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Chapter 2: It came from the Stars Above

Petalburg Woods

"Alright Ralts you ready?" Naruto asked as he and his Pokemon faced off against a Surskit. The timid Pokemon gave an unsure nod as the Bug/Water Pokemon used Quick Attack to nearly ram into Ralts. Surskit continued its assault, missing the Psychic by an inch and causing her to panic and retreat back to her Trainer.

"Ralts it's coming back-" this caused her to run faster, "Use Reflect" Ralts turned around and obeyed, creating a bright multicolored barrier which caused Surskit to bounce off of. "You did it!" Naruto cheered, Ralts opened her eyes behind her blue bowl-cut hair and smiled. Surskit stood back on its legs and growled, it blurted out multiple clear bubbles from its mouth.

Colliding with the barrier caused it to disperse, "Now use Light Screen!" swapping from blue barrier to a golden multi-hexagon glass-like wall. The bubble popped upon impact, "Your doing great, now try to hit 'em with Confusion!" Ralts held her head as she attempted to preform the move ordered but found out that she 'still' couldn't. Surskit, took the chance and tackled her with a Quick Attack. The Bug/Water type saw an opportunity and fled from the duo.

Naruto sighed and walked over to Ralts as she got up, "Don't worry, you'll get it eventually... in the mean time we've got to get you an offense move, can't always depend on Light Screen and Reflect" he patted her head before taking her up on his shoulders. It had been a few days since the blonde's faithful encounter with the strangely colored Ralts, and like his current team, had attempted to help her learn new moves.

Banette had Dark Pulse and Shadow Claw, Corsola had Water Pulse and Magic Coat, Altaria had Heat Wave and Dragon Pulse, and Rayquaza had Earth Power and Aqua Tail. Naruto was lucky enough to be carrying the two Technical Machines that would at least help his Pokemon in a long run, thought the two may not have been offense, it made up for with defense.

He grabbed his Pokedex and began researching every bit of information on the Psychic Pokemon, "Known moves by tutoring... ... ... ... ... alright let's try Signal Beam!"

Eight Hours Later

Naruto carried Ralts off to a nearby river as she had tired herself out, despite her nature, Ralts showed great amount of determination. Even if she was scared, she was willing to face her fears and stand up for her comrade, a trait that had gotten the respect of her fellow Pokemon. Naruto watched as Ralts scooped up water with her tiny hands and gulped it down.


The two jumped as a Thunder bolt struck not far from their location and resulting in a small scale explosion. "Electric Type?" he thought as he brought out his Pokedex and scanned the still lingering sparks.

"Taillow: The Tiny Swallow Pokemon - Taillow have fantastic speed and aerial abilities. In addition to this, they become more aggressive if they are attacked. When migrating in search for warm climates, it may fly over 180miles per day."

"Well, that can't be right?" he said as the info showed the Pokemon to be a Flying-Type with no possible way to learn an Electric-Type move, so he tried it once more.

"Pikachu: The Mouse Pokemon - Exclusive to Pikachu is the ability to release electric discharges of varying intensity, at will, through electric sacs in its cheeks. This electric energy can be manipulated into a variety of techniques which are mostly used in battle, but which can be used to roast Berries as well."

"A Pikachu!? Aren't they only found in the Safari Zone?" he asked himself as he turned to his released Pokemon, "Ralts?" she gave a shrug.

"Meh, you're right it probably belongs to some other Trainer, c'mon Rustboro City is just a few miles off... we can practice Confusion on the way"

"Ralts!" she replied before being taken up in Naruto's arms and continuing deeper into the woods.


One Ash, May, Max, Brock, and Pikachu ran as quickly as their legs could take them, shortly after capturing the head Taillow, the followers retaliated and were now attempting to release their imprisoned leader. "You'd think they'd at least leave us alone after beating the ring leader!" May shouted as birds began to peck at the group.

Max had his eyes closed as he clutched his head in pain, continued running and not realizing that he had just separated himself from the group. "Pikachu use Thunderbolt!" Ash shouted over the sounds of his skull being pecked at.

"Pi-ka-CHU~~~~~!" the yellow mouse sparked its red cheeks and discharged a bolt of lightning at the flock of birds. The Taillow screeched in pain before falling to the ground with swirl eyes, "You should have done that from the beginning" May groaned, getting a light chuckle from the raven haired Trainer.

