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Chapter 7: The Past Returns

Route 108

"Alright men, hoist her up" ordered a Ship Captain.

Following orders, one of the crew members hopped onto the controls and operated the boats crane while the others readied their hook poles. Soon a net rose from the salt waters carrying many flopping Magikarp and Remoraid, "Capt' I think we've hit the mother load" a Sailor exclaimed as he and the crew used their poles to close the net's opening as the crane reeled it in.

Before it could fully be brought out of the water, two blurs zoomed by; one white and blue, the other red and blue. The wind trailing behind them alongside the weight of all the captured fish was enough to sway the net and tear it off the crane's hook.

"Hey! What the hell!" shouted the Captain, as their catch was regretfully returned to the ocean.

"Sorry!" was all that was heard from afar.

Flying close to the water's surface was Naruto, Altaria, and Deoxys. Having won their second Gym and taking the time to relax for a few days, the blonde Trainer decided it was time to head out towards Mauville City and their third Gym Badge.

Route 119 – Weather Institute

"Castform!" a small yet large headed Pokemon that strangely resembled a plain gray cloud. Its outburst gained the attention of its Trainer and head of the Weather Institute.

"Castform? Something wrong?"

The petite cloud Pokemon hovered over to several monitors and active equipment, "Castform!~" it motioned. Bart followed and noticed a sudden change in weather within the southern oceanic area. "Whoa..."taking seat and focusing half of the equipment on the aquatic route, "Hmm, this rain can't be natural... the readings are completely off... it's gotta be a Rain Dance... even so it could only cover a small area and this takes up half the route, unless... oh my god" the meteorologist bolted from his chair and towards an nearby intercom.

"Ryan, alert Slateport City and Dewford Town, have them bring in any fishing and passenger boats out at sea"

"Wait, what's going on?"


With Naruto

Dark clouds rolled in as heavy rains dropped, 'Here I thought the day would be sunny... we've got to get out of this rain' thought Naruto, his body and clothes dripping wet aboard Altaria.

"Deoxys, fly ahead, see if you can find shelter"

The red and blue alien gave a nod in a morphed in his Speed Form before taking off at mach speed. Naruto and Altaria continued their trek across ocean, making sure to keep a minimum distance from any possible thunderclouds and growing tidal waves. It wasn't until the salt waters began to sway in different directions that gave the blonde Trainer an unnerved feeling.

Suddenly, from the depths of the now dark waters, shot a pair of blue serpentine, dragon-like Pokemon. "Whoa!" shouted Naruto as Altaria arched back and away from the water snakes. One roared and sunk its fangs onto its fellow Gyarados, the snakes crashed around on the water's surface biting onto each other's scales. A third snake shot out of the water and tackled the two back underwater.

"Altaria, let's get out of here!" shouted Naruto, he knew how dangerous Gyarados could be if enraged, and there were currently three engaged, none of which seemed to care for their surroundings. One rose from the water whilst charging an orange orb in its gaping jaws, "Hyper Beam!" Altaria shifted her wings and increased her speed while avoiding the incoming ray of destruction.

The Water/Flying Type continued to fire its strongest attack, obliterating anything in its path. Three others soon joined the fray and fired both Hyper Beam and Hydro Pump. "Duck!" ordered Naruto, the phoenix acknowledged and dove to avoid an incoming ray. Both had their backs turned to see if anymore were being fired in their general direction, time slowed down as a fifth Garayados rose before them.

With growl it charged up a Hyper Beam, 'Oh crap' thought the blonde in panic.

Before the ray could be fired, the sea serpent was struck down by an unseen plasma ball. Gyarados roared in pain as the waters exploded into the air, sending it deep into the abyss, "Thanks for the save Deoxys" spoke Naruto, grateful that the DNA Pokemon had come to their aid in time.

Deoxys gave a nod and pointed one of his tentacles over to the north, "Lead the way" motioned Naruto.

Leading away from the rampaging Gyarados, the trio found themselves in front of a shipwreck; its metal rusted, its hull breached, and several tattered openings were seen across the abandoned ship. As the three prepared to dock, Naruto caught a glimpse at the worn title.

The S.S. Cactus was its name, and it all but brought forth an unknown nostalgic feeling up the blonde's spine.

"Brr... it's amazing how cold you actually are when you're out of the storm, Altaria can you dry up my clothes with Heat Wave?" he asked.

Not certain it was an all too good idea, Altaria raised her wings and flapped a gust of small flames. Allowing himself to get hit, Naruto quickly patted away the flames, leaving his attire somewhat dry and steamy.

