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Chapter 3: The Drought

Robin looked at Clint in askance, before nodding slowly, conceding to point that more urgent matters are afoot.

"Okay then…introduction done." Clint stood up, deciding to pace in the middle of the room, inwardly flinching at becoming the center of target, so to speak.

"Let us recap. Me and Robin Hood here aside, all of us are from vastly different places. As none of us recognize any of the places each other spoke of…" he held up his hand, preempting the comment that he recognized Robin's origin, "…not to mentioned each of us is mighty curious of our pointy eared friend here…" he turned to face the Elf, "…Legolas of Mirkwood…" he stop. Suddenly several facts falls into place and he couldn't help but gaped at the Elf.

"You are Legolas? The Legolas? Of the Fellowship of the Ring?" Clint was truly shocked. It was one thing to face figures out of time, figures of legends, or even aliens. But to face a figure straight out of fiction?

'Tony fucking Stark will definitely not believe this!' For some reason he kept thinking back on the moment during the Chitauri's invasion, when Tony Stark quipped at him, "Clench up, Legolas," just before lifting him up and depositing him atop some tall building. He felt like laughing crazily.

"You…you recognize me?" Legolas hesitantly asked, while the others almost leaning forward at this interesting development. For him, it is not outside reason that humans recognized a member of the fellowship. But during the introduction, not one of them shows any familiarity when he spoke, not to mention the places the others spoke of is beyond his ken.

"Ah…haha…," Clint laugh a little nervously. How to tell someone you know them from an epic film made from a book? "Let just say…a copy of the tale of 9 fingered Frodo and Ring of Doom is told far and wide. Ahem…I think this can also be discussed later…lets move on to more important things," Clint implored the Elf. Like Robin Hood, Legolas looked at Clint for a while before slowly nodding in acquiescence.

"Hmmph, don't think we are letting this go. It is really interesting that you know two of the people here," Higurashi Tenten piped up, looking up at Clint wonderingly and a bit suspiciously. "And, like you said, I for one are curious to know what he is," Tenten added, pointing at Legolas. Legolas, taking note of what she said, looked back bewilderingly, unable to comprehend that a human does not know about the elves.

Clint nodded to Tenten, acknowledging her point. Continuing his pacing, he started again his summation.

"Where were we? Right, I just want to point out that because none of us recognized any of the places mentioned by the others, I suspect each of us was brought here from different worlds, and time." He looked around, and seeing nobody is gainsaying him, continued. "Furthermore, none of us remembers being brought here. I for one, remembers going to bed in a different outfit. Yet here I am, wearing my 'field' gear, excluding my weapons."

"Excuse me, 'field gear'?" Merida asked for clarification, hands half raised to get his attention, almost like they were in a classroom.

"'Field gear'. Meaning my working clothes. Or hunting clothes. Usually I wear this when I have an assignment to a potentially hostile place," Clint clarifies. Merida nod slowly.

Seeing as there were no more interruption, Clint continues. "So, the next urgent questions are, where are we, how do we get 'here', and how do we get out from this weird room?"

"But surely that's not all? What about who brought us here? or why we are brought here? How do we get back?" Merida piped up.

Clint turned to face Merida. About to answer, he abruptly stilled. Face and voiced deceptively calmed, he asked, "What are you doing?"

Merida lowered the half-empty glass of water and blinked at him. "Umm…I am not doing anything."

Besides her Tenten gasped. "The water. You…drink it?", she indicated faintly, face paling.

"What?" Merida looked at Clint and Tenten in confusion. She noted that the other girl…Katniss? and the boy Raif is looking at their glass of water dubiously. The man Hood and...Morin? are looking angry and muttering under their breath. The Sidhe was watching her in concern. 'Curious.'

"I was thirsty, and It taste nice. Definitely better than mead," she added. Before anybody could stop her she brought the glass to her lips and drank the rest of the liquid within.

"Wait…," from Clint. His body had actually started to lunge forward to stop Merida.

"No!" Tenten exclaimed. Hands outstretch in vain, too late to knock the glass away.

"(Curses.)" These coming from Robin and Elan.

Clint straightened up from his abortive lunged towards the infernal girl. If looks could kill, that curly red bush would have actually caught fire from all the frowns and disapproving looks directed at her from Robin Hood, Elan Morin, Raif Sevrance, and Clint himself. Katniss and Legolas were looking concerned. Tenten had actually face-palmed, groaning from the suicidal stupidity shown by the girl next to her. On her part, Merida was looking around, getting more confused, not understanding the reason behind everyone's reaction.

"How do you feel? Any pains? Burning feelings? Are you alright?" Legolas asked before Clint could say anything. The Elf stood up and went over to crouch gracefully besides Merida, one hand went to the throat, checking for pulse, and the other delicately cupping her brow, presumably checking her temperature.

"Huh…what? What…what are you doing?" Merida asked, getting more confused by the moment. Her cheeks blushed slightly at the forwardness of the attractive Sidhe, even as her hands rose futilely to remove the Sidhe's appendices from her person. "Hush child. Answer the question," The Elf muttered, even as he seemingly unconsciously slapped her hands down. She felt like an unruly child, and her blush deepened, now in embarrassment.

