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Chapter 1: Start of one's Journey

Smoke filled the skies as fire spread throughout a boat cruiser, the sounds of an infant's cry echoed in the dark empty halls.

"Shh... it's okay mommy's here-" a long red haired woman whispered as she held a blonde haired bundle close. Half an hour ago, a group of strange characters wearing blue had attempted to hijack the cruiser; their objective seemed to be the meteorite the woman's husband and colleague had discovered.

The group was easily dispatched with the help of both Pokemon and Trainers aboard the ship, they didn't however count on sabotaging the engine as they had detonated a bomb, this caused fires to spread and water to gorge in through the ship's hull.

"Kushina!" she heard her husband yell.

"Minato! In here!" she coughed as she held her child close, protecting the infant from the black fumes.

"Manatric, use Wild Charge!" she heard, not seconds before the door burst open and flew across the room. In came a blonde haired man and a blue colored wolf-like creature with a yellow spiked mane; before she could run to her husband they felt the ground shake and soon the room seemed to detach itself from the boat as a second explosion burst nearby.

The woman fell back, holding on to her child before falling over the edge, "Kushina!" the older blonde yelled as he dashed and grasped her arm as she fell. The red haired woman looked down at the raging waters, then back to her husband, "Minato, take Naruto... I can't hold him much longer!" she cried as the bundle began to slip from her grasp.

Minato reached down, stretching as much as he could; Manatric biting into its master shirt, making sure he didn't fall. "Minato!" she cried, before...







"NARUTO!" they shouted as the child fell into the cold depths of the sea.

Pacifidlog Town - Fourteen years Later

"Gin-Jiji, have you seen Naruto?" a small boy in swimming clothes asked.

"Hmm, can't say that I have... have you checked with Faust or Lydia?" the elder asked.

"Yes, they both haven't seen him... We've even swam underneath the Corsola colony, we can't find him-" the boy paused before stuttering, "Y-You don't t-think he went up to the S-Sky Pillar do you?"

"The Sky Pillar! Nonsense, its off limits even to the most skilled trainers, Naruto knows better than to do so, now go on he's probably gone diving with the Clamperl again. He'll turn up sooner or later"

The boy nodded and rushed out of the hut, the elder cupped his chin, 'The Sky Pillar, why would Naruto go to someplace so dangerous and with his 'only' Pokemon being a Corsola' he thought.

Sky Pillar

A blonde haired boy wearing a wet white shirt, black swimming trunks, and sandals ran up the tall staircase holding a basket full of various Berries and Poffins. Tied around his back was a single strap bag with Dusk, Dive, Luxury, and Ultra Ball; this boy was named Naruto.

Thirteen years ago, his foster parents Faust and Lydia found him at their doorstep during a heavy storm. They didn't know who or 'what' left him but he was a bundle of joy that changed their lives for the better. The only thing they found on the baby was his wet blanket and jumpsuit with his name patched onto it.

After five minutes of tireless running, Naruto finally reached the top where he was tackled to the ground by a white and blue blur. He chuckled as a cloud feathered bird nuzzled its head against the blonde, "Yeah, yeah I miss you too Altaria" he stated as the phoenix got off him with a happy chirp. The blonde walked up the few stairs left and was greeted by a light snore, in front of him laid a colossal green-wingless dragon with glowing yellow runes on its body.

It's eyes snapped open upon catching the blonde's scent, it yawned before getting up and close to him, letting the blonde pet it's head. This was the legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza.

"I brought you guys snacks!" Naruto stated with a smile, out of his bag, his Dive Ball popped open and out came his Corsola.

"Corsola, Cor!"

The blonde fed both phoenix and living coral a Pecha Berry whilst the dragon fed on many Spelon and Cornn Berry. Naruto himself gulped down a bottle of water before one of the Nanab Poffins levitated into the air, a pair of glowing red eyes glared at the blonde, "Hey Banette! I didn't forget about you, otherwise I wouldn't have brought the Poffins" he pointed out with a grin.