"It'll do, thanks Altaria, you too Deoxys" the Phoenix chirped happily, while Deoxys stared at his Trainer in bewilderment. Where humans resistant to fire?

The trio turned to the rather dark corridor leading deeper into the wrecking, "Doesn't look like the storm will let up anytime soon and I rather not tango with all those Garayados... come, let's do some exploring-" reaching into his belt he removed his Dusk Ball and brought out Banette.

The Ghost-Type only had to look once at the dark staircase for him to grin manically, "Banette, give us light with Flash!" spoke Naruto.

"Nette, Banette!" he acknowledged, raising both hands and materializing a small white orb which hovered over the four, greatly illuminating the area.

"Look at this place... looks yet doesn't seem that old does it?" asked Naruto, examining the walls, tattered paintings and fallen furniture.



"ZzzttZz~" they all agreed.

As they proceeded down into main hall, Naruto gripped his head as his surroundings seemed to revert back to its original state. The wet shredded walls and broken wooded doors flickered between fancy walls and chandelier hallway lights, "Naru-chan~" cooed a woman's voice. Naruto snapped his head to the right, there stood a beautiful red haired woman seconds before her image flashed to reveal himself staring at a broken mirror.

"Nette?" getting his attention, "Y-Yeah, I just... thought I saw..." he replied as he placed a hand on the snapped glass.

Arriving into the main hall, the four rested near the stairs, gazing onto what was left of the cruiser. Naruto furrowed his eyebrows in deep thought, the woman he had seen earlier was no doubt his mother, he had also seen blurred images of his father and other unknown assailants.



Naruto sighed, "I don't know guys... it's this strange feeling I've got, it's almost like I've been here before" he got up from his seat and stepped onto the glass shattered floors.

"Ever since we passed that hallway, I've started seeing things... things that aren't there... my head aches every time I think about it, do you think it's possible... that I'm just trying to remember something?"

Banette and Altaria gave their Trainer an unsure response while Deoxys grew curious of these visions his Trainer was experiencing. Levitating over to Naruto, he morphed his tentacles into arms and motioned the blonde to take it, the three were confused by the action but was slowly taken.

Eyes glowed bright violet as glass, wood, and metal rose from the ground and sunken floors; attaching themselves to their original place and giving the once tattered ship and regal look. Little by little the hall filled with near solid images of both people and Pokemon.

Naruto and his team couldn't help but feel awed by what Deoxys had brought forth.


Slowly turning his head, he froze upon seeing two individuals who stood out amongst the rest, his parents. Holding a small bundle in her arms, Kushina cooed at the blonde's younger self, using a handkerchief to wipe the drool off the infant's mouth.

"Congratulations you two" stated one Samuel Oak.

"Aww~ So cute~" giggled Aurea Juniper.

"What's his name?" asked Birch.

"Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" Minato proudly replied.

Naruto stood in silence, "Namikaze... my surname..." he muttered before flinching as a black suited man with a black beard and rough short hair phased through him. Naruto watched as he passed along a small hand held device to another, this one wearing a black and blue suit with a bandana wrapped around his arm, what caught the blonde's eye was the arrow shaped 'A' emblem imbedded on it.

"Minato, glad you could make it"

"Mr. Stone-"

"Ms. Namikaze, if you don't mind me borrowing your husband for a moment, our colleagues would like discuss the meteorite he discovered"

"By all means, I've got little Naruto here to keep me occupied, isn't that right~" her caring smile and motherly tone earned her a bubbly laugh from her child.

"This is amazing... Deoxys-" the red and blue alien glanced at his Trainer, "Thank you" his almost always hardened expression, softened.

"Hey, watch it!"

The four turned their attention over a pair of individuals, both dressed formally however only one carried an ocean blue bandana similar to the black-suited man. He bent over to quickly grasp and hide an object within his jacket, this made the blonde's eyes widen, 'That was a detonator!' he thought.

Time sped up as everyone began to move at a rapid pace, "Is Naru-Chan sleepy? Okay, let's put you to bed" spoke Kushina, "If Minato asks, let him now I went back to our room" with a nod from the Professors, she carried her child back to their cabin.

As everyone continued to speed up, Naruto came to realize that everything he and his team were witnessing was based off his memory as an infant. The rapidly progressing sequence became obvious that his younger self wasn't awake to experience it, the memory became blurry almost diminishing, until the first explosion hit.

The memory cleared to show Trainers and their Pokemon doing battle with many individuals of white and blue, "Manatric use Thunder Wave!" Naruto watched his father as his four-legged companion chain-linked several Mightyena, Golbat, and Crawdaunt in a paralyzing bolt of lightning.

"Exeggutor, Hypnosis!"