"Uh, guys... where's Max?" Brock asked.

Ash, Pikachu, and May look around to see that her little brother had in fact disappeared.

"MAX!" she shouted, the group following suit.

With Max

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, leave me alone!" the seven year old continued running as the now smaller flock continued pursuit. Max managed to open his eyes only to find himself running into a tree, he grunted as he found a small red liquid trailing down his head. The Taillow got ready to use their Wing Attack when, "Signal Beam, now!" the birds where sent to ground by a multi-colored ray.

Max turned to his savior, a blonde haired teen along with his Psychic Pokemon. The Taillow shook off small waves of pain and flew back into the air. Signal Beam was an Bug-Type move and Naruto knew that it wouldn't do much damage to the birds, the Taillow flew towards the duo using their Wing Attack, "Ready Ralts, use Reflect!" he ordered.

"Ralts!" putting up a crystal clear barrier in which the bird's slammed themselves into, "Alright, bring 'em down hard with Thunder Punch!" he said, Ralts readied her fist as it glows yellow and sparks lightning. "Ralts!" having all Taillow in one place, the lightning was able to chain throughout all birds, knocking them unconscious.

"Now that's what I like to see, excellent job Ralts" picking her and holding her high, Ralts herself beamed at her Trainer's words.

Max sat speechless, he had seen many National Battles on Television and had only ever seen few Trainers preform combos like that. Naruto walked up to the boy, "You okay kid? Looks like you took a hard blow to the head" he said wiping a bit of blood off his forehead.

"Y-Yeah, thanks for saving me"

"Ah, don't worry about it, now hold still for a moment-" the blonde brought up his bag and zipped out bandage roll. As he proceeded to clean Max's wounds, "So what are you doing all the way out here, and by yourself no less?"

"Oh, I'm not alone I'm with my older sister and two other friends, we got separated after the Taillow started attacking us"

"I see, well let's see what we can do about finding your sister" he said holding out his hand, in which Max took. "Ralts you've done good, how about you get some rest" he said, getting a nod from his Pokemon, Naruto clicked the button on his Heal Ball. A pale pink beam shot onto Ralts and returned her to her special Poke Ball, "Got a name?" he asked.

"Max, I'm from Petalburg City"

"Nice to meet'cha Max, I'm Naruto from Pacifidlog Town-"

"Max!" May shouted, trying to get a response from her little brother. Like all brothers and sisters, they act like they don't care for each other but, in reality they do very dearly.

"Better get the others and help out too" Ash suggested.

"C'mon out Taillow!"

"Forretress you as well!"

"Torchic you too!"

Pikachu dashed over to the three and explained the situation, Taillow got upset due to the fact that his old crew would behave in such a matter before taking to the skies in search of the green clad seven year old. Forretress and Torchic team up with their respected Trainers and join in the search.

"Max! Where are you!"


Naruto had attempted to make a call from his Xtransceiver, he had punched in Professor Birch's number and was hoping he could locate May's Pokedex from his lab; calling her in person wouldn't help since Max held the Poke'Nav. Surely enough, there wasn't a strong enough signal for the call to be made. "Great, the line won't go through-" he looked at the sky to see that the sunset, "Might as well camp out here for the night, don't worry we can continue the search tomorrow" he suggested.

Max sighed and nodded; for the next five minutes the two had gathered up wood for their campground, "Alright, c'mon out Banette!" tossing his Dusk Ball into the air and bringing out his Ghost-Type Pokemon; this got an awed look from the seven year old.

"Use Will-O-Wisp!"

"Banette!" holding up a single finger, a small blue flame formed and launched it at the pile of wood, setting it a blaze. "Now that's what I call a fire, have a Poffin Banette" reaching into his bag and tossing out a Nanab Berry Poffin. Banette unzipped his mouth and quickly swallowed it before any of his malicious energy was unleashed. Max watched as the marionette happily munched on the soft treat, "Wow, you must have some pretty strong Pokemon" he said.

"You bet they are, Banette here just so happens to be my starter Pokemon-" he explained, "Only several months and he had already gone and evolved from a Shuppet, he would have evolved sooner if I had him battle with some of the other wild Pokemon" Banette gave a deadpanned stare at his Trainer who laughed sheepishly.

