'Emma, what's going on?' Snow asked softly, trying to reach her daughter slowly. She looked inside her daughters eyes, still unaware on what ground she was standing.

'Oh now you want to talk? That's really tactical here… First you plan on doing whatever you wanted to do here, murder Regina or what? Kill her? And now you want to talk! What the hell's this about!' Emma said furiously. This didn't even make sense. Mary Margaret would always approach this slowly and never thought about anything without risking other's lives, this was just absurd. This certainly wasn't Mary Margaret anymore…

'Emma! Have you seen what she did to us, again! She destroyed the whole town! She was advantaging on you! I thought she was hurting you, I… I saw you near her and I thought…' Snow consulted and tried to approach her for a second time.

'Well you thought wrong! She wasn't even hurting me! Everything's fine! As far as I see is nothing happened! The town is still in its usual form, and nobody got hurt! What the hell has gotten into you, you all run like dogs who broken loose of its chains! This is ridiculous! Why do you always think it's Regina's fault! She did nothing!' Emma spat out! Taking Regina's hand more firmly and reassuring her. Regina tried not to panic. All she saw were angry faces represented to her, ready to kill her in a heartbeat.

Henry saw his adoptive mother protect his other mother without hesitation. First he looked confused but now he understood. They were in love. He saw that Emma held her hand tight. He was so happy that his mother's found a way to be happy, but at the same time he was afraid what might have happened to them if he wasn't present here. Henry looked up to Regina and smiled softly with tears in his eyes. he saw she was afraid, he saw it sometimes when she had nightmares, but not like this, this was raw and visibly. He wanted to comfort her, he missed her! He raised his hand and entwined his with hers. She shocked and stiffened at first but when she met his teary gaze, she smiled weakly and for a moment forgot what made this situation so tensed. She bend her knees and came to squatted down in front of henry. Henry wasn't even paying attention to the conversation with the townspeople and Emma, all he had eyes for was Regina.

Regina smiled generously and opened her arms wide for Henry to embrace her, which he did. He pulled himself deep in her arms. Regina breathed in Henry's scent and felt more relaxed. Henry was always the only person who could calm her down, that was until Emma came along. She felt safe, for the first time she would let someone stand up for her. For once she trusted someone other than herself of her son.

'I missed you mom… I love you!' Henry said in a hurry. He opened his eyes and looked inside his mother's. Regina was taken aback at first but then smiled happily. She reassured him by giving him a hug in return. She closed her eyes again and sighed.

'I never stopped loving you Henry, you know that right. No matter what you ever thought of me, I'll always love you. You are my one and only son, I raised you! I missed you so much! I love you too' Regina uttered while sobbing in his embrace. She untangled herself from his arms and took his face in her soft hands. Then she kissed him on his forehead. He then showed him big smile while a few tears made way from his cheeks to his chin. Emma was just in time to capture the intimate moment between mother and son. She smiled lovingly at the scene. She'd never seen Regina so relieved and happy. She loved this side of Regina, without no worry, without no walls. Emma walked towards Regina and Henry. She then took looked at henry and smiled. Henry stood up and embraced Emma. He then began to cry and Emma comforted him. Henry was afraid and had much regret. He was sorry for his behavior towards her and his other mother. But above all he was sorry for not daring to come up for his self in these few weeks. Henry was beaten by the turn of events and when he saw Regina he actually acknowledged how much he missed her. Emma was glad Henry finally broke his walls. She sometimes saw him walking around his room, blinking away a few tears. He wasn't happy at that time, he was devastated, he was torn. Just like Emma. Emma looked down and surveyed Regina. Whom was looking at her. She was smiling with teary eyes. Emma untangled herself from Henry's embrace when he calmed down a little. She then took Regina's hand and pulled her up in her own arms. Together with the tree of them, they closed their eyes and just enjoyed the comfort of each other.

While this scene went on for the time being, Snow was watching it with her mouth agape. At first she was expecting a blow from her daughter who was not only behaving aggressively but also glowing with white eyes. but suddenly she turned around and embraced henry who was embracing Regina. Why would Henry want to embrace that woman anyway! She was the Evil Queen! And then out of nothing Emma embraced Regina, whom took Henry into their embrace. It was like they were a f… no! that can't be! They're enemies! They hate each other! This wasn't supposed to happen! Henry rightfully belonged to Emma and she was a charming! Charmings don't hug an Evil Queen! She was angry! Regina must have cursed them! They never acted this way before. This is so wrong. She had to do something about it! And she was going to. She let go of Charming's hand and took his sword from its scabbard.