"Serperior, round them up with Leaf Tornado!"

Naruto watched as his father looked around desperately for something, or rather someone, "Minato, they're after the meteorite" shouted Stone, motioning towards the glass encased space rock. The black-suited man stood before it with his rather large Crawdaunt as he ordered it to smash the glass.

"Manatric, Charge up-" ordered Minato, Manatric growled and quickly began to gather mass amounts of electrical energy, "-Aim at the meteorite and use Charge Beam!" giving a roar, sparks began to emit off the yellow wolfs body, he opened his jaws and fired a concentrated ray of lightning. As the man prepared to grasp the stone he quickly noticed the incoming attack and jumped away, allowing the blow to obliterate the rock into nothingness.

"You... god damned bastard!" gritting his teeth in anger at losing the objective, "Matt, Amber, the objective's lost, call a full retreat, we're sending this boat into the abyss" speaking into an earpiece.

Without warning, the grunts returned their Pokemon and quickly ran as their leader brought out a detonator, "Sayonara" he said as he pressed the side trigger, not seconds later were explosives heard and felt. Wood was shredded as metal was blasted, water began to fill the hall at an alarming rate. The guests returned their Pokemon and made a dash for the life boats.

"Oak! Kushina, where is she!?"

"She went back to the room, hurry! Don't know how much longer the ship's going to last!"

"Manatric, let's go!" the two bolted up the stairs and towards the first class cabins, Naruto raced after his father with his team following suit. A nearby explosion was heard and the cruiser began to rock as flames began to spread, smoke started to escape into the hallway making it slightly difficult to see.

Suddenly, a baby's cry was heard from a nearby room, "Kushina!" the elder blonde shouted.

"Minato! In here!"

"Manatric, use Wild Charge!" he ordered.

Shrouding himself in a lightning based armor, Manatric plowed through the door and into the room. Naruto watched helplessly as the cabin began to detach itself due to its weakened state, his mother and father dashed for each other as the room fell to the ocean depths. Holding onto the edge, "Minato, take Naruto... I can't hold him much longer!" the elder blonde reached out, desperate to save their child, Manatric held onto his master's shirt, in aid as he reached further... sadly, it was all in vain.


The memory sequence ended as both heartbroken parents disappeared along with the growing flames, leaving only the opening view to the now calming storm. Naruto dropped to his knees as tears flowed freely down his cheeks, after eight long years, he finally knew how his separation came to be.

He felt his arm move as Altaria snuggled underneath it, Banette placed a hand on his shoulder, "Nette, nette, Banette" he said in comfort. Deoxys, not knowing how to help in such situations, followed Banette's lead and placed a hand on his other shoulder. Not seconds later did Corsola and Kirlia pop out of their Poke Balls, sensing his sorrow, the two nuzzled against the blonde; hoping to do what they could to comfort him.

Naruto wiped his still falling tears, "T-Thanks guys" his voice raspy from his water drops.

Four Hours Later

Naruto opened his eyes and gave a yawn, having grown physically tired from his grieve, he and his Pokemon had rested on one of the less moistened beds. He smiled as his team with the exception of Deoxys, snuggled closely to him, freeing his hand from Altaria's feathers he gently shook his team awake before leading them back towards deck.

The rain had nearly stopped pouring, dribbling few drops across the sea. The calm waters and light breeze gave hint that the Garayados have subsided their rage for the time being.

Glancing up at the gray skies, 'Mom, Dad... wherever you are, I know we'll meet again someday, and I can only hope you'll be there to see me compete in the nationals' he thought with a smile.

"Come on guys, to Slateport City!"

His team cheered.


"Sir, permission to speak?" an Aqua Grunt asked.

"Granted" a familiar black-suited man responded, now wearing his bandana overhead and an Aqua emblem necklace.

"We've yet to find any trace of the meteorite's cosmic energy, however our radar picked up something rather interesting"

"Interesting you say? How so?"

"We've detected an ominous wavelength near the Dewford Islands, the readings are immense, sir I believe we've found one of the Keystones"

This made their leader's eyes widen in surprise, "Let see the sheets" the grunt handed over the printed reports, watching alongside the Admins as their leader quickly skimmed through the papers.

"No doubt Team Magma would've caught on as well, Amber, Shelly, Matt, the three of you will take a team and secure the Keystone, it mustn't fall into their hands do whatever you must to retrieve it, failure is not an option, do I make myself clear"

"Yes, Commander Archie!"

"As for you-" he glanced at the Grunt, "Ready a boat, there's something in Slateport I must see for myself"

Slateport City – Three Days Later

"A little higher... a bit more... perfect!" declared one of three Contest Judges, having watched Banette and Altaria lift and attach flower bouquets around the pillars and higher walls of the Stadium.