"So what about you Max?"

"Me? No, I don't have any Pokemon, I wish I could, but my parents say I should wait before getting my starter"

"Well, you don't really need to be an official Trainer to have a Pokemon"

"I know but, my parents-"

"Look how are you going to learn to handle a Pokemon, if you... don't... have... a Pokemon" he pointed out, Max couldn't argue with that logic. Naruto sighed, before looking at the stars and thinking 'eh, what the hell' he got up and dusted his pants.

"C'mon its still early, let's catch you a starter"

"Eh!? Are you sure!?"

"Yeah, that way you can at least you can have someone with you if ya ever get separated again"

Max beamed as he too got up and trailed behind the blonde Trainer, leaving Banette to watch the campsite.

Over the next twenty minutes, Naruto and Max trekked around the Petalburg Woods; though not far off their campsite. They've spotted several Zigzagoon and a small pack of Poochyena, then again there was that same Surskit that beat Ralts earlier that day; Ralts returned herself to her Heal Ball quickly after she was chosen. Minutes later, "Max-" Naruto whispered while tapping his shoulder, "What is it?" they peeked through a bush to see a green lizard-like Pokemon.

It had dark yellow rings around its eyes along with dark yellow lips and frills, it also had small ridges on its shoulders and a blue zigzag stripe on its midsection; and finally a long skinny tailed curled in a helix shape. It was currently munching on an Cheri Berry.

Naruto checked his Dex, "Kecleon - The Color Swap Pokemon - Kecleon often hide by changing its color to match its surroundings in order to avoid being found. However, it cannot change the color of the red zigzag stripe about its midsection".

"Seems just about right, let's go Ralts!"


"Use Signal Beam!" Ralts held her hands up and fired a multi-colored stream on the surprised Chameleon. Kecleon was pushed back against a tree, as it got back on its feet, the chameleon staggered, as if it were...

"Alright its confused, Ralts up close and personal with Thunder Punch!"

"Ralts!" thrusting her tiny fist forward and zapping Kecleon with a high voltage strike, "Ready Max!" he said tossing over one of five empty Red and White Pokeball. Ralts backed off as Kecleon was left roasted with lightning based scorch marks as its foot twitched uncontrollably.

"R-Right-" he pressed the center button causing it to grow, "Poke Ball, GO!" Max gave it a toss which ended up bonking Ralts on the head before hitting Kecleon, the ball shot a red beam and sucked the Pokemon inside.

It shook three suspenseful times before it finally clicked, Max beamed as he ran and picked up his new and first Pokemon. Ralts tear streams running down her eyes as she held her tiny hands to her head, a comical band-aid on it. "Sorry, my aim isn't that good" he apologized as Naruto picked up the little Psychic-Type.

"Alright Max, if we've got time tomorrow I'll teach you how to battle-" he was cut off as the green clad eight-year old hugged him, repeatedly thanking him.

"Alright, alright, I get it, c'mon let's head ba-"

"AAAAAAAAHH!~~~" said boy perked up.

"That sounded like Ash, May, and Brock!"

"If I didn't know any better, Banette is probably the source of it" Naruto deadpanned, personally knowing the Pokemon's nature. He spent no time trailing behind the green clad boy as he ran back towards the camp as they witnessed several lightning bolts fire from the distance.

Near the Campsite - Few Seconds Earlier

"Max!" despite searching all day, May had refused to stop her search for her brother, Ash and Brock had done their part as well but neither were more at it than May was; the three had eventually returned their Pokemon due to their exhaustion. "Pika!" Ash turned to his Starter, "What's up Pikachu?", "Pika, Pika!" the yellow mouse pointed at the small light within the darkness of the trees.

"A fire?"

"Maybe it's Max"

"Let's check it out"

"Nette?" Banette stuck his head out of the shadows as he watched a trio of random strangers head towards his Trainer's campsite. A Cheshire grin appeared on his face along with his now glowing red eyes, giving him a more sinister look as it snickered back into the shadows.

Ash, May,Pikachu, and Brock entered to camp and where greeted by a jack in the box, or in this case, a puppet in a bush.


