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Chapter 2: The Introductions

Clint looked at the faces around him. Each is calmly sitting on their futon, facing everyone else, in various poses, silent at the moment. Clint allow himself a small smirked as he recalled the various freak-outs and reactions when his…roommate becoming aware of their situation. In fact, his right aristocratic neighbor, the hardened 'boy', the braided girl and himself was the only ones without overt reactions.

The fiery redheaded girl was the loudest. Loudly exclaiming at everything and fallen into a stunt-awed silenced when she noticed the elf. "Sidhe", she had muttered. Clint had narrowed his eyes at that, updating her facts; that she was apparently from the old country.

The Elf and the Hooded fella had quickly jumped up and stand, face still pained, yet ready for action when they noticed they are in a strange place. The Elf's movement way too smooth, almost as light as a feather, making Clint felt a little envious. The Hooded fella is at first verbose, yet had also fallen into shocked silence when he noticed the Elf 3 seconds after he stand up.

The bun-head Asian girl had also jumped up into a martial stance when the others had jumped up, eyes wild, looking everywhere. In fact, it was due to Clint and the other three unmoving silence that the others quickly calmed down. Noticing that four of them hadn't moved, and two in shocked-awed silenced; all six quickly reasoned that there are no immediate threat. The other two had agreed when they came out of their shocked-awed stupor. Which brings to the current situation.

"So, just to check… firstly, everyone here understand me?" Clint start, still smiling slightly. Que various positive respond. All eyes were now on him. 'Great,' he inwardly groused. His inner-spy not liking the attention.

"Secondly, anyone here knows each other? Or knows what is going on?" Clint looked around hopefully. His prison-mates slowly looked around, and each slowly shake their head in answer for both questions. None spoke aloud, content to let him take the lead so to speak.

"Okay then," Clint clap his hand. "Important thing first. Introductions. I'll start. My name is Clint Barton. I am from America, and the last thing I remember is falling asleep in my room in the Stark Tower." Clint decided to give his name and mentioned the famous Stark Tower. The name is safe enough to give. The famous land-mark will hopefully show common denominator, which is not likely as no one seems to show recognition to anything spoken. And perhaps mentioning last remembered even can give him a clue to the situation.

Clint purposely looked to his right, silently setting the order of the introductions.

"My name is….Elan Morin, I was from Andor, currently travelling about the world. The last I remember is laying down in my tent outside the city of Rhuidan," Elan said softly. Clint frowned internally. Elan does not seem to be lying, but there were the weird hesitation when he stated name. Again, no one else offers recognition.

"I am Legolas, son of Thranduil, from the Mirkwood Forest. I remembered drinking with the dwarves of Erebor. I sense no evil then that could have done this." Legolas intoned gravely. All were looking curiously at the Elf, especially when he mentioned the dwarves. Clint made a mental note of the fact that Legolas claimed to be able to sense mystical signature. Still no recognition around.

"Aye, I am Mérida, daughter of Fergus, of Clan Dunbroch. I followed me the will-o'-the-wisp, and fell asleep, and wakeup here," the red-hair spoke. Her voice was clear, and fearless, although her posture was slightly apprehensive. 'Huh, a highland scots, and familiar with the mystical, possibly from the past, else she would have recognized the Stark Tower," Clint notes.

"Higurashi Tenten at your service. A Chunin of Konohagakure. In the land of Fire. I was sleeping in an Inn at Tanzaku Gai, after just enjoying the festival. I had foolishly accepted my teammate's youthful challenge to a drinking game…" Tenten said, grimacing at the end. After looking at the foreign faces around her and listening to the introductions so far, she was certain that there is no harm in introducing herself, her rank and village. Even so, she noticed the slight widening of the man called Clint's eyes when she mentioned her rank. She was certain that he, at least, recognized her for what she is.

"My name is Katniss. Katniss Everdeen. From District 12. I was… in the Forest near my home. It was still dark. I guess I must have fallen asleep while waiting for daybreak," The braided girl spoke next. Her eyes were troubled. She tried to hide it, but she was clearly uneasy, especially when she noticed her clothing. Clint note that there must be something more going on there.

"I am Raif Sevrance. I was… Clan Blackhail," the 'boy' then spoke hesitantly. Clint note his hesitant when speaking of his origins. 'An ex-Clan member? Exiled maybe…'

"I am not sure if this is real… I remember the Castle of Grey Ice, and I was…injured," Raif continued, looking at his hands wonderingly. His right hand then went to his chest, fingering something there. 'A pendant,' Clint wondered. He fell silent then. The others looked at him wonderingly.

"Guess my turn has come to introduce myself. Robin of Loksley at your service. Robin of the Hood, some called me. I was at the settlement in the Sherwood Forest. There was a celebration…and copious amount of Friar Tuck's homemade ale… I think."

Clint couldn't help himself. He gaped at the man…at Robin Hood!

"Your are Robin Hood. The Robin Hood? Outlaw, steal from the rich, gave to the poor Robin Hood?" He couldn't help but ask. The others looked on in interest at this.

"Your speak strangely, friend Clint. But yes, I am Robin Hood. My reputation precedes me it seems," Robin smiled at Clint.

"However, I had been all the way to Jerusalem, and have yet to hear of this 'America'. How then have you heard of me? And in all my travels, I have never seen the likes of your garment. Tis strange indeed," Robin added.

"Aah…about that. America is a great country west of England, all the way across the western sea. As to how I know you, let just say words of your deed had travelled far. Further explanations can be given later," Clint hedge, not willing yet to voice out what he confirmed now to be true; that they are all 'summoned' across different time/space.

Author's note: This story just came to me when i read a story whereupon Hawkeye appear before Merida in court and beat all the rest in the archer's competition. I also remembered 'the secret war', whereupon a omniscient being bring all superheroes and super-villains together in a Secret War...and presto, the idea for this story is born.

This is my first attempt at writing. It took me way too long to complete 2 chapters and i am unsure whether my schedule permits me to continue. In anycase i am unsure the direction this story will take. Ideas, people? Umm, as stated in the disclaimer, if someone wants to use this idea, you are welcome to it. Just please inform me and make sure to give me a link to the story. Thank you