Days passed and each day Xeno's power lashed forth at me harder and harder. I had no say. In anything! I was left with no control. "I trusted you" I said as Xeno dragged my almost lifeless body down a dirt path. We were in a swamp of sorts. "That was the idea" she told me. "How could you? I trusted you with my life! I thought you were my friend..." I said to her "Well you thought wrong obviously" in my mind I could feel her smirking. "Why would I want to be friends with you? No noooo I want to control you! Your powers are too great to be in place of such immature hands such as yours!" she bellowed.

"Is that why your doing all of this? For power?" I asked "You finally figure out what I have been getting at all along congratulations!" Xeno said sarcasticly "Shut up!" I snapped as I was yanked and pulled around each sinking corner of the swamp. "They respect you. Each and every one of them. You can control them. You and You alone not even I have such powers to do so." my hand was thrown in the direction of a zombie passing by. "I dont need an army. I need my to find my fathert" I told Xeno. "Boo hoo poor little daddies girl wants to find her lil Daddy. HA piss off! You will find him but he will be my prize MY token." she said "What do you mean?" I asked "When WE find him you will eat him. You will bestow upon him the real pain and terror of true Zombie's WRAITH" she screamed in my head. I lifted my head to listen better to what seemed to be the sounds of humans.

"You best be ready a horde of the damned things could come from nowhere!" said a large dark skinned man. "It's been so quiet" father!? "Yeah wonder where all them zombies must be at" said a young adult human with a southern accent. I stepped back not noticing the twig underneath my foot. SNAP "what was that!" said the large one "Maybe if you calm down we'll find out" my father said "Daddy nooo" I gargled reaching for his arm. "Damn Hunter!" said the woman as a bullet peirced my hand. I let out a screech of pain and disappeared into the shadows."Where'd it go?" asked the black man. "We'll find him Coach" said the southern boy "Right we will Ellis" said Coach.

"If you fail I swear I-" I cut her off "You'll cause me such excrutiating pain I'll bleed to death? I've heard it already" I growled as I was tossed at Ellis. I merely scratched the boy's cheek before he grabbed my arm and threw me at a tree. My skull cracked upon impacket and left me with a splitting headache. "Nice one Ellis!" said the woman "THanks Rochelle" he said. "Father..." I started moving to get up "It's moving!" Coach said getting ready to shoot but my father beat him to it. A bullet straight through the head.

Nick's POV

"Damn Hunter lets get a move on" I said moving forward and looting the body. I normally didn't do this but it looked like this person was well packed for the apocalypse. What I found weird was the magnum in the gun holister. It had the name "Nick Ferris" engraved on it. "Could it be?" I muttered rolling the body over. I uncovered the hood saw the face of my angelic little girl turned into the face of horrid beast. She was scary to say the least. "My little girl" I said stroking her cheek as sobs racked my body. "I told you this would happen. But you wouldn't listen." the words that came from her mouth didn't sound like her own.ou will die by my hand Nick Ferris for abandoning those who loved you the most." she said

-Emily's POV-

'"Do you know why he left you?" Xeno asked "the infection separatedus!" I said "Lies and you know it. He left you to live on your own" images swept through my mind of a teenage girl sitting on her bed crying while her father walked out on her "You couldn't handle the stress of it all so your memory rewrote it's self. And then there was Jeremy. You created him in hopes of comfort. As well as his mother and" Xeno told me. "I AM YOU AND NOBODY ELSE. Your father will pay for what he has done. Your body demands it. Your body CRAVES it"

I rose to full height and plucked the gun from his finger tips. I raised it to his temple and pulled the trigger "I Love You" CLICK out of ammo..."What-" Xeno was cut off by laughter coming from my father. He held up he bullets. I growled and lunged for his throat tearing it to shreds. I picked up the gun, slid in the bullet raised the gun to my head BAM.

I loved my father but his choices weren't the best and neither were mine.