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Chapter One: The Awakening.

"Urrgh…what hit me?", Clint Barton groan from the ground. Head pounding to rival the worse a hangover could produce, he slowly opened his eyes.



"Not youthful… urrgh, can't believe I said that…"

"Urrgh… the good Father really got a good one this time…."

"Uurgh…Is this what is called a hangover? Why would anyone go through this? My head…"

Multiple voice answers around him.

Still trying to get his bearing, Clint smirked a bit, even as he frowned inside. He does not know any of the voice! He counted three female voices, young, and four males various groan, arrayed around him. The air smelled clean, but with a hint of used, underground or 'close space' air. The temperature was slightly chilled, around 64F. He was lying on something soft, like a very thin mattress against the hard surface beneath. Felt like a futon.

Finally his sight cleared, and the first thing he noticed is the complicated circular design that span across the entire circular ceiling. Looks like a runic magical array, something like the Rainbow Bridge's signature, overlaid with geometrical symbols which remind him of the alchemic circle shown in the anime 'Fullmetal Alchemist'.

He was in a circular room, estimated ten feet of diameter. The ceiling, walls, and he notice, the floor was made in what appear to be the same white marble stone. The walls were decorated with floral design. There were no openings anywhere he can discern. The room was alight almost day-bright, with no particular source he can see. There was no shadow casted anywhere. And he was right, he was lying down on a futon. There was a glass filled with 'water' at the right side of the futon, at head level.

Situational awareness corrected, he then turned his attention to the others who shares his…room. There were eight people, as he noticed before. All appeared to be his age or younger… as young as mid-late teens.

Starting from his right, he got one male, late twenty-ish, tall-ish, aristocratic look, black hair, and wearing fine yet old fashioned clothes. 'Something from Napoleon era? Whatever…' . He was also looking around, eyes sharp and face impassively calm and closed off. No hints of the hangover pain Clint was everyone in the room felt. He held himself at the ready, yet made no other move except to look curiously around. 'Dangerous,'. Clint made a note to himself.

After him was…'an Elf?' There were no mistaking that pointed ear and the straight elegant blond hair which shows no hint of 'bed-hair'. Clint waste a moment staring at the elf. He had come face to face with beings claim to be god and honest-to-god aliens, yet facing an Elf, of the Lord of the Rings kind, is…a novelty. The Elf was cupping his face pitifully, making painful sounds. 'Huh, he really doesn't take hangover headache well…'. From the corner of his eyes he noticed his next bed stranger staring at the elf as well.

After the Elf, there was a young girl of around 17-ish with a shocking curly red hair. The hair brought to mind his partner, the elusive Black Widow. But there's nothing subtle or hidden about this girl. She was wearing a green old fashioned homemade gown, fine enough for minor nobility back in the dark ages, and she was currently curling pitifully, hiding her face in her hand, and calling for her mother, Scottish brogue heavy on her tongue.

The girl after the red head though, across from him, was as different as the original girl as night and day. Also appeared to be around 17-ish, she appeared to be Asians. Dark hair, arranged in two cups, Like Chun-Li from Street Fighter. A derivative of black Chinese vest for the top, black pants and open toed Sandal completing the 'Fighter Look'. She also wears a headband with a protective metal plate decorated with a distinctive symbol on her head. And, while the tightening around her eyes shows the sign of the 'hangover headache' they are all under, she was already sitting up and looking around, assessing the situation. He approved.

The last girl was also sitting up and looking around cautiously, one hand on her brow, obviously trying to hold back the headache. Also appearing around 17, she had long black hair arranged in a braid. She was wearing modern style sturdy clothes; hunting boot, sturdy pants, and black hooded jacket with subtle motives of flames.

Besides her was a boy also appeared to be around 17-ish. He was small of stature, wiry frame. Dark hair, and dark clothes that brings to mind the endless plains of snow. He was sitting in a very still manner. Only raven eyes moving. The eyes are close-off, and hard. 'Another dangerous …young man'.

Finally on his left was another male around his age. Clothes a little less fine than the guy on his right, done in forest brown and greens. He was also wearing a hooded green cloak. He was trying to sit up, eyes shut in pain, muttering something about reprehensible friar that has too much fondness for homemade ale.

Scooting back so that he was sitting against the wall on his back, Clint affected a nonchalant attitude.

'So it looks like I am kidnapped, possibly by magical means, with 7 other specifically chosen people…well, 6 people and 1 elf for what probably is a nefarious purposed. We were probably summoned straight into this circular, closed-off room and there is a suspicious substance offered for each of us. Huh…I am fucked!'.