A/N: I didn't make this up I found the video on YouTube and I thought it was the funnest thing in the world. I did add more details and stuff.

Disclaimer: I only sold my soul to Hussie I don't own Homestuck and I got the idea off YouTube.

John is sit watching TV and eating a colored rainbow snack we all call Skittles. Karkat walks in the room looking for him. "Um...What are you eating?" he asks look at the red bag. John suddenly get an idea. He puts a skittle in his mouth.

"Troll eggs." John says like he did all the time.

"Y-y-you must think I'm a fucking idiot." Karkat says somewhat flustered.

"Well, yea you didn't even know what you own species young looks like." John says than eats some more skittles.

"THOSE AREN'T TROLL EGGS!" Karkat yells. John takes out a skittle.

"Sup little guy," John says talking to the skittle.

"The cool hacker troll is my daddy." The skittle "says".

"What's a daddy?" Karkat asks confused.

"He is so much cooler than Karkat." The skittle "says".

"Too bad I have to eat you too," John says than eats the skittle."Poor babies."

"Babies?" the troll says. Karkat walks over to John and reaches for the skittles. "give me the babies."

"No way man they're delicious" John says trying to get the bag away from him.

"JOHN GIVE THEM TO ME" Karkat yells.

"HRRNGGH" John says trying to get the bag away from him than ate all the skittles. Karkat stood there in shock. John looks at Karkat in the eyes. "I ate all the babies." Karkat is still stunned. "Once again Karkat's recklessness leaves his species nary a change of survival.

"...um...ah..."Karkat mumbles before breaking down and rolling himself up into a ball on the floor.

"Uh" John says looking at Karkat's reaction. "Oh god Karkat don't cry." Karkat started to cry even harder. "Oh my god dude stop you know it was candy."Karkat started to cry even harder than he was before. "CURSE MY AMAZING PRANKING SKILLSSSssss." John yells.