Miscellaneous Affair
by 80sarcades

Welcome to the first story of the Adderly fan fiction archive! I never knew that creating a show category could be that easy:-)

Given that fanfiction for this show is practically nonexistent (except for a few fanzines) I decided to take the initiative and actually write a story or two. The show was corny at times but the interaction between the actors was nothing short of wonderful. I doubt any of the stories here will touch the cold light of a computer screen. However, it's worth a try.

And if you are here...thanks for showing up! Hopefully I can make it worth your while.

I have you now.

V. H. Adderly raised his weapon and smiled. The target was mere feet away; it was almost impossible to miss.

And I never miss.

At that moment, he aimed and fired.

The golden dart sailed through the air above his desk and landed with a dull thunk in the dartboard on the far wall. The ISI operative grinned; his throw was right on target.


Adderly picked up another dart and eyed the board again.

Hmm, let's see. Where do I put this one? he wondered. After a moment, he nodded to himself.

Let's try the bull ring.

He lifted the dart and took careful aim. Just as he released it, a familiar voice called out his name. The projectile tore through the still atmosphere and buried itself into the cork board. Unfortunately, it just barely missed the green ring surrounding the bullseye. Adderly's eyes narrowed in irritation as he glanced toward the closed office door.

"Adderly!" Melville Greenspan called out once more. "Are you in there?" In response, the agent silently rolled his eyes.

"Where else would I be, Melville?" he laconically said out loud. Then again, where could I be right now? I have been putting off that root canal...

"I'd like to see you in my office, Adderly," the head of Miscellaneous Affairs said. "That is," he added sarcastically, "if its convenient for you."

Somehow, the operative managed to bite back a retort of his own.

The things I do for my master's voice, he sourly thought. Mona wouldn't have liked my response anyway. Instead, he took a deep breath and forced himself to sound happier than he actually was.

"Coming, Melville," his now-cheerful voice responded.

Other than the sound of a closing door, there was no reply; apparently his boss - and I use the term loosely - had already retreated into his office. With a despondent sigh, Adderly lifted himself up from his chair before walking around the desk; as he did so, he reflexively checked the leather glove that covered his shattered left hand.

One day, he vowed silently. One day, I'll make it out of here. And I'll do it without killing Melville. He sighed once more.

But for how much longer?

Adderly shook his head. Guess I'd better see what he wants.

With that, he left the tiny office.

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I have a general outline for this story, so the chapter updates might be a bit slow. However, I hate to leave any works unfinished.

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