"Looking good you guys-" the Judge turned to see Naruto and Corsola as they came in carrying beautifully crafted vases blooming with exotic flowers, "These are the last of them, where would do you want 'em?" he asked.

"By the steps, if you please"

Naruto nodded and placed both vases besides the five step stairs that led up towards stage, "Thank you so much for the help, we weren't expecting to get a third shipment and with everyone so busy with the first two, we didn't think we could get this all done on time" exclaimed the Judge.

"It's nothing, could always use the extra Zenny"

The man gave a chuckle, "Yes, well, thanks anyway, you can pick up your earnings in the main lobby" he explained. Giving a nod, Naruto motioned his team to follow before leaving the building with an envelope containing forty-five hundred Zenny.

"Come on guys, lunch is on me" he said, earning a cheer from his team.

The Contests were only a few days away and Naruto was looking forward to watching May compete for the first time. He was also looking forward to browsing the marketplace, with their fresh foods and ripe Berries made it the ideal place to resupply. There was also several merchants selling Trainer equipment like Poke Balls, Vitamin Drinks, and TM's; specialized movesets that could be taught to specific Pokemon.

Half an hour later, Naruto and most of his team found themselves enjoying a bit of the local sea food, along with some freshly squeezed Lemonade and Kalos imported Puffs. "Hmm? Where's everybody going?" he spoke, spotting many civilians rush towards the beach.

"Oh, haven't you heard? Every Tuesdays and Thursdays the town square and beach areas are cleared out for public Pokemon Battles" a Waitress replied.

"You don't say..." spoke Naruto, glancing at his Pokemon who in return gave a determined look, "Sounds like fun".

Slateport Town Square- Momentarily

"Girafarig, use Psybeam!"

"Linoone, dodge and use Mud Slap!"

"Marill, hit him hard with Rollout!"

"Loudred, stop her with Supersonic!"

Naruto watched left and right as pairs competed in both Single and Double Battles, "Wow, this is almost like those Battle Spots in the Pokemon Leagues" he muttered.

"Kirlia~" she mused from her Trainer's shoulder.

"Oi, you with the Kirlia!" Naruto snapped his attention to the source, a dark haired teen with red twin fanged markings on his cheeks wearing a gray hooded sweater, jeans, and shoes. Sitting next to him was a young Growlithe, an orange pup with tiger stripped markings around its body, "Haven't seen you before, you a tourist? Or a Trainer?" he asked.

Naruto grinned, "Yeah, I'm a Trainer" he responded

The teen gave a chuckle, "Well that's good-" he brought out a Poke Ball, "What'd'ya say, ya up for a battle?" he asked.

"Heh, I'm always up for a challenge" his response caught the attention of nearby Trainers and viewers and made room for the two.

"Name's Kiba by the way-"

"Naruto-" he responded.

"Good to know, now, Akamaru, show 'em what you're made of!" his Growlithe gave a bark in response and dashed onto the battlefield.