The eyes softened up a bit and in a zip a golden Cheshire grin appeared before materializing its body. The Pokemon had a doll-like appearance; three spikes on its head with a long zigzag shaped ribbon hanging down its head. It also had long three fingered hands with short stubby legs along with a yellow brush-like tail. This was Banette, Naruto's first Pokemon.

Naruto smiled as he watched his team chow down on the food he had brought. Unlike most of the townspeople, the blonde was always more curious than cautious and even though many had warned about the dangers of the Sky Pillar he went on in anyway. He never regretted it, on his first visit he met and befriended a Shuppet; the two would play together along with the Zubat and Claydol that resided within.

A month later, Pacifidlog Town was visited by a traveling merchant, Naruto had purchased his respected Poke Balls using the Pearls, Star Pieces, and Star Dust he found beneath the ocean floor. Not a moment to soon did the blonde catch his ghostly friend within a Dusk Ball; a week later he had caught one of the Corsola within the colony below Pacifidlog Town; using his Dive Ball.

The two Pokemon easily become friends due to their playful nature. Naruto was a smart kid and knew that if he brought Shuppet back with him to Pacifidlog Town his foster parents would find out that he'd been going into the Sky Pillar. So, he decided to keep Shuppet outside his Dusk Ball for the time being while he brought Corsola back.

Corsola was a common Pokemon that many trainers within the floating village possessed so it was safe to assume the blonde hadn't 'gone' anywhere to catch it. Several months later, Naruto and his Pokemon came across an injured Swablu which was under attack by a swarm of Golbats; after a long and tough battle, the young Trainer emerged victorious, Shuppet had also evolved into Banette after the battle was won. After several weeks of nursing the Swablu back to health using Berry Medicine, the small bird grew a strong affection for the blonde and would nuzzle against him at any given point.

Banette and Corsola happily accepted the bird into the team and was captured into a Luxury Ball. Years passed by and Swablu had evolved into Altaria, Naruto had ventured further up the Sky Pillar until he finally reached the top. To his surprise and awe when he came face to face with the Sky High Pokemon; Rayquaza was a very territorial Pokemon and would defend his turf with lethal force if required, however for some reason, it didn't.

Naruto remained quiet for several minutes, his Pokemon had popped out of their Poke Balls wondering if their friend/master was okay. They wondered if he was scared of the Legendary being, hell Banette and Altaria had lived in the Sky Pillar long enough to know not to mess with Rayquaza and hopped they wouldn't have to battle. Corsola was highly intimidated by the dragon before her and shacked behind her Trainer's leg.

The blonde however surprised them by bowing to the dragon and blurting out, "Arigato! Thanks for saving me!"

He didn't know how, or didn't know why but his gut told him that the dragon before him had saved him at some point in his life and could remember bits of the day his foster parents had found him.


A storm raged outside, the closed windows slammed against the walls every now and then. Faust, a blue haired young man held his wife Lydia, a silver haired beauty closely as they sat by the fire; weather in Pacifidlog Town was never this wild and dangerous, something was wrong and the skies weren't taking a liking to it.

They snapped their heads up as they heard the sound of a baby's cry, Lydia got up and walked towards the door as the thunder roared outside. Swinging in the wooden door she gasped as her eyes laid on a small bundle who refused to stop crying, Faust rushed over and helped his wife bring in the child.

The two searched room for warm blankets and fresh towels, the child was soaking wet from the 'storm' and proceeded to remove his jumpsuit to dry him. They noticed the name sown into the clothes, "Naruto?" they muttered before lightning struck close, scaring the child and causing him to cry harder.

"There, there don't cry, everything's gonna be okay, shh" Lydia whispered motherly.

Suddenly the storm stopped raging, which highly confused the new parents. Faust opened one of the windows and gasped as the shadow of a wingless dragon levitated above the ocean waters, it gave a mighty roar and flew into the skies. The baby Naruto had his small eyes opened enough to witness the Legendary Pokemon.

"Was that... Rayquaza?" Lydia muttered.

Flashback End!