"AAAAAAAAHH!~~~~~" they screamed as they fell back. Pikachu took this as an ambush and let out a Thunderbolt, Banette used its Shadow Sneak to sink into the Electric-Types shadow. Pikachu looked confused before Banette rose up and flicked his forehead.

"Nette, Nette, Banette!" The Ghost-Type levitated a few feet apart from Pikachu.


"What is that?" May asked, still shakened as she grabbed her PokeDex, "Banette - The Marionette Pokemon - Banette generates energy for laying strong curses by sticking pins into its own body. It is said that a dark power will release if their mouths are ever to open."

"A Ghost-Type? What's it doing here?" Brock asked.

"Chu~~~!" Pikachu blazed his Thunderbolt, however Banette proved to have a greater advantage under the night sky. The marionette floated up into the air, whilst acting like an actual puppet to snap it non-existing bones in a frightening matter before snapping his glowing red eyes open. Pikachu freezes as he is surrounded by an ominous violet red aura, the yellow mouse begins to tremble as he felt pain course through his body.

"Pikachu!?" Ash called out, as he watched Banette charge up a dark orb of malicious energy.

"Banette that's enough!" they heard someone call out to towards the Ghost-Type, in an instant the Shadow Ball was reduced to a cloud of confetti. "Banette! Nette~~~" he laughed at the bewildered looks from the group.

"May!" the saw Max dash out of the trees and into his sister's arms, "Max!" holding her brother tightly, before her eyes caught the bandages wrapped around his head. "What happened!?" she asked, "It's a long story~" he replied sheepishly, while keeping his Poke Ball hidden behind his back.

"Not that long-" they turned to see a blonde haired, black and red clad teen enter the camp with a blue haired Ralts in his arms. Banette glided over and perched himself on his shoulder, "Hope Banette didn't cause too much trouble?" Naruto asked while eyeing the Ghost-Type who only whistled with his head turned.

"No... no trouble at all-" the group muttered while glancing at the marionette.

For the next ten minutes Max explained the situation, from the Taillow assault up until catching his first Pokemon, May repeatedly thanked Naruto for saving her brother.


"Kecleon~~!" the chameleon Pokemon replied, having its own conversation with Pikachu and Banette.

"So Ash? You thinkin' about challenging the Rustboro City Gym?"

"Yeah, once I've gotten all eight badges I'm heading for the League"

"You too huh? Well since we're both heading for the Ever Grande Conference, why don't we have an early battle-"

"A battle you say!~" Ash replied with a gleam in his eye, Brock chuckled lightly, traveling with Ash for about two years, the boy still hasn't changed since they've met. "You're on! Banette won't get lucky this time" referring to the puppet's continuous use of Shadow Sneak and Hex.

Naruto grinned at the boy's enthusiasm, "-Tomorrow morning" he responded, "Huh?" was all Ash could respond with. "Well you did take on a flock of Taillow and spent the entire day looking for Max;, now that you found 'em I think we should just call it a day" he suggested.

"He's right, and besides with a night's rest our Pokemon would be back at a hundred percent" Brock pointed out.

Ash slumped out an 'Okay' which left the group with a laugh.

Baby mine, don't you cry

Baby mine, dry your eyes

Rest your head close to my heart

Never to part, baby of mine.

Little one when you play

Pay no heed what they say

Let your eyes sparkle and shine

Never a tear, baby of mine.

If they knew all about you

They'd end up loving you too

All those same people who scold you

What they'd give just for

The chance to hold you.

From your head to your toes

Your not much, goodness knows

But your so precious to me

Sweet as can be, baby of mine

The quiet snores of a baby filled a lonely ship cabin, a woman with luscious crimson hair held the blonde haired infant close. "Good night, my little Naru-Chan" she whispered before kissing the baby's forehead.

It was then that several audible 'booms' were heard throughout the cruiser before a nearby explosion forced the woman to shield herself and her child as the spreading flames left the baby crying.

Images flashed, the mother held onto a ledge through a large hole, an older blonde haired man reaching out to her and the baby.

More images flashed, the child flailed beneath the cold and dark pressures of the ocean. Not before catching a glance of green wingless dragon, whose runes glowed bright yellow.

One last image flashed, the baby crying heavily as it flew through the stormy clouds within the dragons grasp.

