The pain.

Thats all he could really remember.

Being alone for three hundred years really did a number on him.

Being walked through was a horrid feeling.

It was a kind of feeling that couldn't be described in words.

The after affects...were even worse.

He felt as if he was being crushed...

He felt alone. Their would be someone in front of him, but he knew they couldn't see him...hear him...or even feel him beeing near.

It was a lonely feeling.

The lonely nights he was forced unto. They were nothing esle he has ever imagined.

The realization that he was truely and utterly alone was crushing his chest and heart.

It was like a black plague.

Slowly inflicting pain all around his chest.

It wasn't the kind of pain where you would utter an 'ouch'.

It was just...pain.

Emotional pain.

No words could really describe it in a way that people would understand.

Its something that you would have to experience yourself.

The pain was like an infection.

Except this one...

It couldn't be cured by medical supply's.

It could only be cured by comfort, care, love.

Jack always had this hope, that one day, one day, someone would see him.

And when they did, they wouldsmile at him, not through him but at him!

It would be a wonderious feeling to be seen.

He would be wonderful and amazing if that person talked to him, laughed with him, played with him.

But after so many months and a year later...

That hope was being crushed.

No matter what he did, no matter what kind of magic he could conjour up...

Nothing happened.

It brought tears to his eyes...

And finally...

He sobbed.

He was crying out in heart ache.

Of pain.

Of hopelessness.

And so much more.

He didn't know what to do...he felt lost.

Completely lost and unknowing.

He cried and pleaded to the moon about why this was happening to him...

But the moon never answered.

Just stayed there in the sky, shining brightly.

Ignoring him.

Just like the others.

Jack finally gave up.

After many nights of cutting out of pure depression, he finally decided that their really was no point in indulging himself in sadness, and decided to take a huge leap and ignore that all this wasn't happening.

He played with the children unnoticed.

He laughed with them, and play with them.

He caused mischief around the world to children and adults everywhere with a smile on his face, and laugh in chest.

But behind all of that, was a broken heart.

A broken soul.

A soul...that was surrounded by pain.

I know, this was quite depressing.

Lets just say a little bit of drama happened to me today, and it made me think about all the pain I felt in my past like.

I truely dwelled on what it felt like, and I was thinking to myself...

''This sound dramatic enough to be a story...?''

Lol So ya, my past pain was my inspiration and sudden urge to write this.

So, hope you liked it.

Reviews are welcomed.