Having memories as an infant was rare, sadly Naruto failed to recall anything further down the line. Months passed, and Naruto continued to visit the dragon who had grown accustomed to his company. Like most legendary Pokemon Rayquaza once preferred a more personal sanctuary, away from Pokemon and Humans alike. Then again, the boy's presence did make things more lively; after about a year, Naruto had challenged Rayquaza to a battle, who had accepted.

The battle was an extremely difficult one, the fact the Rayquaza's Outrage, Extreme Speed, and V-Create made it nearly impossible to defeat, then again it's to be expected from a legendary Pokemon. The dragon was highly impressed with the blonde, not many Pokemon had lasted long against his attacks and the boy was doing just that. Using many Combinations to counteract the dragon's superior strength, the team was finally able to bring it down hard.

Corsola using Iron Defense and Mirror Coat was able to block off most of its attacks, Altaria had used Dragon Dance and Dragon Pulse which dealt a great amount of damage to her opponent, and Banette who had manage to leave a burn using Will-O-Wisp before using Hex to to double its damage. Utilizing Banette's signature move, Curse, Rayquaza suffered major damage before it was defeated by a trio-attack from the three Pokemon.

"Banette, Altaria, Corsola finish him off with Shadow Ball, Dragon Pulse, and Rock Blast!" Naruto commanded.

Corsola materialized a large boulder and fired it, which fused with Banette's Shadow Ball, in which came in contact with Altaria's Dragon Pulse. The strike exploded upon impact and Rayquaza laid defeated on the rooftop above the cloud, Naruto whipped a thumb below his nose and whipped out his last available Poke Ball.

"Ultra Ball, Go!"

A pale yellow beam shot forth and sucked in the dragon. The ball shook once... twice... thrice... Ding!

Naruto stood quietly his Pokemon breathing heavily from their match, he walked over to the Poke Ball and picked it up. A smile graced his lips, "Yatta! I've caught Rayquaza!" he held the ball high in the air and his Pokemon cheered before they all collapsed from exhaustion.

He of course had no choice but to take them to the Pacifidlog Town's Pokemon Center, where no doubt, his parents would find out. He was ever so lucky that it wasn't the case as his foster parents didn't see him enter the center, Nurse Joy flipped over the injuries given to the boy's Pokemon and ranted on about being careless and what not. It wasn't until he showed her Rayquaza that she nearly had a heart attack, this boy was most likely the first ever to capture a Legendary Pokemon.

A week of rest and his team was back at 100%, he made sure that they stayed within their Poke Balls until he made it back to the Sky Pillar.

Naruto chuckled at the memory, fighting Rayquaza made him want to travel the world more than ever now. His parents already knew of his urge due to him disappearing every so often, they knew it was a stage that every boy goes through and they would support him one hundred percent. They have already scheduled for him to meet with one Professor Birch in Little Root Town for his own Pokedex and hopefully, a starter Pokemon as well.

They knew the chances of that happening were low, after all why need a starter if you already have a Pokemon. Naruto finished his water and got his team's attention, "Well guys tomorrow's the day we begin our journey so today will be as good any-" he paused, the Pokemon leaned in wondering what their Trainer had to say, "I want you to meet my parents" he stated dramatically, Rayquaza sweat dropped while Banette had a surprised look and Altaria went star-eyed, Corsola not so much as she had already met them.

The five finished their meal(s) before Naruto returned them towards their Poke Balls and dashed back toward Pacifidlog Town.

Outside Naruto's Hut

The blonde stood nervously as Faust, Lydia, and the rest of townspeople stared in awe at the Pokemon before them. Banette floated around a group of children, making them laugh with his ghostly antics; the girls of the group began to pet Altaria's feathers and nuzzling up to them saying how fluffy and soft they were. Naruto had kept Rayquaza within his Ultra Ball and had it tied around as a necklace making sure nobody knew he had captured a Legendary Pokemon.

"Seems our son is growing up" Faust stated with a graceful smile, Lydia whipped a small tear from her eye.

"Our baby is growing up so fast" she whispered as she saw the blonde play around with the children and Pokemon.

"Well son-" Faust said getting the blonde's attention, "Since you'll soon be traveling across Hoenn you'll need a little something for your journey" he motioned for him to follow. Naruto and his Pokemon eagerly trailed behind him and into the Hut.

