Shizuku swallowed nervously. "Y-ya-Yamaken. You're here."

He nodded, a fierce light burning in his eyes. "I couldn't leave my girl alone on Christmas Eve."

Shizuku rather regretted that she'd mentioned she was alone in the house studying while her family was off doing more Christmas type things. They'd only been "official" for a few days now and she was amazed by the lack of restraint she had some times. She'd never done such crazily spontaneous things when Haru was around. Of course, she realized suddenly, he was always spontaneous and sporadic. Maybe I just got used to that.

Stand in her doorway, Yamaken towered over her, in a sweeping gesture he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close to him.

Shizuku felt breathless, their bodies were so close now that with each breath outwards she felt the faintest tingle as their bodies touched. Her face felt red, even Haru had never quite treated her like this. She swallowed her throat tight, as she stared up past the long blonde hair that nearly hid Yamaken's brown eyes. Even now, she wasn't entirely comfortable being so close to him, but as he leaned closer his free hand catching hers in a gentle grip, she realize just how much she wanted to become familiar with this. Haru had never made her feel like this.

Her heart began to pound and she closed her eyes tightly in a mixture of apprehension and excitement. Yamaken was still leaning in; he took things much more slowly and gently than Haru ever had.

Almost abruptly she felt the gentle press of Yamaken's lips to hers. Yamaken's kiss was much softer than Haru's had been, and she enjoyed that he hadn't pulled her into it as a quick shock to her system, rather Yamaken had let the moment build up to the kiss, which was in its own right terrifying, but she preferred it to Haru's abrupt kisses.

The kiss was brief, but Shizuku was pleased by the experience as she had never been pleased by Haru's kisses. Not like this anyways.

Yamaken's hand weaved tightly through hers pulling her hand to his side. "I'm going to treat you to a nice Christmas Eve." He informed her and pulled her out the door.

She would have protested, but she really didn't need to study right now. She was ahead in her classes as usual, there would be plenty of time for study later.

So you're probably confused why this is labeled as a crossover at the moment...well, this was mostly just set up so I could get to the crossover bit, so patience. The next chapter should have plenty of crossover to appease any discontent. Hopefully I can get it typed up fairly quickly. :)