn't noticed before. She ran after him, obeying his command without a second thought.

Alice ran after Leveret for a long time until suddenly she found herself in an octagon shaped room with doors on every wall. There were rows of lamps hanging from the roof, illuminating the room. Leveret was standing beside a three legged glass table, an impatient look on his face.

"You know, you really do take a long time." Leveret said angrily.

"Maybe if you didn't run so fast." Alice said furiously. She walked over to the table and examined the items laying there. A bottle with a tag on it that read "Drink Me," a tiny golden key, and a piece of paper. "What's this?" Alice asked, pointing to the paper. It seemed the most interesting right then since it had the most words on it.

Leveret lifted the paper up and held it close to Alice's face. "This, my dear, is a list of things you must do to become a Queen. Will you do them for me?" He asked.

Alice snatched the paper from his hand, glaring the whole time. She was getting rather tired of him calling her "little" and "child" and "my dear." Didn't the stupid rabbit man know how creepy that made him sound? Maybe he didn't, he was blinded by ambition after all. She was too but being a child her mind was capable of going off in all sorts of directions. Alice edged a half step away from him as she read the paper.

"Create a pool of tears? What is that supposed to mean?" Alice asked, looking up at Leveret with a curious eyebrow raised. A pool of tears? That sounded intriguing.

"Simple Alice. All you have to do is grow taller than a tree," Leveret gestured towards the ceiling indicating height, "and cry until you can't cry anymore." He said with a buck toothed smile.

Alice crossed her arms over her chest. "And what's that supposed to mean Leveret? What good would me crying do and how am I supposed to grow so big and tall?" She asked, irritated at his mystery.

Leveret sighed, covering his eyes with a gloved hand. Alice looked at the glove with interest, why were the cuffs of the gloves so tight around his wrists? They were more like cuffs than gloves really…and what was with the initials engraved on the little golden buttons? V. R. Victoria Redd. Leveret had said he was her servant but the gloves seemed to indicate that he was her slave. A most unwilling slave no doubt if he was trying to take over Wonderland.

"So many questions from such a small person. You can't really expect me to answer all of them can you Alice?" Leveret asked, he peeked out playfully at her from between his gloved fingers.

Alice smiled despite her distrust. This Leveret was an intriguing character, she had to admit that. "They are simple questions you know. Easy to answer." She said.

"No question is simple Alice. A question holds a million other questions and it has a million answers. So, therefore, they are not easy to answer. Do you see?" Leveret said, twirling the watch's chain around his finger.

"I do not." Alice said simply, still smiling a little. "Please Leveret, just tell me what you mean." She insisted.

Leveret rolled his eyes. "Oh fine I suppose you deserve to know, you are the one who will make it happen after all. To grow taller than a tree you must first shrink, which I think you'll manage quite nicely since you're already so small. Drink then eat and you'll be taller than a tree." The rabbit man said, pointing towards the bottle marked Drink Me. "The tears will be essential. You see, when you cry, you'll disrupt a great many of creatures. We need to disrupt them and trick them into thinking it was Victoria Redd's fault, to gain their allegiance." He explained.

Alice picked up the Drink Me bottle and examined it. She was, of course, trying to find out if it was marked Poison or not. She knew that if you drank from a bottle marked so it was almost certain to disagree with you sooner or later. But she found nothing on the bottle that indicated that the contents were of the worst kind. Not even a skull n' crossbones which actually seemed to disappoint the youth.

"So I drink from this bottle and shrink, then what?" Alice asked purposely making her voice sound timid and scared, peeking up at Leveret from under innocent eyelashes as she did. There wasn't much about Alice that was innocent but her eyes and the long black eyelashes around them were.

Leveret fell prey to her innocent eyes just like everyone else did. "Oh don't be afraid little Alice Liddell. You won't be stuck down there for long child and you most certainly will be able to grow back up. There'll be something at the bottom of the table waiting for you sweet child, it'll make you grow." The rabbit man said, patting her head in a most annoying fashion. Alice was never fond of having her head pat, it made her feel like a pet and if anyone was going to be a pet it was going to be Leveret Hare.

"I am not afraid." Alice said angrily, crossing her arms over her chest once again. That was basically the only part she cared to comment on mostly because she did not like insults.

"Then drink up child!" The rabbit man said, gesturing to the bottle. His eyes were wide with an impatient excitement. "We haven't much Time to waste." He told her.

Alice rolled her eyes but decided that she would get nowhere arguing with him. She examined the bottle one last time for any marks before pulling off the cork. She sniffed the contents, a little nervous, before taking a small swig of its contents. She exclaimed in delight and turned to Leveret a smile on her face. "Oh it's delicious rabbit! Cherry-tart, custard, pineapple, roast turkey, toffee, and hot buttered toast!" She said happily, delighting in the mixed flavor of the drink. She was so filled with happiness at the strange taste that she didn't notice herself shrinking until she was shorter than the table.

Alice Liddell let out a terrified little shout as she kept shrinking. "I'll go out like a candle!" She shouted, though she was sure her voice was too tiny for Leveret to hear even with his rabbit ears. He just smiled down at her from high above the table. Alice had a thought it was kind of funny, a giant rabbit, and she giggled a little though her giggle was swallowed in another scream when she still continued to shrink and shrink and shrink!

Finally, just when Alice was quite sure she would go out like a candle, she stopped to shrink. She looked up at the giant table and the giant man beside it and felt all her hope disappear. Leveret hadn't told her she was going to shrink this much! She felt so small and so helpless! Alice, hating these emotions, started to cry but quickly stopped.

"Come, there's no use crying like that!" She told herself sharply. "I advise you to leave off this minute, wait until your big when you need them!" The other Alice, which was what Alice often called her sterner rule following other self, was always giving her such good advice. It was very good advice but that was something she very seldom followed. But on this rare occasion she decided to take the advice, wiping away the tears on her cheeks.

"We're running late again Alice! You'll never find out who arranged your arrival that way!" Leveret's said. His voice was so loud in Alice's tiny ears that she had to slam her hands down over them to block out some of the noise. Ah but those words! No matter how loud the words were they still sparked that curiosity that was always burning away at Alice's innards.

Alice looked around for the thing Leveret had said she would find and discovered it in the form of a tiny cake in a little glass box. It was vanilla, which Alice was not very fond of, and it was coated in quite a bit of white icing, something she was also not very fond of. Currants, which were basically raisins, spelled out the words "Eat Me." Leveret had said the thing she found would make her grow taller…

"Well I'll eat it," said Alice grudgingly, "and if it makes me grow larger then I'll owe that stupid rabbit an apology for ever doubting him. But if I shrink I'll just run off under these doors and never talk to that stupid rabbit again!" Alice took the cake out of its little box and took a rather large bite out of it. "Which way? Which way?" Alice mused as she held a hand over her head to feel which way she was growing. After a minute or two she discovered she wasn't growing at all and let out a little huff. "Fine! I'll eat the whole thing!" She said angrily, though she hated the taste of it. It didn't take her long to finish off the cake.

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