Their Faust gave him his very own Xtransciever, a black and red watch like communication device obviously for calling them and giving details of his journey. A book on Berries and Wild Plants, a pair of goggles, a strange blue star charm, a survival pack, and a new outfit. His Pokemon waited patiently for the their Trainer and not too soon did he walk out of his room, now wearing a short sleave black turtle neck shirt with red Poke Ball markings, knee long stripped black shorts over black pants, a pair of running shoes, black and red wrist bands and finger-less gloves. (AN: Similar to Yuki/Brendan's Emerald Outfit)

"So, how do I look?" he asked. Altaria chirped happily while Banette cupped his chin, he used Will-O-Wisp to create a comical light bulb on top of his spiky head before grabbing the pair of goggles and placing it on the blonde's forehead.

Naruto adjusted them, "Not bad, thanks Banette"

"Bane~" he replied with a Cheshire grin.

"Corsola~" the pink coral approved.

Lydia watched as her adopted son laughed alongside his team, she took a glance at photo frame near on a nearby desk. A picture of her and Faust holding a baby Naruto with an innocent look as he sucked on a pacifier.

"By the way son, where exactly did you get Banette and Altaria, I mean they don't travel this far and even so the only place to find such Pokemon would be at the Sky Pillar-"

Lydia gained a tick mark, "SO THAT'S WHERE YOU'VE BEEN GOING!" she pinched Naruto's cheek, getting repeated apologies from the blonde as he flailed his arms in distress.

'And there's the Lydia I know' Faust thought with a sweatdropped chuckle.

The Following Day - Little Root Town

Naruto had flown across the Ocean on Altaria's back and had arrived in a matter of three hours, knowing his Pokemon needed to rest up he returned her to her Luxury Ball. For the majority of his arrival he had window shopped through most of the stores and began sightseeing the city, after all it's his first time away from Pacifidlog Town and he would take advantage of it wholeheartedly.

It was almost time for him to meet the Professor so he asked the local law enforcement, "Excuse me?" he asked a turquoise hair colored woman, "Anything I can help you with?"

"Hai, can I get directions to Professor Birch's Lab?"

"Oh, thinking about becoming a Trainer are you?"

"Yup, I've got an appointment with him, hopefully I'll get both a Pokedex and a Starter Pokemon-"

"Hopefully? You already have a team?" Jenny asked as she eyed the Ultra Ball around the boy's neck.

"Yeah, but it wouldn't hurt to add a new member to it"

"You make a valid point, what you've got to do is head straight down main street and take a left up down the road, his lab is located just outside the city"

"Arigato!" he waved good bye and ran to his objective.

Professor Birch's Lab - Twenty Minutes Later

Naruto walked at his own pace up the forest path, he soon arrived at a large structure that radiated a peaceful aura. He gave a couple knock and was soon met with one of the researchers, "Hi, my name's Naruto I have an appointment with Professor Birch" he explained.

"Ah, we've been expecting you, sadly the professor has gone into the field and won't be back for a bit, you're more than welcome to stay here until he comes back"

Naruto scratches his cheek, "Maybe I'll take a look around the forest, might even find him myself" he said before trekking into the trees with his arms behind his head. The researcher shrugged and went back to work.

The blonde smiled as he watched several Beautifly, Zigzagoon, and Taillow pass by. He felt something bump into his leg and looked down. "Seedot, dot!" the small acorn Pokemon ran passed him and into a bush, before a blast of water sprayed his face.

'Okay-' he thought with a deadpanned look before hearing multiple dog barks and followed their calls. In a matter of minutes he came across an open view where a older man wearing brown shorts, sandals and a dark blue shirt under an open lab coat; who was stranded on a tree branch as a ward of Poochyena barked and scaled several inches up the tree. Not too far from him was a Treecko and Mudkip holding their own against a Mightyena, "Well might as well, Corsola let's go!" releasing his Water/Rock type.

"Hit 'em with Spike Cannon!"

"Corsola!~~~" her body glowed white, pointed her horns at the pack and fired thin spiked missiles. The Poochyana yelped under the assault, which got the attention of the Mightyena and charged at the coral Pokemon.

