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So here it is, Chapter nine of TAMERS LEGACY!





Monday January 19th, 2010, Real World, Matsuki Bakery

7:30 AM

Falling off a bed that's five feet off the ground and landing not to gracefully is not fun. Being pulled off a bed that's five feet of the ground and landing not to gracefully is even less fun. Yet that is the situation Takato Matsuki found himself in. Lying on the floor looking up at the ceiling and the face of a red haired boy.

"We have to be at school in half an hour." Rin stated while looking down at Takato. It took a minute for the words to register before Takato sat bolt upright.

"Crap!" He cried as he took off for the bathroom.

"Ahhh, I'll have to thank my mother for not letting me end up like that." Rin muttered to himself as he looked at the waking Guilmon in the corner. "Morning Guilmon." He greeted the sleepy digimon.

"Good morning." Came the sleepy reply.

Rin left the dinosaur to wake up and headed back to his room. The upstairs of the bakery had four rooms. Mr. and Mrs. Matsuki's room, Takato's, the bathroom, and one last bedroom that had been used for storage previously, but was now his room. The room still had some boxes in it. It also had a bed that had always been there but was unused. Lastly there was an old desk that the Matsuki's had gotten from a friend for free for Rin to use. He walked over to the desk and grabbed his watch before strapping it on. He then placed his cardholder on his belt and lastly grabbed his backpack full of books. He then walked out, almost being run over by Takato running back to his own room, and headed downstairs.

Takato meanwhile was just strapping on his D-power and cards. He had hastily thrown on his usual tan cargo pants with a black shirt and blue zip up hoodie. He gabbed his bag before heading downstairs himself with Guilmon close behind. He found Rin in the back room putting his shoes on. He did likewise while grabbing a piece of bread to eat on the way and his lunch that was already made for him. They both put on their winter coats before heading out.

"Ten minutes, not bad." Rin commented on how long it had taken him to get ready.

"You could have been a little gentler with the wake up call you know." Takato complained.

Rin grinned at him before replying. "It was effective though." Takato just let out a sigh as they continued on to school. Takato took the chance to look around. There were other kids going to school, a well as adults going to work. The snow had melted and now it was just cold and wet. There was a solid cloud cover but not the thick light blocking clouds. They saw the familiar faces of Henry and Terriermon as they reached the gate.

"It's the goggle duo!" Terriermon yelled once he saw them. "Plus Guilmon." He added as an afterthought.

"Hey Henry, hey Terriermon." Takato greeted. Rin likewise gave his greetings.

"Hey." Henry replied. "So it has been over a week Rika still won't talk to you huh." He stated.

"Yeah, it's impressive that she can so thoroughly ignore me even when sitting next to me." Takato sighed.

"Just give it time, your chance will come. On the upside at least your on time now." Henry tried to raise the mood. Takato gave one of his sheepish grins at how he came to be on time.

"His being on time would mean something if I didn't have to drag him here." Rin commented, causing Takato to look away still wearing his stupid grin.

The three Tamers plus digimon made their way inside and to the classroom. They found Rika and Claire already seated at their own desks. Rin walked passed Claire and pat her on the head, causing her to swipe at his hand. He just moved out of the way and grinned at her reaction. Guilmon and Terriermon headed to the back of the room to join Dorumon. Henry took his seat while Takato headed for his.

"Morning Rika." Takato greeted, which he had done every morning since school started. But as always he got no reply or even confirmation that she heard. As he took his seat others started to enter the classroom. First were Kazu and Kenta who took their seats next to Rika and next to where Ryo sat respectively. Then came Jeri who sat in front of Kenta. Last came Ryo with not much time to spare. All their digimon minus Guardromon who stayed in the hall gathered at the back of the room. Right as the last students were entering the room Ms. Asaji arrived.

"Alright everyone settle down." She ordered. "We're starting now so pay attention." Once class started everyone sat quietly. Takato as always would ask Henry questions, but not as frequently as he had when they started. It was right as homeroom was ending that there was an interruption. The interruption was an alarm going off from multiple places around the classroom.

Ms. Asaji turned to see nine students looking a their D-powers. "Don't even thi…" Before she could say anymore they all took off out of the room, even Rika. "What am I going to do with them?" She wondered with a sigh.

The group was already out of the school building and headed in the direction of the park.

