"Curiouser and curiouser." Alice said as she shot up like a weed. She grew right past Leveret who was laughing with glee and even farther than that, stopping only after her head had bumped against the ceiling. She stared down at Leveret who seemed like a speck to her now. "Not so little now am I rabbit?" Alice called down to him mockingly.

There was the sound of distant laughter and then Leveret's voice floated up to her. "No, not so little anymore dear Alice! Though you are still a little girl, never forget that!" Leveret told her.

Alice rolled her now boulder sized eyes. "Oh I won't forget Leveret. Now, what was I supposed to do again?" She asked, biting her lip.

"Cry Alice! Cry like your life depends on it!" Leveret shouted.

Alice felt her cheeks heat up with embarrassment. "Oh right. I knew that." She said, looking down at the ground. Alice then stamped down hard on her foot. Alice didn't know that her increased size also meant increased strength and she very nearly crushed her poor foot. She let out a shout and tears instantly formed in her eyes. They crashed to the ground, splashing all over the marble floors.

Soon the tears were at least four inches deep and Leveret shouted up at her that it would be okay to stop. "Seriously Alice that's enough!" Leveret shouted up at her when her crying didn't cease. The girl nodded then wiped away her remaining tears. "Now come along girl! Catch the bottle and drink!" Leveret shouted. He threw up the bottle and Alice caught it in her oversized hand.

"Bottom's up!" The young girl said cheerfully before swallowing down a large portion of the bottle's contents.

It didn't take Alice long to shrink back down to her original height. Leveret smiled at her and patted her head affectionately. Alice let out an irritated growl but the rabbit man just laughed. "Oh child, don't be so mad! You've done your job well." He told her. Alice stared down at the Pool of Tears soaking her shoes and ankles and didn't feel all that accomplished. Leveret smiled at her. "Will you recite for me Alice?" Leveret asked her out of the blue.

Alice's forehead creased in confusion. "Recite?" She asked, uncertain.

"Yes child, recite." Leveret said, nodding.

Alice didn't see the point in this but she decided to consent to his strange request. She crossed her hands in front of her and stood up straighter.

How doth the little crocodile

Improve his shining tail,

And pours the waters of the Nile

On every golden scale!

How cheerfully he seems to grin,

How neatly spread his claws,

And welcome little fishes in,

With gently smiling jaws!

Leveret let out a deep sigh and covered his eyes with his hand again. "Wrong Alice." He said in exasperation, shaking his head. "All wrong."

"It's my version." Alice explained angrily. "I think it sounds better." She said, shrugging offhandedly.

Leveret uncovered his eyes and glared at her. "Doesn't matter. It's wrong." He told her, crossing his arms over his chest.

Alice stuck out her tongue childishly. "Says you." She said angrily. Her hands were clutched into lethal little fists, one of which still contained the bottle.

Leveret stuck his tongue out at her, mocking her childishness. "Says many, sweet child." He said with a chuckle.

"I don't fall in with the many." Alice said rather proudly.

"Obviously." Leveret said bluntly. The rabbit began walking towards one of the doors, kicking up water.

Alice began to fear he would leave her there in her Pool of Tears and she ran after him. She grabbed hold of the back of his waistcoat and tugged, forcing his attention back on her. "Is that such a bad thing?" Alice asked, her voice quivering with fear. She didn't want to be left alone and she didn't want the rabbit hating her. He was going to rule with her, hating each other just couldn't be allowed.

Leveret stopped so suddenly that Alice very nearly ran into him. He spun around, sending water flying into the air. His hands came up and held her face gently. "No child, it is not." Leveret said in such a gentle voice. Alice blinked up at him in surprise, her mouth hanging open in a tiny surprised o. Leveret chuckled and tapped her cheek with his thumb. "Sweet innocent child, do not worry. I shall always care for my little Alice. Now do your next task like a good little girl, shrink down and talk to that bloody bird about that blasted Caterpillar." He told her.

With that the rabbit released her and disappeared into a room behind the nearest door, slamming it shut before Alice could follow. She found herself crying again, feeling abandoned by her guide. Slowly she reached down into her apron pocket that she had shoved the list into. Alice pulled out the crumbled paper and smoothed it out against her thigh. Her first task, create a Pool of Tears, had been crossed out in thick red ink, ink that looked like blood. She took a deep breath before examining the next task.

"Tie with Do Do in a Caucus Race and find the location of the Caterpillar….What on earth is a Caucus Race?" Alice wondered aloud. Her eyes narrowed into a squint, like she wasn't sure she had read right. "What kind of name is Do Do anyways?" She said, chuckling little. She then became suddenly reaware of the bottle in her hand and brought it up to her mouth. "Leveret told me to shrink." Alice said like she was trying to convince herself of it. With another deep breath she swallowed down the rest of the bottle's contents.

Alice shrunk down and down again until she was just as small as she had been before. Unfortunately she landed in her Pool of Tears and nearly drowned to death. The thought of "drowning in her own tears" sent Alice into hysterical laughter as she tried to desperately keep her head above the water's surface. She was so fixated on not dying and laughing at her own situation that she almost didn't notice the Mouse swimming beside her.

"O Mouse!" Alice called to the creature but it ignored her. Alice's nose twitched in agitation, something she noticed happened to Leveret when he was agitated or irritated. He had done it a lot in her presence. She decided to be cruel to the Mouse then and shouted out in French, "Watch out! My pussy cat is about to attack you!" She had guessed that saying it in a foreign language would make it all the meaner and she had been correct. The mouse literally leaped up out of the water and when it landed it was quivering with fear. "Oh I am sorry! I forgot mice don't like cats." The little girl told the Mouse in a very unconvincing tone.

The Mouse glared back at her which made Alice think he was rather rude. "If you knew anything about me you wouldn't say such things." He practically growled at her, which made Alice wonder if mice could growl.

"Oh I am sorry mousey, I didn't mean to offend. I know exactly how much micey don't like cats." Alice said sarcastically, making it painfully clear that she had done it on purpose and that she had no remorse. The Mouse let out a very angry squeak before continuing its swim towards the banks of her tearful sea. "O Mouse! Come back here! Come back here or I will get my cat Dinah to eat you!" Alice shouted after it.

The Mouse was quick to swim back. Alice grinned evilly at it as she attached herself to its tail. With a nod of her head, the Mouse started swimming again. Alice kept talking to it as they swam, mentioning how Dinah was just a wonderful little mouse catcher and how it would be so easy for her kitty cat to capture the Mouse if it didn't do as Alice told it. The Mouse didn't speak the whole time but trembled in fear at her words. It gave Alice pleasure, knowing that she could scare the creature so easily.