Naruto's eyes snapped open, he held onto his chest as he sat up, his breathing was heavy but soon calmed. "Just a dream-" he muttered before looking up into the night sky, 'Or was it?' so many questions about his life before Pacifidlog Town were beginning to surface, mainly about his birth parents. Based on what he knows, they definitely didn't abandon him but, an event occurred that had caused their separation; only question was, what?

The blonde Trainer continued to stare at the sky, not being able to go back to sleep. It was about five minutes later when he noticed a peculiar star shine brighter than the rest, it then got brighter, and brighter. "What in the name of-" he muttered before the star shot overhead and into a lake, causing a large splash upon impact.

Ash, Brock, May, and Max grunted and turned in their sleep, all except Pikachu who's ears stood up when it heard the unnatural wind change. "Pika?" noticing the blonde get up from his bed roll and dash into the woods, Pikachu took a glance at his sleeping trainer before curiously following Naruto.

Petalburg Woods - Lake - Five Minutes Later

Naruto stopped as he darted out of the trees, he swatted away the leaves and twigs off his clothing before he heard the bushes move. "Altaria, I choose you!" he went from standing to back laying upon releasing the phoenix from her capsule, "Altaria" she exclaimed happily, Naruto chuckled sheepishly before noticing Pikachu hop out of the bushes.


"Pikachu? What are you doing here?"

"Pika, Pikachu~"

"You were curious about where I was going?"


Before he could respond the waters behind them exploded upwards, Naruto turned around and looked up alongside both Pokemon as the silhouette of a humanoid figure behind the waters as they slowly dripped down onto the lake.

Levitating high above the waters surface was definitely not human, was it a Pokemon?

It had skinny legs that came down to a point, its upper legs had a single segmented blue stripe that went down to its knees. Its entire body was orange-red in color, excluding its blue mask-like face and two of four tentacle-like arms. It also had a vertically lined abdomen, as well as trapezoid shaped ears on the side of its head, and a violet crystalline orb in the center of its chest.

Naruto brought out his Pokedex and scanned the mysterious Pokemon before him, "No Data Found!" at this the blonde gasped ever so slightly, both at what his device had said and because the Pokemon was now mere inches away from his face. It was needless to say that Naruto was a little creeped out by this unknown Pokemon.

It tilted its head ever so slightly, almost as if it was trying to read the blonde of any emotion or possible action. Naruto noticed Pikachu's cheeks charging electricity and Altaria glowing an ethereal orb from her chest, he quickly but cautiously held his hands up, prompting them not to fire a Thunderbolt or Dragon Pulse.

The orange skinned alien however sensed the hostility and surprised the three by morphing its body into a completely different form. The lines on its legs were no longer segmented and ran down most of its leg length with a single large spike on each knee and its tentacles know were now whip-like with razor tips. It's trapezoid ears were now triangular and had single spike on the top of its head; most its orange skin was now gone and revealed to have an even more black lined inner body, with several more surrounding its crystalline orb.


The Pokemon held its whip like appendages close to the orb in its chest and formed a multi-colored energy ball; closely resembling a plasma ball. "Dodge it !" Naruto shouts, not needing to be told twice Pikachu and Altaria hit the deck as the attack flew overhead. The trio turned to see the damage caused by the unknown move, it had leveled down many trees and tore open the earth beneath within its blast radius.

'That move... it wasn't Zap Cannon-' Naruto thought as he turned to see the Pokemon levitate into the air, the blonde was indeed nervous about facing this mysterious Pokemon but was also felt something else crawl up his spine, it wasn't fear... was it... excitement.

"You two ready for this?"



Naruto scanned Pikachu with his Pokedex and brought up his move list, then set the Dex to record, "Alright then, Pikachu Thunderbolt! Altaria Heat Wave!" he commanded.

"Pi-Ka-CHU!~~~" the yellow mouse zapped out a trail of lightning which was followed by winds of flames. They watched as the Pokemon morphed once more, its body now thick and bulky; it's legs now wide and flat with a bluish-green spot on its knees. Its once whip-like tentacles were now flat and broad, while its head was seemingly infused with the rest of its body, giving it a helmet-like appearance.

