There is a fine line between master and servant, a delicate balance even. However, I, Dan Howell, believe otherwise. I think all humans should have the humane right of happiness and life. But unfortunately, that's not the way it is. These poor souls are trapped within these kingdom walls catering to my family's every whim.

Sometimes, I believe they're even yearning for death; the day their soul can finally fly away and witness a taste of freedom or possibly dance among the numerous stars. The day, they will feel true happiness, because here on Earth, they do not feel true happiness.

There is this one boy in particular though, tall and lanky, with inky black hair and piercing blue eyes that comes across a puzzle to me. Unlike all the other servants in the kingdom, he seems…happy. As if all the happiness in the world just flies to him, like moths to a light. It seems as if he never frowns, he always has a goofy smile plastered to his face and his eyes never seem dull or lifeless, they're always shining bright.

I've always wondered what made him so happy. Why he wasn't caught in a permanent state of misery like the rest of the servants? Why did he light up a gray room like a ray of light? There was something different about him. Not different in a bad way, as a flower is in a bed of weeds. One day, I will find out, and I'm thinking that day is today. I'm just going to have to find a loophole.

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