Chapter 1 Me vs Jaden Part 1

Me: Draw, I summon Nightmare Penguin in attack mode! Then I place one card face down and end my turn!

Jay: I draw, I summon elemental hero avian! Then I play the spell o-oversoul! This let's me summon elemental hero neos in attack mode. I end my turn

Me: Draw, I play the spell dark hole! This destroys all monsters on the field. I play another face down.

Jaden: Draw, summon elemental hero necroshade come out.

Me: ERRRRRRRRRRRRR now my two facedowns don't work against it but this will trap spiritual water aoi with this if I have by discarding one card I can look at your hand oh and I forgot to mention that I choose one card and destroy it.I send the field spell a legendary ocean now l send your skyscraper to the grave.


Me: I'll beat you nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah

Jay: No, I'll win

Me: I'm the author I can do whatever I want.

Jay: Crap

Me and Jay: Please review