Where to start… ah. The start. Best place to start, the start. Am I right? No. Well, you know nothing about writing a story. So, let's start at the start.

When Minecraft first started, the people were…primitive. They had little technology, and little magic. Sure, they defeated the Ender Dragon, but they really began to progress when they discovered two things. New ores just formed in the Earth's core but on their way up, and the discovery that, using a Philosopher's Stone, matter could be changed to a different form. Science and Magic. These discoveries started what was to be known, as the Tekkit Age.

For a thousand years, science and magic become stronger, and the world began to change. Poor miners could now double their haul, and rich lords got richer. But even though both science and magic where used by all, magic seemed stronger, giving access to flight, infinite resources and eternal life. But then nukes were made. Every. Thing. Changed. One test, one single test showed the world that nukes could destroy anything. Nothing, apart from Quantum armor could stop it, and high ranking nobles did not want everyone to have Quantum armor. So a council was called. And then the world fell.

The Scientists had long feared and envied the Magicians power, and wanted a weapon to match theirs. The Magicians wanted peace, and feared the destructive power that the scientists had gained. So, the council was split. Arguments started. They broke out onto the streets of the capital, Notch City. War. It was everywhere. Magician vs. Scientist, Magic vs. Science. War nearly shook the world to bits. But nukes did that. 1 million, all set off at once. The planet was turned into a waste land, radiation all around, the surviving cities forced to set up force fields. And who got the blame? Magicians. They were forced from the cities, left to die in the arid waste land that once were fields of green, now filed with ruins and mutated beings.

So. Scientists, safe in their cities. Magicians, left to die. The balance is gone. Who know this? No one. Bad end to a story right? Well, this is not the end. Not even the middle. We are at the start. Best place to start a story, the start.