Naruto gave Kirlia a glance, "Think you can handle it?" he asked. With slight hesitation, she gave a nod, hopped down, and took the stage.

~~~ [Play Pokemon Colosseum OST - VS Battle 1] ~~~

"Akamaru, start off with Take Down!" with a bark, the Growlithe took a running start, the Growlithe picked up speed and prepared a full-body tackle.

"Kirlia, use Reflect!"

Raising arms, Kirlia formed a multicolored barrier which the orange pup had sadly crashed against, "Follow up with Thunder Punch!" he ordered.

"Oh crap, dodge and use Flamethrower!"

Akamaru regained his barring enough to notice the incoming fistful of lightning, taking his master's words into consideration, he jumped back and out of range before spewing a stream of flames.

"Double Team, quick!"

Splitting image, Kirlia created multiple illusions of herself; navigating through each clone undetected, she successfully evaded the incoming flames.

"Hiding are we, Akamaru sniff her out with Odor Sleuth!"

With his nose glowing green, the young Growlithe took a whiff at both the air and ground before giving a low growl, "Take her out with Flame Burst!" ordered Kiba.

Akamaru took a deep breath and spewed an average sized fireball, which suddenly combusted in midflight, sending multiple blazing orbs hurling past the illusions and towards the ballerina. "Light Screen now!" Taking arms up once more, the Psychic-Fairy Type materialized glowing yellow, hexagon styled barrier.

As the petite ballerina blocked explosive flames, Kiba took the chance to strike, "Akamaru pick up speed with Agility, then hit her hard with Flame Wheel!" he declared

"Arf!~" dashing circles around the Emotion Pokemon, the Growlithe quickly reached high-speeds, leapt into the air, and set himself ablaze while spinning in a wheel-like fashion.

"Kirlia, counter with Fire Punch!" Naruto exclaimed.

Fisting her palm, the blue-haired ballerina engulfed her clenched hand on fire; this got awed reactions from the audience as a non-Fighting Type Pokemon is almost never seen using such moves. With quick reaction, Kirlia nailed Akamaru's less blazing side, forcing him off course and spiraling across the ground.

"Akamaru! Are you okay?"

The pup shook his head and gave a bark in acknowledgment, "Atta' boy, now use Howl!" he ordered.

The Growlithe pup took a deep breath before giving a howl to the skies above, effectively increasing its attack power. Kirlia gulped and took a few steps back as the tiger-striped pup gave an intimidating growl, "Kirlia-" she heard her Trainer speak, "You don't have to be scared, you're much stronger now and I know you can win this" he spoke.

Kirlia stared at her blonde master, his confidence in her sparked her determination and led her back into position.


"That's the spirit!"

"Eyes in front-" shouted Kiba, "Akamaru use Flame Wheel" the Growlithe dashed forward, cloaking himself in flames as he begun to roll rapidly towards his opponent.

"Kirlia, stop him with Confusion!" Naruto declared.

"Kirlia!~" with eyes glowing blue and her body giving off a feint yet similar colored aura, she focused her aim at the pup's less flame coated sides and struck with a telekinetic force. This caused a counterbalance and forced Akamaru to force cancel his attack and stumble onto the grounds below, "Switching to offense, ya ready?" asked Naruto.

Receiving a nod from his blue-haired companion, the two started their assault, "Kirlia use Double Team!" splitting image, the Psychic-Fairy Type created more illusionary clones.

"Ain't fooling us with that cheap trick, come on Akamaru use Odor Sleuth!"

The Growlithe gave a bark and proceeded to sniff out the Emotion Pokemon, "Kirlia use Mystical Leaf!" Naruto retaliated.

"Are you an idiot, everyone knows that Fire beats Grass-" Kiba exclaimed.

Naruto all but grinned throughout the process, all illusions raised their palms high, momentarily allowing them to glow a forest green hue before flinging forward a swarm of Magical Leaf shuriken.

"Akamaru, burn 'em all with Flamethrower!"

As the Growlithe opened its jaws, the leaves struck, leaving an explosive result upon impact, "What!?" Kiba shouted in utter confusion.

It was quite simple to someone who was paying close attention, Mythical Leaf was the outcome of lacing Magical Leaf with a concentrated telekinetic force, preferably with Confusion or Psychic.

"Once more Kirlia, use Mystical Leaf!"

"Dodge it Akamaru!"

Try as he might, the Growlithe pup had extreme difficulty dodging the explosive leaves; on account of not being able to distinguish the real projectiles from the fakes. "Damn, come on boy, take 'em all out with Flamethrower!" Kiba ordered, Akamaru continued dodging and quickly spewed a stream of flames towards his surroundings.

"Kirlia jump back!" doing as told, the ballerina managed to escape the torch range of the growing fire.

"I see 'em, Akamaru use Flamethrower, one more time!"

"Ain't happening! Kirlia reel him in with Confusion!"

As fire built up within the pup's jaws he suddenly found himself pulled in by an unseen force, once he was dragged out of the wall of smoke, he came face to face with Kirlia who currently had a lightning coated fist revved up, "Thunder Punch!" Naruto's voice echoed throughout the square.

~~~[End Battle Theme Sequence]~~~

Akamaru was nailed in the face and slammed onto the ground, unleashing a several bolts of lightning upon impact. The audience remained silent before bursting out in cheers, "Aw man... and we were on a winning streak" groaned Kiba.

"High-five Kirlia, I knew you could do it!"

Unbeknownst to the celebrating duo, a pair of eyes locked upon them with interest, out of all the Trainers currently battling none seemed to possess the same level of tactical knowledge as the black/red clad blonde. "Interesting..." he spoke, before retreating into the crowd of people.

Slateport Beach - Four Hours Later

An enormous audience cheered as they witnessed the final battle of the day, Naruto and Banette took stage against a random Trainer and his Rhydon.

"Banette, use Shadow Ball!"

"Rhydon, Metal Burst!"

"Night Shade!"

"Rock Blast!"

Naruto grinned as the attacks collided, creating a dense smoke screen, "Banette, use Will-O-Wisp!" the marionette gave a childish laugh as he whipped multiple ghostly blue fireballs at the Drill Pokemon.

