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Shattering Ice

By Arenz


The Cold Shoulder

Monday December 28th, Real World, Streets of Shinjuku

11:27 AM

Everywhere one looked there was people walking, interacting, and playing. Since it was only a few days after Christmas kids were still enjoying their new toys, couples were discussing New years plans, and others where spending the money they got for Christmas. It had finally snowed, and continued to do so for the past two days. Thanks to which everything was covered in a pleasant white blanket. From the street lamps and storefronts to the alleyways and parked cars. The sidewalks and roads had been salted and cleared of snow so that people could walk easier.

This peaceful winter scene was interrupted by two oddities, although one of which most people didn't see. These two things where a large red dinosaur and a human sized yellow Kitsune. The Kitsune moved along the rooftops without being seen, but the dinosaur and the boy beside it drew considerable attention.

The brunette boy next to the dinosaur let out a sigh, his breath being fully visible in the frigid morning air. He looked in the window of an electronics store he was passing to see a TV with the news on. The program was showing shots of the mysterious fog that had covered the park three days earlier with the words "Mysterious fog returns?" under it. The boy knew it to be the digital field from when he and his companions had returned to the real world.

The red dinosaur, having noticed that the boy had stopped turned to look at him. The boy in question was wearing grey khakis with extra pockets, a red thermal, and a blue zip up hoodie over the thermal both of which were covered by a yellow winter coat. He also wore blue sneakers and yellow-rimed blue-lensed goggles on his head. All of his cloths had been bought for him in the past few days since his return by his parents.

"What's the matter Takato?" The dinosaur asked, tilting its head to the side, as was its habit of doing.

Takato looked back towards the dinosaur. "It's nothing Guilmon." He replied. "Its just so strange to be back. I was gone for three years but not much had changed." He then looked around at all the people staring at him and Guilmon. "I guess seeing a digimon again after three years is surprising for others." He muttered with a chuckle.

Takato then resumed his walk through town. As he walked he continued to observe those around him. After three years with nothing but digimon, except for one encounter that Takato still didn't quite understand, it was pleasant to be among humans again. While lost in his thoughts Takato started to near his destination. The streets and sidewalks started to become less plowed due to the area being more housing and therefore less traveled. The building got smaller and in some places he was walking in snow.

He stopped at the intersection right before his destination. As he came to a halt the yellow Kitsune appeared behind him.

"You know Renamon, after three years I think I'm finally getting use to you doing that." Takato told the fox creature. He then pulled an envelope out of his pocket and stared down at it.

"What's that?" Renamon asked while Guilmon sniffed it.

"Uh, after what Henry said I was thinking of it a something like a peace offering." Takato told her with his usual nervous grin.

"A peace offering?" The fox repeated with a skeptical look.

Takato just laughed sheepishly and kept grinning. He then started walking towards the old style Japanese door down the road. He stood in front of the door for a few minutes trying to marshal his courage for what he was about to face. He had tried to think about what to say beforehand but had given up when he realized that it would do him no good when dealing with Rika, which was the whole purpose of this visit.

Finally he raised his hand and knocked on the door. It was an old style wooden sliding door with the tiled roof set in a stone wall that surrounded the house and yard. After a short wait an older woman opened the door. The woman had grey hair but looked to only be in her fifties. She wore simple cloths that were the confortable kind you would wear around your house.

"Hello Mrs. Hata." Takato greeted the woman with a smile.

"Hello young man, oh my, is that you Takato?" The woman reacted with a gasp and great surprise upon realizing whom it was. "What are you doing here? After you disappeared three years ago we were all very worried, when did you get back? Have you seen your parents?" She barraged Takato with questions with great excitement.

"Yes I've seen them, I returned three days ago, and I'm sorry for causing everyone so much worry." Takato finally managed to cut in and get off a reply.

"That's great, oh my listen to me prattle on." Mrs. Hata said. "I'm sure you came here for another reason then to be interrogated by an old woman." She smiled at Takato. "Should I call for Rika?"

"Um, yeah." Takato acknowledged with another nervous laugh.

"Rika!" Mrs. Hata yelled back towards the house. "We have a guest to see you." She then turned back to Takato. "Just so you know, after you left, Rika… changed from how she was back when you fought together." She warned.

Takato looked back towards the house as Rika walked out the door while pulling a coat on. She wore a dark blue long sleeve shirt and dark grey jeans with same lopsided belt she had always worn. She had black sneakers on and her red hair was up in a pony tail like always, but seemed to be a good two inches longer and the hair in the pony tail started to droop instead of being spiked out like it used to be when it was shorter.

As she looked towards the entrance where her grandmother was standing she saw whom the guest was. For a second her eyes went wide before being replaced by another expression as she stormed towards the door. Takato could tell just from the look in her violet colored eyes that calling her very angry would be an understatement.

Takato opened his mouth to greet her but before a work left his mouth. Slam! She closed the door rather violently in his face. He stood there stunned with his mouth open, just as he closed his mouth the door opened again. Smack! Takato opened his eye just before hearing the door slam shut again. He realized that he was lying on his back on the pavement. He looked at the door as Mrs. Hata opened it again.

"Oh dear, Takato are you all right?" She asked as she helped him up. "I didn't think she would react so violently."

"I'm fine." Takato answered as he touched his now sore jaw. "Just a little shocked that she can punch so hard."

"Do you want me to call her back?" She continued while looking towards the house.

"No, that's alright. Just give her this for me." He requested as he picked the envelope up from where it had been dropped when he got hit. "It was meant to be a peace offering, but I think now an apology is more appropriate."

"I'll do that." Mrs. Hata took the envelope from Takato. "Anything else you want me to tell her?"

"No, I'll try coming back another time. Thank you for your time." Tatako said as he bowed. He then straightened up and started to walk away. "Lets go." He said to the two seemingly forgotten digimon. Mrs. Hata just watched them walk away with a frown on her face.

After Takato, Guilmon, and Renamon were out of sight she closed the door and walked back inside. She headed down the hall of the old style house to the screen door that opened into Rika's room. "Rika, Takato left an envelope for you, I'll leave it right out here." She explained before setting the letter on the floor and walking back towards the main room.

A few minutes later the door opened and Rika reached down and picked up the envelope. It had nothing written on it, and after looking at it for a second she frowned and threw it over into the corner of the room without opening it. She then walked over and lay down on her bed and stared up at the ceiling.

Matsuki Bakery

12:06 AM

Takato lay awake in bed. After visiting the Nonaka house he had returned home and spent the day working in the bakery so that he could spend time with his parents. He had helped until closing and then went up to his room. He looked over at the sleeping Guilmon and Renamon.

"Renamon." He said looking at the fox. "Why didn't you stay there?"

The yellow Kitsune looked up at Takato. "Because Rika is not ready for me to be back." She stated in a matter of fact tone.

Takato seem to accept that answer and rolled over to stare at the ceiling. "So Rika is back to being the Ice Queen." He muttered to himself. "It's going to be tough to get her to stop hating me." He then touched his still sore jaw. "And painful." He added.

He's matured over these past years. Renamon thought as she listened to Takato's muttering. She looked at him again only to realize he had fallen asleep. Sleep well Takato.


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