"I'm getting a lot of signals!" Henry shouted so that everyone heard.

"Might be a large group!" Ryo shouted back.

"We're about to find find out!" Takato yelled as the digital field formed in front of them. The Thick gray fog formed as if from nothing and quickly spread over the area. Seven of htem pulled out glasses and put them on to protect their eyes while Takato pulled his goggle down over his eyes and Rin pulled his from around his neck. They looked at the holographic screen to see where the digimon would appear, but instead of one red arrow there were many, making it hard to differentiate between them.

"There's so many!" Jeri exclaimed.

"There's one!" Kazu pointed while raising his D-power. The digimon in question looked like a large green caterpillar. "Dokunemon, Rookie level, Virus type, attacks are Poison Claw, Poison Powder, and Worm Venom." Kazu read out loud.

"There's a lot of them but their only rookies, we should be able to handle it easily." Ryo stated with a confident grin. "Let's get to work people!" He yelled as the digimon moved to attack.

"Poison Powder!" A group of Dokunemon yelled from in the mist. A large amount of green powder started flying towards them.

"Terriermon!" Henry called out.

"On it! Terrier Tornado!" Terriermon called back as he sent a spinning tornado that blew all the powder up into the air where it dissipated.

"My turn! Pyro Sphere!" Guilmon yelled as he shot a fireball back into the mist, hearing a Dokunemon scream as it was hit. The attacks had made the mist start to disperse and the Dokunemon became visible.

"There must be at least three dozen of them!" Jeri cried.

"Numbers don't matter!" Rika remarked. "Get them Renamon!"

"Diamond Storm!" Renamon called out as many small glowing shards appeared and flew at the Dokunemon, destroying a few of them. One of them took the chance to attack Renamon from behind.

"Poison Claw!" It jumped at Renamon.

But it was intercepted mid air. "Metal Cannon!" Dorumon yelled, launching a metal sphere from his mouth that blasted the Dokunemon before it hit Renamon.

"Watch each others backs!' Takato instructed.

Jeri stood there holding Punimon wishing she could help. "If only I was stronger." She muttered, clutching her D-power. "I want to be able to help!"

Responding to her feelings the D-power's screen started to glow. There was a flash of light that caught everyone's attention.

Punimon Digivolve to…

As the light cleared the red ball had vanished and in its place stood a red furred animal. It had blue on its back and blue stripes on its body. It's had nine short tails that had blue at their tips. It also had white claws and bright blue eyes.


"Jeri! I get to talk to you again!" Elecmon yelled as he jumped next to Jeri. While he remembered her, his personality was nothing like Leomon's. Jeri just smile because she was to stunned for words. "Well that can wait for later!" He said as he turned to the resuming battle. "Super Thunder Strike!" He yelled as he launched lightning from his tails, scattering the Dokunemon. He then jumped into the battle with all the others.

With the addition of Elecmon the fight then turned into a brawl as all the Dokunemon attacked at once. Guardromon, Guilmon, and Dorumon took the job of bombarding them with long-range attacks, while Renamon and Granmon, who had joined them, would attack from behind. The rest of them would engage them up close. Terriermon took care of their poison powder whenever they used it.

After about half of them were destroyed one manage to sneak around to attack. "Worm Venom!" It called out as it launched a green acid from its mouth. But its target wasn't a digimon instead it aimed for Rika. The acid hit her leg and quickly burned though the lower part of her jeans before burning her leg. Granmon suddenly appeared beside the one that launched the attack before kicking it out into the open.

"Power Paw!" Renamon yelled as she smashed it midair, clearly not happy that it had hurt her partner.

"Rika!" Takato shouted as he grabbed her arm right as the leg gave out. He held her up while looking at her leg. It was clearly burnt, but it didn't look that bad, probably painful though. He put her arm around his shoulder and started to leader her away from the battle. "Renamon you stay and help, I've got Rika." Takato told the fox.

"Understood." Was the reply, noticeable angry, which was rare for her.

"What do you think your doing?!" Rika yelled at him, trying to struggle free of him.

"Stop that! You need to get home to wash any of the leftover acid off, Since Renamon is still useful back there it only makes sense." Takato explained without letting go of her.

"I can go myself!" She continued to argue. She finally managed to get free but the second she tried to put weight on her leg she collapsed. "Ow…" She moaned.