"Rhydon, use Dig!"

Its drill-like horn spun rapidly before jamming it into the ground below, using its arms to burrow more rapidly, the fireballs safely slew overhead and doused themselves with the warm sands. "Banette drag him out with Shadow Claw!" Naruto ordered, with arms glowing dark violet Banette giggled maniacally before plunging them into the ground.

Everyone neared as Banette wiggled his sand sunk arms, minutes later he stopped with a jaw splitting grin, "Banette!~" he shouted as the Rhydon was blasted from its underground tunnels and taken high into the air by the marionette's extended shadowy limbs.

"Rhydon!" the Trainer shouted in despair.

"Banette, finish him with Shadow Ball!"

Banette allowed his extended limbs to wrap around the Rock-Type before slamming him back down, his dark appendages dispersed allowing the ghost to rev up the orb of destruction. "Banette!~" firing his Shadow Ball at breakneck speeds, the end result was a sand rising explosion leaving a knocked out Rhydon in its wake.

"Yosh!" Naruto shouted as he high-fived his teammate, the crowds cheered for both parties as they headed for the beach shack.

"You're good, did' ya know that?"


The brunette grinned and offered a bottle of Soda Pop to the blonde Trainer and marionette, "After leaving Akamaru to rest at the Pokemon Center, I got a chance to see some of your battles... so I'll say it again, you're good" he exclaimed.

"If I wanna make it to the Pokemon League then I'm gonna have to continue to better myself and my team"

"Pokemon League? So you've already got Badges?"

"Yup, gonna make it three once we get to Mauville... which reminds me, how will it take to get there?"

"On foot... about two or three days, why?"

"A friend of mine is competing for the first time, I want to be there when she does-" he gives a sigh, "Looks like the Badge will have to wait".

"Looks that way"

Half an hour later, Naruto and Kiba find themselves returning to the Pokemon Center, Banette lazily slung himself over his Trainer's shoulders in exhaustion. Naruto handed four of his six Poke Balls over to Nurse Joy while Kiba reclaimed Akamaru, "Alright, I've gotta head back home, see ya tomorrow" he said.

"Later then-"

Heading into his room, he carefully placed his pack on the bed alongside his two remaining Poke Balls, "I'm amazed you didn't come out exhausted like the others, you're really something else aren't you Deoxys" he complemented.

The Cherish Ball shook momentarily as the center button glowed white in response, "Maybe someday we'll get to battle without worry, won't we Rayquaza?" the Ultra Ball gave a similar reply.

"Well let's rest up, we've got some Training and hopefully more battling to do tomorrow" said Naruto, placing both capsules on the nightstand, he took the Egg from his pack and used the covers to keep it warm. Just as he laid himself to rest, he felt a light tap on the Egg's shell, this pasted a wide grin on the blonde's lips, 'It's first kick, that closes the second cycle?' he thought with a grin.

Normally it should have taken longer for an Egg to hatch, the blonde could only deduce that the Egg had been laid some time ago and had been kept under maintenance by either its birth parents or the colony itself. He placed all thoughts aside and allowed his own exhaustion to send him to sleep.

Route 110 – The Following Day

"Come on you guys, keep it up! Use Secret Power!"




Banette, Kirlia, and Deoxys gave a pink aura before extending their right arms, each glowed forest green and grew multiple thorns. Technical Machine Number Forty-Three, aka Secret Power was a damage dealing move that had a chance to deal a secondary status effect that varied on the environmental terrain, for the three Pokemon, Secret Power had taken the form of a Poisonous Needle Arm.

"Corsola, Rock Blast once more!"

"Corsola, Cor!~" she cheerfully replied before materializing an average size boulder and firing it at her Teammates.

One by one, the three took turns obliterating the incoming rocks, taking time to get accustomed to their newly learned technique. Naruto continued to supervise his Team's progress when he felt a strange chill crawl up his spine, like someone... or something, was watching him.



Watching as both marionette and alien alert their Trainer in the form of a pointed finger, Naruto turned to meet eyes with a quadruped, white furred Pokemon. It had a ruff around its neck and chest and a tuft on the top of its head adorned with a single dark blue oval. It also had a rather feline face with almond shaped red eyes, a scythe-like tail, and a sickle-like horn on the side of its head. Its broad feet stood equipped with three claws each, with spikes protrude from the heels of its hind legs and elbows of its front legs.

It stood above a large rock, carefully observing the Trainer as he brought out his PokeDex.

"Absol – The Disaster Pokemon: Absol are known to live in mountains far from civilization and rarely ventures down from its alpine home. Using its horn, an Absol is able to sense even subtle changes in the sky and the land to predict when a natural disaster will occur and will try to warn people when one is approaching."