The attacks landed, however the Pokemon was left unfazed and without a scratch, "So, its got a defensive mode as well huh, then lets bring out the big guns. Pikachu climb aboard Altaria, when you're close enough blast it with Thunder, Altaria double the output with Dragon Pulse!" the two Pokemon gave a 'Hai' in their native tongue before taking to the skies.

The Pokemon saw them coming and its body was suddenly surrounded by a violet aura, its eyes glew the same color and stopped Altaria from proceeding. 'It know Psychic!?' he thought before the phoenix was shot back towards the ground, "Altaria! Pikachu!" Naruto rushed the two who were steadily getting up from the hard blow.

The orange skinned alien tilted its head slightly, wondering what the blonde haired Trainer was doing. It detected an unknown emotion, radiating off him... Worry? It didn't know why but, it interested it rather greatly.

"You guys okay?"


"Pikachu~" both replied, slightly dizzy from the impact.

"Let's give it another go then, different approach though-" the Pokemon above morphed back to its Attack Forme and was about to ready the same move from before when, "Altaria use Sing!" redirecting its impeccable singing voice, the invading Pokemon began to feel slightly droopy. Its eyes were starting to feel heavy, and it was now fighting to stay awake.

"Alright time for phase two, Banette c'mon out!"


"Banette use Will-O-Wisp! Pikachu hit 'em with Thunder Wave!" Banette raised its tri-pronged fingers into the air and blazed three mystical fire balls to life which he then launched at his newfound opponent, Pikachu followed suit as he sparked out a thin stream of electricity.

The Pokemon, despite its sudden drowsiness it managed to shift back into Defensive Mode and take the hits dead on. The orange alien felt a jolt of electricity pulse throughout its body, making it harder to move its body than it already was; the skin melting sensation wasn't helping much either.

"Banette plant a curse on it" Naruto ordered, Banette's eyes glow red before taking a pin from his tail and stabbed himself in the chest. The alien felt a sharp pain in its chest which quickly spread onto its arms and legs. The pain soon heightened to the point where it reverted back to its Original Forme, "Now! Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse, and Hex!" Naruto declared.

Seeing the incoming attack, the Pokemon forced its tentacles to its chest and blasted its signature attacked. The attacks collided and were quickly overpowered by the multi-colored orb, "Corsola, come on out and use Mirror Coat!" flinging his Dive Ball, out popped the living coral.

"Corsola!~" her body became coated in a white reflective color and stood in front of her friends. Once the orb struck, Corsola was struggling to hold her ground as the attack was pushing her back several inches. Pikachu, Banette, and Altaria rushed to her side and aided help push the orb back with Thunderbolt, Night Shade, and Heat Wave. Naruto noticed the orb getting larger, 'They won't be able to get away from the blast radius... unless-', "Corsola, lean back and let it pass over you!" Naruto shouted.

The living coral gulped but did as commanded, Pikachu and the others stopped their assault and pulled Corsola back for support letting the attack fly over head. "Whoa!' Naruto ducked to the side as the attack exploded onto the forest behind them, causing many of the local Pokemon to flee in fright.


"W-What was that!?" May stated, rubbing her eyes

"Don't know, but it sounded close"

"Guys, where's Pikachu?" Ash asked, the others looked around as well.

"Naruto's gone too-" Max pointed out, before several more explosions echoed throughout the forest. "Let's go!" Ash stated as he dashed into the forest, May, Brock, and Max following suit.

Naruto kneeled down besides Corsola who was badly injured by a use of Psychic; Banette, Pikachu, and Altaria weren't fairing well either. The mysterious Pokemon had yet to receive any damage; their only advantage was its Paralysis and Burn status, sadly Altaria's song wasn't able to put it to sleep. Naruto gripped the Ultra Ball around his neck, 'No choice then-', "You guys take a rest, leave the rest to 'him'" he stated.

"Pika?" Pikachu was slightly confused on who 'he' was, but the looks on the other Pokemon seemed to be more relieved.

"Rayquaza, I choose you!"

Snapping the Ultra Ball off his neck he gave it toss and opened a bright light which shot up into the sky, the beam of light took form into a colossal green, wingless dragon.