"Iron Defense!"

Stopping its fire, Corsola was now outlined in a white barrier and her skin now glowed dark grey. Mightyena sunk its fangs into the hardened skin and went comical wide, teary-eyed, "Now hit it at point blank with Ancient Power!" Naruto commanded.

Corsola's body glows white once more as she forms a silver spiraling energy ball and shoots it at the stammered bite Pokemon. Mightyena was sent flying back towards a tree which was knocked over upon impact, the Pokemon laid on the ground with swirl eyes to prove its defeated state. The Poochyena rushed to their pack leader who weakly got up and barked a retreat.

"Great job Corsola!" grabbing his Dive Ball and returning the cheering coral.

"You guys okay?" he asked.

Birch would have replied if he wasn't mesmerized by the boy's appearance, 'He looks... just like him' he thought, 'I mean Faust did say he and Lydia adopted a kid but... there's no way he could be 'their's'... could he... i mean how many kid's are named Naruto these days?' he thought before climbing down the tree.

"Thanks for the save, its always an accident that gets me into trouble with the Poochyena, and now they've got a Mightyena-" he trailed off.

"Are you Professor Birch?" he asked.

"Why yes, and you must be Naruto, come we'll talk more at the lab" Birch spoke, attempting to empty his thoughts.

Half an Hour Later

Birch now stood gobsmacked as he stared upon the blonde's team, for a beginner the boy already held 'three' powerful Pokemon. He had explained that Banette and Altaria had evolved from Shuppet and Swablu, their current condition proved they were well raised and battle ready. He watched as Naruto checked info on his newly acquired Pokedex.

"Banette: The Marionette Pokemon - Banette generates energy for laying strong curses by sticking pins into its own body. It is said that a dark power will release if their mouths are ever to open."

"Corsola: The Coral Pokemon - The horns on its head are known to glitter seven colors when they catch sunlight, unlike natural coral that can take years to regrow, Corsola can regrow its horns within a single night."

"Altaria: The Humming Pokemon - Altaria carries a refined set of vocal chords that allows it to sing or hum in a beautiful soprano voice that causes its listeners to experience dreamy content."

"Sugoi! I wonder what else 'Dex' can do?"

"A lot of things actually, besides tell the name, gender, and info of a Pokemon, it also provides the location of their natural habitat along with its battle moves and current level"

"Sweet, hmm... maybe I can challenge the regional gym leaders, that'll surely make us stronger" Naruto says, his Pokemon agreeing.

"Well then you should hurry up, the Ever Grande Conference is coming up towards the end of year, if you can get all eight badges than you'll be able to compete against the region's strongest Trainers" Birch explains.

"Seriously!? Do I have to sign up or something!?" Naruto asks excitedly.

"Yes actually, here follow me" the Professor leads him to a small area with a white frame and camera. He asked the blonde to stand in front and smile as he flashes the camera. He soon asks Naruto a couple questions like birth date and place, last name, etc. which surprisingly enough, 'did not know' leaving the professor more certain of the boy's true parentage. Seconds later, his photo printed itself on a card and was handed to the young Trainer, "This is your Trainer Card, it not only instates you as a legal Trainer it's also an entry pass to any Regional League Conferences, now since you've got this from me, I've enlisted you onto the rooster, getting the badges will be up to you now" Birch said, handing over the card along with at least five extra Poke Balls.

"Arigato-" Naruto bows before slipping the card into his Sharpedo emblem wallet, returning his Pokemon, and leaving with a final goodbye.

Birch walked over and hooked up his Xtransciever to the communication device, "Minato are you there? ... ... ... good, listen you will not believe who I just saw-"

Route 102

Naruto held his map and while looking at a compass that came with his survival pack, "Okay now the first gym should be in... Rustboro City" he only glanced at the map once and grimaced, it was gonna be a looooooong walk. He could always ask Altaria to fly him there, but what fun would that be, he wanted to see all of Hoenn but, then again he only had about five months until the Ever Grande Conference. He would just have to pick up the pace.

