Note: This is a revised version of the interlude with updated numbers and added info. I made this disision after being informed by you wonderful people about my grossly inacurate numbers. There is a poll regarding this story on my profile. Please vote. Thank you.

/ Accessing ONI Database /

/Welcome To The Office Of Naval Intelligence Information Database. The Current Date Is September 22, 2764 6:35 PM. Please State Your Quarry/

Navy Strength Assessment


/ Please Enter Encryption Code /


/ Verifying….. /

/ Accepted /

/ Please Enter Password To Continue: /

/ Processing…. /

/ Done /


Welcome Admiral

/ Please State Specific Quarry /

UNSC Naval Assets

/ Processing….../

/ Done /

Total Vessel Count: 21619. Total Vessels Under Construction: 465

Number of Vessels Are Subject To Change

Flagship Count: 3

-UNSC Infinity -Class: Infinity-class Supercarrier - Location: CLASSIFIED

-UNSC From The Ashes -Class: Titan-class Heavy-Battleship -Location: Epsilon

Eridani System, Reach

-UNSC Defender of Earth -Class: Defender-class Dreadnaught -Location: Sol System, Earth

Carrier Count: 1233


-Siege-class Carrier: 149

-Mammoth-class Carrier: 468

-Dwarf-class Carrier:616

Battleship Count: 3967


- Iron Side-class Battleship: 922

- Reclaimer-class Battleship: 1317

- Shortsword-class Light Battleship: 1428

Destroyer Count: 4212


- Medusa-class Heavy Destroyer: 1950

- Hydra II-class Destroyer: 2262

Cruiser Count: 3986


- Valiant III-class Super-Heavy Cruiser: 440

- Marathon III-class Heavy Cruiser: 736

- Autumn II-class Heavy Cruiser: 1047

- Winter-class Light Cruiser: 1763

Frigate Count: 5618


- Strident II-class Heavy Frigate: 1789

- Paris III-class Heavy Frigate: 1423

- Charon IV-class Light Frigate: 2406

Stealth Vessel Count: 658


- Prowler Corp.- (Collection of Prowlers Directly Controlled By ONI On Loan To UNSC Navy): 362

- Stalker-class Stealth Assault Corvette (Directly Controlled By UNSC Navy): 296

Other Class Count: 779


- Cradle III-class Mobile Repair Station: 463

- Resupply Freighters : 316

Prototype Vessels Currently Undergoing Testing: 3

- UNDECIDED-class Mobile Weapons Platform: Estimated Completion Date: 2767 A.D.

- Apocalypse-class Gravity Manipulation Weapons Platform: Estimated Completion Date: 2765

- REDACTED Monitoring Station: Estimated Completion Date: CLASSIFIED

/ End of Available Records /

/ Please State New Quarry /

Admiral Promotion Opportunities

/ Processing….../


/ New Connection Established //

/ Artificial Intelligence Service Number: BRY- 1503-6 /

/ Nice try Admiral. No easy pay raise. /

/ Connection Terminated. Authority Override: DELTA /

/ Have A Nice Day /


/ Confirm Terminal Shutdown: Y/N /


/ Shutting Down /

A/N: Sorry for the interlude chapter. Finals are upon me for the next two weeks and then summer. I wanted to put this out to tell you that Chapter 3 is in production, but postponed. Sorry. Its be about 200 years, so this is a rough military estimate, I hope I did not make them too over/under powered. I will explain some more of the classes at a later time so don't worry. (The next chapter will be a story chapter). This time it won't take a year to get a new chapter out. I promise. (Maybe) So long.

P.S. I know a lot of people do things like this, but this was the best way to present the information in my opinion.