Rayquaza's runes glowed bright yellow and gave a earth trembling roar, the Pokemon before them felt intimidated by its new opponent and morphed to its forth and final forme. Its body going from orange to sleek grey and now having only a single tentacle on each side of its body, one red the other blue. The back of its head was now elongated to a point and its appendages were narrow, giving it a more agile appearance.

It soon sped downwards towards the lake, "Rayquaza use Extreme Speed!" surrounding its self in a white and clear aura, Rayquaza blurred from existence. The Pokemon was suddenly tackled into the water causing a large scale splash of water, the two exchanged blows beneath the dark waters before shooting back up towards the surface.

The alien Pokemon let out a loud static-like cry, causing Rayquaza to stop in place, "What?" Naruto muttered, Rayquaza wasn't moving, it almost looked like it was struggling to do so. Rayquaza growled at its opponent, knowing it had transfered its status problem to him; the Pokemon would have attacked then and there if it hadn't felt painful sensation within its chest, 'Banette's curse must be taking effect', "Rayquaza, now's your chance, hit it with Hyper Beam!"

The green dragon opened its jaws and formed a white/red ball of energy, taking up several smaller orbs into it before blazing out a powerful beam. The alien had only managed to morph half way into its Defense Forme upon impact; sadly it wasn't enough to shield it from Rayquaza's Hyper Beam and had half of its body obliterated. White flares sparked from its destroyed half as it slowly regenerated, Rayquaza flexed his claws; knowing that he was temporarily relieved from his Paralyzing status and with his tail, slammed the alien towards the ground, creating a dust cloud.

Naruto and the others shielded their eyes from the dust before he cautiously approached the downed Pokemon. Its eyes were closed, the damage from both Rayquaza's Hyper Beam and Banette's Curse must have taken its toll on the Pokemon. He rummaged his bag for one of the four only available Poke Balls he carried, but a certain capsule caught his eyes. It was crimson red in color with a single black dented line around the center.

"Where did I-" he smiled, "Thanks for the birthday present mom, alright then... Cherish Ball, Go!"

A multi-colored beam shot out and absorbed the Pokemon into the capsule, Rayquaza flew down and watched alongside the others as the ball shook.





Naruto bent down and picked up the Cherish Ball, "What... are you?" he asked, the others gave him a questionable look.

"Pikachu!" they heard Ash call, Naruto quickly returned Rayquaza to his Ultra Ball and reclipped it to his necklace. The group ran out of the trees to see the damage done to the area around them, "Pikachu, are you alright?" Ash asked the yellow Pokemon.

"Pika, Pi-"

"What happened?" Brock asked.

"I take it you guys didn't see the meteorite that crashed" he received a 'no' from the group, "It turned out to be a Pokemon, it seemed passive at first but then attacked us... it took all of us to bring it down" Naruto showed them the Cherish Ball.

"Whoa... wonder what kind of Pokemon was it?" Max pondered.

"I recorded it into my Pokedex... but maybe the Professor might have more information on it" showing the four the various images recorded from the fight. The attack it kept using did a good job of intimidating them.

The Next Day - Rustboro City - Pokemon Center

The five waited in the main lobby while their Pokemon were being rejuvenated, in the mean time they decided to contact Professor Oak.





"Ash, how are you doing this fine day"

"We're doing great, I'm just about to challenge the gym once our Pokemon are healed up" Naruto tapped his shoulder, "Oh yeah, hey Professor I've got someone here who wants to talk to you" Oak nodded and motioned the boy to step forward.

One he did, Oak nearly had a heart attack when he saw the blonde, 'He looks... just like 'him'"

"It's good to meet the famous Pokemon Professor my names Naruto" this caused his heart to skip a beat, "And I wanted to talk to you about an unknown Pokemon I captured just yesterday" he stated.

"Unknown Pokemon?"

"Yes, it emerged from a fallen meteorite and put up a good fight, I've recorded most of it into my PokeDex"

'An unknown Pokemon from outer space? Extraordinary-', "Can you by chance, send me the data" he asked.

"Yes, of course-" Naruto plugged in his Dex to the communication drive and transfered the recorded data.

Various images showing the Pokemon's different forms appeared on a nearby screen, he quickly began to analyze the data for anything in particular. About twenty minutes later he came back to the screen, "So sorry for the wait, but this is simply amazing, you my boy have discovered a new Pokemon" Oak stated excitedly.