The sun was getting ready to set, he guessed it would be a good time to set up camp for the night. But before that, maybe he could add a new Pokemon to his team. So off he went, through the forest trees in search of a new companion.

Hours passed and it was finally dark, Naruto slumped in defeat he had found a Shroomish and would have caught it, if he had remembered to get more Poke Balls. "Well so much for getting a new teammate-" he said but stopped upon hearing a small cry, "What was that?" he asked himself as he ventured into the wilderness once more.

He came across a swarm of Ninjask as they repeatedly struck a hollowed hole within a tree, one let out a Screech which not only caused Naruto to hold his ear but hear a painful cry as well. "Don't know what's going on but I'm not about to stand here and let a Pokemon suffer, let's go Banette!"


"Use Night Shade!"

Banette grins as its eyes glow red and fire an ominous crimson electrical ray from its vision, effectively hitting a majority of the bug swarm, "Here they come-" Naruto pointed out as the Ninjask now turned their attention towards the duo, "Shadow Sneak, then hit 'em with Sucker Punch!" he commanded, knowing the moonlight gave brightness that shined a perfect shadow.

The Ghost-Type sunk into the silhouette and burst out giving each of them a violet colored fist to their chest, knocking many out with the combo. The Ninjask soon buzzed away knowing they couldn't win against the living marionette, "That showed them-" he said getting a chest puff and grin from Banette. He walked towards the hole and took a peak, he gasped slightly when he saw a small white Pokemon with blue bowl cut hair which split midway by two flat red horns down the center.

Taking out his Pokedex, "Ralts: The Feeling Pokemon - Ralts can sense emotions with the horns on its head, due to its timid nature, Ralts will hide if it sense hostility"

Naruto looked at the frightened Pokemon, it was badly injured, most likely by the Ninjask; he couldn't just leave it here by itself, checking its status Ralts was only level two with its only move being growl. He reached out a hand which caused it to back up further into a tree, "It's okay... I'm not gonna hurt you, we took care of those nasty Ninjask, its safe now" he reassured.

Ralts used its horns and detected a rather calm aura around the human, it slowly walked back and cautiously took his hand. Naruto carefully picked up the Pokemon and took it to his camp, "Don't worry I got just the thing for those injuries, Banette can you keep watch for the night?" he asks.

"Banette! Nette, Banette!" he saluted and sunk into the shadows.

Naruto placed the psychic Pokemon down on his roll up bed before digging through his pack, "Let see here, some medical tape and... ... ... Nanab and Sitris Berry" he mashed the two berries together and added in some Awakening Potion to the mix before slowly and carefully whipping it across Ralt's injuries. It was a special ointment that numbs the helped soothe the pain while he wrapped the Pokemon with medical tape.

"There that should do it-" he said as he placed his items back into his bag. Ralts poked its small fingers together with keeping her head down, she always thought of humans as scary and would give out many negative emotions which was something her species wasn't too fond of. Naruto felt a small tug on his shirt and looked down to see Ralts holding its arms up, like it was asking to be carried, "Do you... stay with us for the night?" he asked, the Pokemon nodded with a small smile.

"R-Ralts" she said.

"Well, alright then" he said. Not much later did the two fall asleep, Ralts clinging tightly to the human.

The Following Day

Naruto had made it to Oldale Town with little to no disturbances at all, it was surprising when the Ralts from the night before followed him all the way. Due to her injuries, Naruto had decided to carry her all the way, hopefully the Pokemon Center wouldn't be too far. Along the way, it became clear that the little Psychic Pokemon wanted to travel with him; considering that fact that she let herself get caught.

Minutes of walking down the road he came across the local Pokemon Center, "Hey Nurse Joy" he greeted.

"Good day, is there anything I can help you with?" the Pinkette asked.

"Hai, this little Ralts here got attacked by a swarm of Ninjask, I know she feels better but I don't want to risk it

"Oh dear, Ninjask are very hostile to those that invade their hive, your Ralts must have stumbled into them if they acted in such matter, were any of your other Pokemon injured?"

"Nah, nothing Banette can't handle, ain't that right?" he asked as a golden Cheshire grin materialized along with a pair of red eyes, the Ghost-Type snickered childishly.

