Wow. Its been a while, but finally I feel like writing again. So, lets get down to business

The Return

Mark sat in a chair on a balcony, staring out across the Wastes. Behind him, a group of magicians were talking. Mark could hardly hear what they were saying, but he heard Jacob throwing in quick comments. Zita was not part of the group, she was sitting a bit away on the ground holding her head in her hands. She was in shock after what happened.

When the Nova Cataclysm went off, it was directly under the Great Sage's house. He was killed by the falling tree, and was found dead under it. Mark and Zita managed to survive, but both were shocked. Zita due to the fact her foster father was dead, and Mark because so many magicians had accused him off setting off the bomb. He knew it was not true, but it still hurt. The magicians behind him were discussing what to do, and from what mark could hear, there was a general trend: retaliation.

"You alright?" Jacob asked behind Mark. He nodded, as Jacob walked past to the edge of the balcony.

"How about you? Apparently you knew the Sage for a long time."



"When you've seen as many people die as me, you will tend to no longer care. Even less so when you realize it is just part of destiny."


"Guys..." Zita walked over to them, looking at the group of magicians. "They seem to be planing to attack Jebotropolis in the morning... with full force."

"What!" Mark jumped from his chair. "But the'll kill everyone! And they don't even know who is responsible!"

"I know, I know," Zita said pulling him away from the other magicians so they couldn't hear. "But... the Great Sage has been our leader for 29 years, this has hit us hard. A few are talking about killing you to set a example. The thing is, a lot of people want to get revenge, there is nothing we can do..."

"Unless you go find who caused this." Jacob was suddenly next to them.

"But how?" Mark asked. "We have no idea were to start."

"Well, look at all the facts. Someone, with possibly high clearance, stole the turret. The same person has access to some good tech, to mine the tunnel, to construct the bomb, and shut down you bike."


"You here has increased tension, even before the bomb went off. They might have even sent you here so you could be the scapegoat, and get killed. That might give them an excuse to attack us with full force. You have any idea who it could be now?"

Suddenly Mark realized who it could be. A person who had access to many resources, including some only available to the Council, who had the power to send a person into the Wastes, who might have a grudge against the magicians. It all fell into place now.

"We need to get back to Jebotropolis now."


"We need to confront... I'll tell you on the way, we need to go now!"

"I'll try and halt the attack for as long as I can," Jacob said. He tossed Mark a flying ring. "Get going."

Mark nodded, then looked at Zita. "You coming?" She nodded.

"Let go get this son of a Silver fish."