"See? I told you to let me help." He told her as he offered a hand to help her up. She grudgingly took it and he once again put her arm over his shoulder. They walked in silence for a while before Rika's irritation got the better of her.

"I don't get you." She stated sounding annoyed.

"What do you mean?" Takato asked, truly curious.

"I'm mean to you, I push you away, I ignore you, but you keep coming back. Are you a glutton for punishment?" She explained.

"That's because I don't know the reason." He told her with a grin.

"What?" She looked at him with a baffled look.

"If you have a good reason to hate me and avoid me I can accept that. But if I don't know the reason then there's no way I'll quietly accept it." He stated matter-of-fact like.

"That's it?" She was truly baffled now.

"That's it." He confirmed. "Of course if your reason isn't good then I still won't accept it." He added. They had reached her house and she pulled the key from her pocket. Once the gate was unlocked Takato helped her up into the house.

"Rika is that you? Your home early." Mrs. Seiko said as she walked out of the kitchen. "Oh my, what happened?" She asked with concern at seeing Rika's leg.

"She was attacked by a digimon." Takato explained. "It used acid and I think there may still be some on her leg." He continued. The burn had gotten worse while they walked but still didn't seem horrible.

"Bring her this way, I'll help her wash it." Mrs. Seiko instructed, leading towards the bathroom. Takato sat her down in the bathroom before retreating to the living room.

Mrs. Seiko came out a few minutes later. "Can you help me move her to her room Takato?" She asked.

"Sure." He then went back to the bathroom. Rika now had a bandage covering her leg where the acid had hit. He helped her up before walking to her room and helping her sit down on her futon. He then moved back towards the door. "Will you tell me the reason now?" He almost pleaded with her.

"No." Was all she said.

He was starting to get annoyed and angry at her stubbornness. "Why not?" He growled.

"Because I don't want to." She glared back at him.

"What kind of reason is that?" He yelled.

"My reason that's what!" She countered.

Now Takato was angry. Even after helping her and explaining himself she still wouldn't tell him. "What's your problem?! Why is it so hard to tell me?! DO you really hate me THAT MUCH!?" He was going all out now.

"Because YOU'RE JUST LIKE HIM!" She screamed at him, picking up an object and chucking it at his head. Takato was forced to duck behind the door to avoid it. As it smashed into the wall next to the door he saw Mrs. Seiko watching them. She motioned for him to follow her.

As they reached the kitchen she turned around. "I had a hunch as to why she was avoiding you but now I know for sure." She said with a sad look. Takato just looked at her confused. "Maybe it's not my place to tell you this, but I think it's necessary. Tell me Takato, how much do you know about Rika's father?"

"Not much, Rika never talks about him." He replied to the older woman.

"That's not surprising. You see, when she was young Rika was very close to her father. She loved him very much. But then one day he just up and left, abandoning his family. Rika was heartbroken that he would just disappear like that." She explained, continuing to look sad.

Takato took a second to take it all in. Realization then dawned on him. "You don't mean that…" He started but couldn't finish.

"That's right. I think she sees what you did three years ago as the same thing. Did you know that you were the first friend Rika voluntarily invite over?" The woman asked.

"Ah, no, I didn't know that." Takato admitted.

"You were the closest friend she ever had and then you disappeared too. I think she won't let you back in because she is afraid you'll do it again." She finished.

Takato sat down on one of the chairs in shock. "So it's all my fault? I made a choice and now I'm paying for it." He muttered to himself.

"I doubt Rika would have ever told you this, that's why I told you, because I think you needed to know." Mrs. Seiko said as she left him alone.

Takato sat there trying to wrap his mind around it all. Finally he stood up and walked back to Rika's room. The door was closed so he stopped in front of it. "I'm not… I'm not going anywhere ever again." Was all he said before heading for the front door. He put his shoes back on and headed out towards the park.

Back in Rika's room she sat there with he arms wrapped around her legs and her face buried. She was confused at Takato's words before realizing her grandmother must have told him the reason. Her feeling were all mixed up, she wanted to hate him, but she didn't want to at the same time. She wanted to trust his words, but wasn't sure she could. The more she though about it the more confused she became. Finally she lay down on her bed and stared up at the ceiling. She placed her arm over her eyes as she calmed down.

"Stupid goggle-head…"


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