Nurse Joy sweatdropped slightly at the Pokemon's antics, "Well, don't worry we'll have Ralts up and walking in no time" she said, gently taking the small Pokemon who held onto the blonde's shirt.

"Hey, don't worry Nurse Joy here will make you feel better, my remedies are good but not enough in a long run" he explains as he patted her head, reassuring the Pokemon as she was taken by Chansey into emergency room.

Naruto turns to Banette who gave him a questionable look, "I know how you are with people and Pokemon so try go easy on her with pranks will ya" he stated, getting a grin from the Pokemon as it crossed it's fingers behind its back. Five hours later, Ralts was returned to the blonde looking more happy than ever, Naruto smiled as the small Pokemon gave him a hug before returning her into her Heal Ball. Unlike most Trainers Naruto preferred to use more advanced Poke Balls or at least ones with special traits much like capsules he had for his other Pokemon

Corsola's Dive Ball was designed to work best on Pokemon that lived in the sea, Banette's Dusk Ball worked best at night or in dark places, Altaria's Luxury Ball was built to make Pokemon feel more comfortable thus making them more friendly, Ralt's Heal Ball would instantly heal her wounds and status upon returning, and Rayquaza's Ultra Ball was designed to work against more powerful Pokemon.

He had ordered in a Timer Ball, Nest Ball, Repeat Ball, Quick Ball, and one of Kurt's special apricorn Poke Balls, or more specifically, a Friend Ball. He had asked that they be delivered to Rustboro City's Market under his name. Now with Ralts fully healed and with the hour slowly approaching mid-day he wanted to cover as much grounds as he could, so off he went.

Next Chapter: It Came From the Stars Above

Naruto's Pokemon


Type: Ghost

Sex: Male

Nature: Naughty

Level: 48

Ability: Insomnia - Prevents Pokemon from Sleeping.

Hidden Ability: Cursed Body - Can disable a Pokemon's Move when attacked.

Move List: Night Shade, Spite, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Sneak, Curse, Faint Attack, Hex, Shadow Ball, Sucker Punch, Embargo, Snatch, Shadow Claw, Dark Pulse.


Type: Water/Rock

Sex: Female

Nature: Jolly

Level: 45

Ability: Natural Cure - Heals Status problems within its Poke Ball.

Hidden Ability: Regenerator - Restores bits of health within its Poke Ball.

Move List: Tackle, Bubble, Recover, Refresh, Bubble Beam, Ancient Power, Lucky Chant, Spike Cannon, Iron Defense, Rock Blast, Endure, Aqua Ring, Power Gem, Mirror Coat, Water Pulse.


Type: Dragon/Flying

Sex: Female

Nature: Gentle

Level: 50

Ability: Natural Cure - Heals Status problems within its Poke Ball.

Hidden Ability: Cloud Nine - Negate weather effects.

Move List: Pluck, Peck, Sing, Furry Attack, Safeguard, Mist, Round, Natural Gift, Take Down, Refresh, Dragon Dance, Dragon Breath, Cotton Guard, Dragon Pulse, Ariel Ace, Fly, Hyper Voice, Heat Wave.

Ralts (Shiny)

Type: Psychic

Sex: Female

Nature: Timid

Level: 2

Ability: Synchronize - Passes on status problem to opponent.

Hidden Ability: Telepathy - Anticipates an incoming attack and dodges it.

Move List - Growl.

Rayquaza (15th Anniversary)

Type: Dragon/Flying

Sex: Male

Nature: Brave

Level: 80

Ability: Air Lock - Negates weather effects

Move List: Twister, Crunch, Hyper Voice, Air Slash, Dragon Claw, Ancient Power, Outrage, Dragon Dance, Fly, Giga Impact, Extreme Speed, Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Hyper Beam, V- Create.

Sixth Pokemon?

Vote: Deoxys or Jirachi

Other Possible Hoenn Pokemon

- Bagon

- Absol

- Aron

- Beldum

- Anorith

- Trapinch

- Keckleon

- Lileep

- Feebas

- Snorunt

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