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Ahsoka woke up feeling uncomfortable. Not a new experience, but she never got used to it. This time though, it was not in the place she remembered falling asleep in. She was on a cold, hard surface, not the bumpy, uncomfortable mattress that she fell asleep in. She remembered falling asleep in a sleazy cheap hotel that she spent the last of her life savings on over the space of a week and a half (turns out that being a Jedi is not the most financially sound job, the necessities were usually taken care of).

She kept her eyes closed and breathing down to give her time to think. Who ever took her wanted something, or she would be dead or hurt. She thought about defending herself, but she did not have any weapons, only the Force and hand-to-hand combat training.

Knowing that the drowsiness would only end when she decided to get up,she decided that it may as well be now. Ahsoka opened her eyes and could not see much due to the darkness as her pupils grew to adjust to the lack of light.

The room was dim, but from what she could make out, it was about the size of a large closet. The walls were the uniform silver metal of most Coruscant buildings. From her view on the floor, she could see a table with a device emitting a glowing white light and a mug of some liquid with steam rising from it.

A humanoid figure came out of one of the rooms corners that was shrouded in darkness. The figure walked to the table and picked up the mug of liquid and took a sip. The figure let out a displeased masculine grunt. Still holding the mug he, she was guessing that it was a he, turned to face her prone form.

"So, you're finally up." he stated. Yep, defiantly male by the sound of his voice. "Come on, I don't have all day."

"W-Who are you?" Ahsoka stuttered out. "What do you want, Why am I here?" She was starting to get her aggressiveness back.

"That's not important right now." he replied in a hurried tone.

"What do you mean its not important, you kidnaped me!" This was just getting annoying. She had a right to know!

"I am here to make you an offer, a very important one at that."

That was not something she expected. "What do you mean?" Her curiosities were now peaked. The man took another sip of his drink and replied " My...employers want to offer you a job." There was something odd about how he was speaking, very carefully wording his phrase.

Ahsoka had hoped that the Separatists would leave her alone after she left the Order. "Listen buddy, just because I am not a Jedi anymore doesn't mean going to join you Seppies, so you can take your offer and shove it wher-"

She was interrupted by the man's rather loud chuckle. "You think I'm part of the Separatists?" He sounded incredulous. "No, I am part of something else, a different, more powerful group."

This was not what Ahsoka was expecting. " So, why me? Why should I help you?" She had to admit that she was rather curious now. The ex-padawan was running out of money and couldn't find any morally acceptable work.

"We need agents, good agents. You are already trained and you know how to use the Force. You would help us in our cause."

"Yea, thats convincing." She replied sarcastically. "You sure sound like a Separatist. Why should I help you? What is in it for me?"

"Well, money for one thing. You will have enough credits to buy food, a home, and much more. But you were a Jedi, not some bounty hunter, you can have a sense of duty, something to fight for, to do what is right. Also, as an added bonus, you would save lives by preventing a full scale war, a war that would be disastrous for all three sides. You could stop it, or at the very least, making it as quick and painless as possible."

"What do you mean? What could be right about betraying the Republic or the Jedi? They are my family. And what war? Who is the third side?" This conversation was getting more and more confusing.

"But you were kicked out of the Order, given to the Senate to be executed. Also, the Republic is extremely corrupt and no one does anything about it." It seemed like he was avoiding her last two questions.

"How do you know about that?" This was unbelievable.

"Please, it was on the news everywhere, it's probably the biggest story of the month, hell, even the year. Plus we have ways to to get information. What I am asking you to do is the best for everyone. At least it would be better than scavenging for food and sleeping in the cold. Think wisely, your decision will probably affect the galaxy at large." He sounded very sincere and was that hope?

His offer was tempting, he made some very excellent points. "Ok, but what would I do? What could one Padawan do that would make such a difference?"

He seemed to be thinking his next sentence through. After a few moments, he responded."You would be a field agent, giving reports on the current situation and extracting intel for us. As for why you in particular, will with your Jedi training and some of our training, you could be extremely effective."

Ahsoka decided that she might just take him up on his offer, but one thing was bugging her. With a sigh, she agreed, "Fine I will help you, but what will you do about the Republic? They are probably keeping tabs on me right now. What will the explanation be if I just disappeared?"

At that, the man just got a mischievous smirk on his face, "I have a plan for that, and it is relatively simple."

She knew that look, it was similar to the ones her now ex-master would get before one of his risky plans. "Oh and that is?"

"We will go over the details later, but the jist of it is that we fake your death." The man replied ominously.

Uh oh. This could go wrong in so many ways.

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