Haru's stomach growled loudly.

Nino glanced at him. "Tonight I will fish for you."

Haru clutched at his rumbling stomach and nodded fiercely. "I feel as if my insides were trying to eat me."

"I will also save some fish for Riku." She added as if she hadn't heard him.

Haru pushed aside thoughts of the discomfort in his belly. "Nino, who is Riku?"

"He is mine." Was her only response.

This made sense to Haru. Shizuku was his. What other words were needed? He knew how that worked.

"My lover." She clarified. Without warning she stood, rocking the ice chunk with the sudden movement. Before Haru could even suspect what was going on, she dived into the water.

Haru stood at where the girl had been standing just moments before. Tentatively he dipped a finger in the water, wondering if he should go after her. He shuddered at the icy temperature of the water and leapt back from the edge of the ice. There was no way he was following the crazy girl in there. Whether she needed help or not. It simply wasn't going to happen. Haru was not eager to turn into an icicle today.

He watched the water curiously, wondering if the girl were going to come back up or if this was already the end of their time together. He got bored of watching the water rather quickly. He yawned widely. If she came back, she came back. If not, he'd just starve. Right now that didn't seem like such a big deal. He curled up on the ice, shivering a little and drifted off to sleep.

Haru awoke some time later. He was wet, probably from the ice melting a bit from his body heat. He stretched and yawned sitting up. He blinked in surprise to see the girl sitting cross-legged in front of him. She was munching contentedly on a fish.

"When did you get back?" Somehow he wasn't really surprised that she had. If this girl really was from Venus temperature probably worked differently for her than it did for ordinary people.

She shrugged. "A while." She spat out a fish bone and held a fish on a stick towards him. "Still hungry?"

Haru nodded and snatched the fish. He munched on it frantically. Even raw it was still a delicious fish, though he usually preferred to eat his not sushi style. "What do we do now?" He asked through his mouthful of food.

Nino pointed to the side, towards the rising moon. "There's a castle over there. I think it's what we were drifting to. I asked the fish to make sure we made it there."

Haru stared blankly for a moment, when he could actually pick something out in the distance he began to laugh. He was beginning to enjoy this adventure with the Venusian. She certainly knew how to keep things interesting, and best of all, he wasn't going to be floating on a hunk of ice for the rest of his life. He was going to a castle. Shizuku would be so jealous when he got back and could tell her this story. Maybe if he couldn't find her crawdads, he could take her to this castle instead. She could definitely use that sort of experience in her life. It would be so much more fun than studying all the time, like she loved to do.

Haru laughed for a long time. Nino watched him quietly and continued to nibble on fish.