Hey Guys! It's been a while and I wrote this a while ago but published it on Deviant Art first and I though why not put it up here. These are some thoughts Takako, the Princess of Disaster, probably had when she saw Himeno, Hayate, and Sasame and the others and Sasame pledged his loyalty to her. Hope you guys like it! Don't have a Beta since I don't put too many stories up but please review and tell me what you think. Another story will come up soon! I got it written just need to edit :)

I stare at him...the fool.

Who does he think he is...

does he think that I'll accept him because of this?

Abandoning his comrades…how sweet, all for me.

He walks towards me and takes off the symbol at his ear, letting it drop and clink on the floor.

He confesses his love to me and I just keep my stare.

I look behind him and I see Himeno and the other guards staring at him in shock. I don't understand their looks, especially Hayate's.

I saw Sasame's affection, even back then, but like he said, I didn't have eyes for him,

I only saw Hayate….and I loved him…I still feel something even though he's put me through everything. But I hate him at the same time… I hate him so much. He showed me such kindness…tenderness, and now it's all towards her, Himeno, the new Pretear.

How foolish, doesn't she know that they'll just toss her away? Like they did me?

I focus my attention back to Sasame; no one seemed to notice my lack of attention.

I stay disinterested in his speech, none of this is real news to me, but when he said that he would dedicate his life to me….I gasped to hide my amusement.

He should know that I still feel towards Hayate but even then….under all of that I felt something tug at me to accept his offer.

I just stared and finally I said "This… This is my answer!"

I pushed at him, at all of them, I smiled, as always I hid my pain and caused pain to everyone else, shattering the windows and breaking the walls and floor, seeing Sasame being hit by a shard brought hurt and happiness, I finally left in order for him to process my answer. But I didn't go far, Mawata was only on the other side of the mansion and I needed to gain her strength, her hopelessness soon.

But I just sat on her bed as she sat on the chair blankly staring at space.

I needed to think this over, Sasame had declared his love for me, and as crazy as it sounded…I wanted him here. Mawata was soon to become a senseless zombie and be encased in her lonely heart; afterwards I would be the only one here.

I shook away the thought;

I am the Princess of Despair!

Why would anyone want to be with me and why would I need anyone?

But as I cleared my mind I left that speech in my mind.

For reference of course.

You never know what you could use.

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