"New Pokemon" Ash stated.

"Yes, Ash I've contacted my colleagues within the other regions and none have ever seen a Pokemon like this"

"Whoa-" Naruto muttered.

"You think their could be more out there?" May asked.

"Its possible, this Pokemon might have accidentally entered our planet's atmosphere and crash landed, but there is still a chance that more exist in deep areas of space" he explained.

"So... what do we call it?" Naruto asked.

"I believe that right belongs to you-" Brock pointed out, making everyone look at him, "You were the one to capture it so by all means its his right"

"You captured it! My boy you MUST record everything! Think of how much we can learn from this new Pokemon"

"Alright, alright I'll see what I can do-"

"Great! Now the only question is... what are you going to name it?"

Everyone turned to Naruto who cupped his chin, after several seconds of pondering, he had his answer, "Deoxys".

Next Chapter: Battles of Rustboro City

AN: Alright guys quick update on Naruto's Pokemon team.


Type: Ghost

Sex: Male

Nature: Naughty

Level: 50

Ability: Insomnia - Prevents Pokemon from Sleeping.

Hidden Ability: Cursed Body - Can disable a Pokemon's Move when attacked.

Move List: Night Shade, Spite, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Sneak, Curse, Faint Attack, Hex, Shadow Ball, Sucker Punch, Embargo, Snatch, Shadow Claw, Dark Pulse.


Type: Water/Rock

Sex: Female

Nature: Jolly

Level: 47

Ability: Natural Cure - Heals Status problems within its Poke Ball.

Hidden Ability: Regenerator - Restores bits of health within its Poke Ball.

Move List: Tackle, Bubble, Recover, Refresh, Bubble Beam, Ancient Power, Lucky Chant, Spike Cannon, Iron Defense, Rock Blast, Endure, Aqua Ring, Power Gem, Mirror Coat, Water Pulse, Earth Power.


Type: Dragon/Flying

Sex: Female

Nature: Gentle

Level: 52

Ability: Natural Cure - Heals Status problems within its Poke Ball.

Hidden Ability: Cloud Nine - Negate weather effects.

Move List: Pluck, Peck, Sing, Furry Attack, Safeguard, Mist, Round, Natural Gift, Take Down, Refresh, Dragon Dance, Dragon Breath, Cotton Guard, Dragon Pulse, Ariel Ace, Fly, Hyper Voice, Heat Wave.

Ralts (Shiny)

Type: Psychic

Sex: Female

Nature: Timid

Level: 8

Ability: Synchronize - Passes on status problem to opponent.

Hidden Ability: Telepathy - Anticipates an incoming attack and dodges it.

Move List - Growl, Confusion, Light Screen, Reflect, Thunder Punch, Signal Beam.

Rayquaza (15th Anniversary)

Type: Dragon/Flying

Sex: Male

Nature: Brave

Level: 80

Ability: Air Lock - Negates weather effects

Move List: Twister, Crunch, Hyper Voice, Air Slash, Dragon Claw, Ancient Power, Outrage, Dragon Dance, Fly, Giga Impact, Extreme Speed, Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Hyper Beam, V- Create.


Type: Psychic

Sex: Male

Nature: Serious

Level: 70

Ability: Pressure

Move List: Leer, Wrap. Night Shade, Teleport, Knock Off, Pursuit, Psychic, Psycho Shift, Zen Headbutt, Cosmic Power, Recover, Iron Defense, Counter, Mirror Coat, Extreme Speed, Psycho Boost.

Top Five Pokemon

- Bagon

- Absol

- Beldum

- Snorunt

- Feebas

And these are the winners, I'm surprised no one voted for Kecleon so I gave it to Max cause honestly he deserves at least one Pokemon with him after what he goes through the entire season(s). Another thing, few of you voted on other regional Pokemon so I've decided to make a list for the Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, and Unova; another will be made for the new region of X and Y once the new PokeDex is released.

So go ahead and vote six for each region, if theres a Pokemon that you want but isn't on the list, just add it to your review and I'll add it to the list for voting.



Nidoran (Male)


















































Just a reminder, if you vote for more than six on one of the lists, I'll consider it as an extra Pokemon he'll be catching within that region.

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