Clint took a calming breath. "Girl, we have been brought here to this unknown place by unknown means. And we have no idea why. It was probably not for any good reasons. In other words, we are in danger. Any foods or drinks found here might have poison in it!" Clint forced himself to pause to further calm himself. It wouldn't do to scream at the girl, however much he wanted to. Huh, for some reason he already felt protective towards the girl, and felt frustration akin to being partnered with some very green rookie agent. In fact, subconsciously he already thought these people as team. 'Weird.' He shelved the thought aside to be examined later.

"So please, before you touch or eat or drink anything here, stop and examine it, and think. Make sure it is safe first," Clint continues in a much mild but firm tone. Merida gaped at him. Her blush first deepened at the admonishment, and then later paling as she finally understood what Clint was saying, and why everyone was looking concerned. She looked at the glass still held on her hand and trembled slightly, the word 'poison' reverberating inside her mind. She hastily put down the glass.

"Poi…poison…?" She stuttered, her face now near bloodless.

"My lady Merida," Legolas said, catching her attention. "It is alright, you are fine. I can detect no harmful agent inside you," Legolas said gently.

"Tru…truly?" Merida managed to get out.

"Yes." Legolas assured. Merida shuddered in relief. Clint raised an eyebrow at that, intrigued. 'So,Detect Evil and Detect Poison. Interesting, and Merida does not question it. Note to self, interrogate Merida on Elves or Sidhe's capabilities. "

"Even so, Lady Merida, how do you feel?" Legolas question.

"Just Merida is fine," Merida grimaced slightly at the title. "I feel…fine?" Merida's eyes widen a bit in wonderment. "My head no longer hurts," she continues. She moved her hands slowly. She then slowly stood up, moving her body this way and that. "In fact, I feel amazing." She let out a little laugh, skipping a bit and doing a little twirl. "I feel like it's a new day. The sun is shining, no lessons for the day, and adventures waiting." She twirled some more in excitement before she stopped, suddenly conscious of the attention everyone is giving her. She laughed a little nervously and promptly sat back down on her 'bedding'.

Legolas stared at her avidly for a few moments. He then turned and made his way gracefully towards his own glass of water. Still standing, he gingerly picked up the glass and brought it closer to his nose. He then tipped the glass slightly, allowing him to slightly taste the drought within with the tip of his tongue. He stilled for a moment and then, without further ado tipped the glass and drank the whole brew. There was a soft gasped from Katniss at his action.

Aware that he was now the center of attention, Legolas turned to face them, and proceed to report his findings. "Judging from Lady Merida's condition, this is possibly a kind of healing draught. I cannot detect any harmful element in this drink." Legolas paused for a while, face contemplative. "It is like drinking lembas, except a more earthly taste to it." More pause. Suddenly his eyes widen slightly and he smiled. "It is like Lady Merida said. My headache has ceased, and I can feel energy coursing through my veins. It is a most wholesome and pure feeling," Legolas continued. With that, he walked over to the wall; not quite leaning on it, apparently content to observe events from there.

Clint had to raise an eyebrow at that. Then, deciding that rolling his eyes at the Elf is a waste of time, he instead went to pick up his own glass of 'water'. Facing the others, he raised his glass in a silent cheer. Then, he proceeded to drink three quarter of his glass. He closed his eyes and started a mental countdown. Three second in, he couldn't quit reined in a relief sigh as his headache cleared. He continued counting. At five seconds, he suddenly felt a subtle warmth suffusing his being starting from his stomach outwards. He felt energized, and all the little aches all over his body disappeared.

'Awesome . Definitely better than Redbull. Heheh.' Clint reached inside one of his cleverly hidden pockets and fished out one of the 'evidence baggie'. He had learned to keep several 'evidence bag' handy on his persons during missions. They are surprisingly useful. Often he came across bullets casings, chemical remains, weird samples, that need to be 'bagged' and forwarded to the 'eggheads' on payroll. And those are just the obvious usage. He also made sure to have on him several condoms, for much the same reasons, plus the obvious benefits.

He poured the remainder of the 'drink' inside the baggie, sealed it and stashed it away. He noticed Tenten looked thoughtfully at him and nodded to herself. She started to pat herself and grimaced slightly. Apparently she couldn't find what she was looking for.

"Clint…right?" Tenten addressed him. He nodded.

"Do you have anymore of those baggie?" She asked beseechingly, turning on the 'puppy eyes' effect for good measure. He rolled his eyes and hand her another baggie. "Thank you." She excitedly took the baggie offered and repeated his action; and then made the 'sample' vanish somewhere among her person.

He looked around and saw that the others had also finished their drink and somehow each are looking more 'alert' than before. Katniss and Raif were even smiling slightly in wonderment. Robin, like Legolas, had stood up and done a quick stretch. He also opted to lean against the wall and wait there.

"Alright then…," Clint started, turning to face Merida. Offering her a slight bow, he continued. "Thank you for discovering this amazing…potion." Seeing her started to smile, he clasped his hands as if to beg and said, "however, pleeeaseeee, be more careful next time, for all our sake." He added the 'puppy-dog eyes' for good measure. Holding her gaze, he was satisfied to see her blushed in chastisement, the smile wiped clean from her face.

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