Emma heard the noise of metal glissading on a high speed, which ended in a fading sound. Someone took a sword and was coming their way. It sounded threatening and dangerous. And Emma spurred into action. She looked up and saw Snow walking with determination towards her family. She stood up and formed her hands into fists. She stood up and reformed herself as a barricade between snow and her family. Instantly her eyes shone white and she began to shine with fury. This reaction was purely coursed by instinct. You promise yourself to protect your family no matter what cost. If you must you will protect them with your own life. Regina looked up at Emma and felt the need to stand beside her. She slowly went from her knees to her feet and helped Henry up too. She then watched Snow who was too close for her liking. She did what every mother would and pushed Henry behind her. Then she eyed snow again, she knew what Snow was about to do. And maybe if she succeeds Henry wouldn't stand between the crossfires.

'Don't you dare take a step closer' Emma said for the first time. She watched Snow when she abruptly stopped walking. Snow looked inside Emma's eyes and knew this wasn't her daughter at all. she was consumed by something demonical. Her daughter wouldn't do that to her, Regina made her like this. She made Emma do this to her. That was her intention at the first place.

'Emma I have to, don't you see… Regina cursed you. You're behaving so unlike you. If we end her you can have Henry back and you'll be you again. And then we'll finally be released from her anguish!' Snow finished her sentence while getting more grip from the handle of the sword.

'You idiot! You are so blind! You are only wiling to believe what you want to see. Haven't you learned anything! Henry has never been mine alone. It has always been our son. Regina's and mine. We were so distracted to gain his love when we actually were on the same level. We wanted him to be happy. In fact if you had eyes just now you would've seen how he felt a few minutes ago. He was happy and relieved. He was happy to see Regina again. He was happy to see her, to hug her and talk to her. No matter how right you think you are, Henry's still Regina's son, rightfully so! And I respect that. And you know what I love that about her. And I'll be damned if you are trying to kill his happiness. Regina is Henry's mom! Are you willing to kill her just to have your say in our lives! Because if you ask me, I'm not going to let you destroy the family I have! Regina and Henry are my family if you like it or not! We are a family!' Emma said loud and clear for anyone to hear. The townspeople were a little calmed down. And ruby looked as if she understood the situation finally. Henry looked up at his moms and was very proud to be on their side. He wouldn't wish it any other way. He was mad at Snow! She was trying to kill his mother. He vowed to himself just then that he will jump through fires to protect his mom. She was everything to him, they both were!

'Emma can't you hear yourself! You can't be a family with the woman who took it all way from us. You have a family, that's henry and us!' Snow said swinging with her blade as if to make her opinion more obvious. Henry has had enough of snow and unclasped himself from behind Regina walked in front of Emma for everyone to see and hear him.

'You're wrong granny! You're so blinded by your memories that you can't even see what's happening in the present! I once looked up to you, being all fair and forgiving! You claimed to give everyone a second chance and a chance to be happy. You're taking away my right to love my mother and be happy with Emma and mom! Can't you see! Emma and mom belong with each other! They look exactly the way you and gramps look at each other. They protect each other for dear life, especially me! That's what you do for you true love! What they have is true love! And true love can overcome anything! I'm not cursed' henry pointed to himself. 'Emma is not cursed' he pointed to Emma. 'We're a family, finally aware that we miss each other. And who finally found out that we can be happy together! I though you wiser than this! You disappoint me!' he yelled at her while walking back into his moms arms. Snow was dumbfounded. While Henry was yelling at her she replayed the images of the events inside her head. Only now she seems to complete the puzzle. Henry was right! But…. It's so wrong! They can't love each other! But deep inside Snow knew better. Henry was right! He looked happier, and more relieved. Snow took down her sword and nodded quietly. Emma saw the change in her mother's posture and calmed herself down. Her eyes changed back to her normal green ones and the glow faded away like it was never there. David walked towards her wife and slowly held her tight while he observed the scenery. He too knew henry was right. But he was wondering why the weather changed so quick.

'What happened in the first place, with the weather, If I may ask?' David asked calmly. The tension wasn't away just yet, so approaching a different subject would ease the tension for a bit. Emma and Regina looked at each other and didn't know where to begin. Where they ready, was it the right timing, would it matter? What were they gonna say?