"Absol-" he muttered, the dark faced wolf continued to observe him before it caught sight of an incoming stream of glowing yellow shuriken. "Hey!? What!?" Naruto exclaimed in surprise as the Absol quickly dodged the incoming sea of Swift stars, "Skarmory, use Steel Wing!" he heard as a razor-winged, armored bird sped by with its appendages glowing white.

"Duck!" shouted Naruto, prompting his Team to drop down, the white furred wolf growled at the newcomers, it ducked under the armored bird and gave a hard slash at its open underbelly, before bolting back into the forest.

"Don't let it get away!" the Skarmory gave an ear piercing shriek and zoomed after the white wolf.

Naruto stood bewildered at what happened, attacking a Pokemon that showed no signs of hostility and with moves that would've harmed his Party as well. A good Trainer would've confronted a Wild Pokemon out in the open and wouldn't have endangered another Trainer and their Pokemon upon doing so. He came to realize that the Absol was currently being hunted by either a poacher or a careless Trainer.

"Is everyone alright?" asking to see if anyone was harmed during the Swift waves.





"Good, now let's save a Pokemon… Altaria come on out!" raising his Luxury Ball, out popped his cloud feathered phoenix; who nearly tackled him if he hadn't stopped her then and there.

"Altaria, you and Deoxys are the fastest, find that Skarmory and its Trainer, distract them long enough for the Absol to escape, now let's move!"

Morphing into its Speed Form, Deoxys zoomed through the forest trees with Altaria following close behind.

"Skarmory, use Air Cutter!" with a squawk, the metallic bird flapped several visible blue arcs of wind, each managing to leave deep slash marks with each passing tree. Utilizing the bark of the trees to boost its speed, Absol was able to outmaneuver the incoming gusts, "Houndour, use Ember!" feeling a scorching pain on its left hind leg, the fire pellets began to combust eventually leading to trip face first into the dirt.

"Corner it you two-" the voice belonging to a raven haired teen, whose bangs nearly reached his chin and back hair closely resembling a Ducklett's tail; he currently wore a dark themed attire. The boy brought out a Great Ball as the Absol limped back up, "Houndour, Fire Fang! Skarmory, Steel Wing!" he ordered.

With blazing fangs and glowing wings, the two rushed forward with the intent of incapacitating their target. The Absol hastily performed Detect and would have attempted to dodge had a red and blue blur hadn't collided with the armored bird.

"What!?" even the dark furred hound stopped in surprise before being tackled by an Altaria.

The Absol who was confused by the sudden skirmish, took the opportunity to flee the area, "Damn it! It's getting away, hurry up you two!" shouted the teen.

Slightly dazed from their assault, the two would have continued the chase had Altaria not used Heat Wave to cut their path.

"Skarmory, Air Cutter! Houndour, Ember!"

Deoxys sped before his teammate, morphed into his Defense Form, taking to blows in her place. He shifted into his Attack Form and blew the two away with an Icy Wind, the teen braced himself as the winds froze the surrounding trees and leaving snow on his attire.

"What.. Is that?" he muttered, bewildered at the sight of an unknown Pokemon.

"Good job you two-" came the voice of their Trainer, "The Absol should be at a fair distance by now" spoke Naruto as he came into view.

"You? Do you have any idea what you've done-" the teen retorted in anger, "Two years… two years I've been after that Absol, had your Pokemon not interfered I would've finally caught it!"

"Then maybe you shouldn't have shot at us, I get that you want such a rare Pokemon at your disposal, but the way you recklessly pursued it, you wouldn't have just harmed my team but other Wild Pokemon"

"Not my problem-"

"It should be" the two turned to the newcomer, whose appearance made Naruto gape in surprise, "Y-You're..." he stuttered.

"Uchiha Itachi, at your service" the newcomer introduced, much like the young teen he two possessed raven black hair with long bangs and a pony tail, he had a black themed attire with ash like patterns trailing down his pants.

Naruto could only nod at his response, "Sasuke-" he addressed the teen, "Go home, you've done enough" hearing the disappointment in his tone, Sasuke returned his team and headed back with a growl.

"I apologize for my brother's actions-"


"Yes... he's hot headed and impatient, he harshly trains his team and always expects quick improvement, much like our father... as his brother its my job to support him... however, I do believe that Absol is better off in the wild than it would be with him"

As harsh as it would sound coming from an elder sibling, any Pokemon who was or would be mistreated weren't deserved to be kept and would most certainly be more fitting for them to be stay in the wild.

"So... what's one of the Kalos Elite Four doing here in Hoenn?" asked Naruto, with Altaria and Deoxys standing beside him in curiosity.

"Hehe, I didn't think anyone would notice... well, aside from visiting my family, there's an certain issue involving two criminal syndicates that's gotten our attention"

This got Naruto's attention, "Two? Does one carry black and blue uniforms?" he asked, Itachi gave the blonde a surprised look, "You're familiar with Team Aqua?" he asked.

"I've had an encounter several years ago but, that's about it"

"I see... well, if you see anything that links to Team Aqua or Magma, give us a call" he said before handing a note with his contact number.

"Yes sir!"

Just as they started to part ways, "Oh and by the way... I caught a few of your matches the other day, if you're free for later, we can have a battle of our own" he said, before continuing back towards Slateport.

Naruto stood frozen in astonishment, Elite Four are known throughout as the strongest Trainers in the world, to be challenged by one was considered an honor amongst many Trainers.

"SIR YES SIR!" he saluted.

Unbeknownst to the Trainer and his Pokemon, the Absol was curiously observing the trio with much interest.

Next Chapter: Waterworks

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And there you have it, if your wondering why I added Mawile, its simply because its a good Pokemon that's somewhat underestimated and now that it's a Fairy-Steel Type its overall stats and moveset are better than they were in Gen 3. Now just a quick update on the team's current levels.


Type: Ghost

Sex: Male

Nature: Naughty

Level: 60

Ability: Insomnia – Prevents Pokemon from Sleeping.

Hidden Ability: Cursed Body – Can disable a Pokemon's Move when attacked.

Move List: Night Shade, Spite, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Sneak, Curse, Faint Attack, Hex, Shadow Ball, Sucker Punch, Embargo, Snatch, Shadow Barrage, Dark Pulse, Grudge, Flash, Secret Power.


Type: Water/Rock

Sex: Female

Nature: Jolly

Level: 52

Ability: Natural Cure – Heals Status problems within its Poke Ball.

Hidden Ability: Regenerator – Restores bits of health within its Poke Ball.

Move List: Tackle, Bubble, Recover, Refresh, Bubble Beam, Ancient Power, Lucky Chant, Spike Cannon, Iron Defense, Iron Charge, Rock Blast, Endure, Aqua Ring, Power Gem, Mirror Coat, Water Pulse, Earth Power, Flail, Secret Power.


Type: Dragon/Flying

Sex: Female

Nature: Gentle

Level: 57

Ability: Natural Cure – Heals Status problems within its Poke Ball.

Hidden Ability: Cloud Nine – Negate weather effects.

Move List: Pluck, Peck, Sing, Fury Attack, Safeguard, Mist, Round, Natural Gift, Take Down, Refresh, Dragon Dance, Dragon Breath, Cotton Guard, Dragon Pulse, Ariel Ace, Fly, Hyper Voice, Heat Wave, Parish Song.

Kirlia (Shiny)

Type: Fairy/Psychic

Sex: Female

Nature: Timid

Level: 24

Ability: Synchronize – Passes on Status problem to opponent.

Hidden Ability: Telepathy – Anticipates an incoming attack and dodges it.

Move List: Growl, Confusion, Light Scree, Reflect, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Signal Beam, Teleport, Double Team, Lucky Chant, Magical Leaf, Mystical Leaf, Secret Power.

Rayquaza (15th Anniversary)

Type: Dragon/Flying

Sex: Male

Nature: Brave

Level: 80

Ability: Air Lock – Negates weather effects

Move List: Twister, Crunch, Hyper Voice, Air Slash, Dragon Claw, Ancient Power, Outrage, Dragon Dance, Fly, Giga Impact, Extreme Speed, Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Hyper Beam, V-Create.


Type: Psychic

Sex: Male

Nature: Serious

Level: 70

Ability: Pressure – Causes Pokemon to waste more energy with each attack.

Move List: Leer, Wrap, Night Shade, Teleport, Knock Off, Pursuit, Ice Punch, Icy Wind, Psychic, Psycho Shift, Zen Headbutt, Cosmic Power, Recover, Iron Defense, Counter, Mirror Coat, Secret Power, Extreme Speed, Psycho Boost.

Now to answer a few questions for this chapter, one, there is almosmono thing known about Deoxys and as a Psychic Pokemon he should be able to see into the past or future. Two, yes Itachi is replacing Malva as the Fire Master Elite Four, she'll still be in this story only as a full fledged member of Team Flare. Three will Naruto battle Sasuke, the answer is yes, shortly before or after his match with Itachi. Four, will the same Absol join Naruto's party? The answer is yes, though at a later time.

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