Ohai everyone. So I've decided to write another Bering & Wells story (Because they're obviously the best OTP ever). This one is an AU though. This story has been playing in my head for quite a while now, so I decided to just write it down ^^ I do hope you'll enjoy it!

In love with the wrong one

Never taking her eyes off the mirror, Myka ran the brush through her brown curly hair again. She realised it was useless, however, as she watched the stubborn locks bounce back into their rightful place. Sighing in defeat, she put her brush back onto her night table.

It'll just have to do.

Just at that moment she heard someone silently shuffling into her room. "My lady."

Myka turned around, a soft smile gracing her features. "I told you so many times already, Claudia. Just call me Myka."

Her smile quickly changed into a disapproving grimace as she eyed the corset Claudia was holding. "Another breathless night, then?"

A characteristic grin covered the younger woman's face. "I'm afraid so."

Sighing again, Myka turned around so she was facing the mirror again. Seeing Claudia frown at her expectantly, she rolled her eyes and held up her arms.

The red haired woman carefully put the corset around her waist and breasts before standing behind her again to fasten the threads. It was a job that took more time than one would expect.

It didn't exactly help to lessen Myka's stress either. Her mind drifted off to the things that would happen the coming days.

A few months ago, her parents had informed her that they had found the perfect husband for her. At first she wasn't too keen on an arranged marriage, but seeing as the husband in question wasn't exactly that bad, she hadn't put up any struggle. Not that it would have changed her parent's mind anyway. Especially her father's.

She shook her head slightly. It could have been worse. Sir Wells was a nice man with good manners and he wasn't that bad looking either.

A last hard pull on the threads pulled her back to reality. She looked in the mirror. Tilting her head, she decided she looked decent enough. Giving her hair one last disapproving look, she turned around, ready to go downstairs.

Today was the day she would actually accompany Sir Wells to his family's castle. She had to get used to it as she was going to live in it someday. Well, not she would have much time for that as the wedding was already planned in two weeks.

A sudden wave of nervousness invaded her body once again as realisation hit her. Her life would be completely different as of today. She would probably never even see this place again. Giving her room one last look, she said her final goodbye to it.

Almost tripping over her dress twice, she finally made it to the great hall. Cursing inwardly, she realised she would probably never get used to neither the dress nor the corset. She would have to though. The Wells family was known to be a very decent one. It was also a family with a high standing in the lands, which was why Myka's parents were so very keen on this marriage.

Myka straightened her dress and forced a smile onto her face before stepping inside.

She was greeted by her parents and her betrothed. "Miss Bering, you look absolutely stunning."

Sir Wells pressed his lips against her hand.

"You are too kind," Myka answered, while inwardly she was just rolling her eyes.

"It is simply the truth."

The afternoon went on with fake pleasantries everywhere. So when Sir Wells finally stood up to announce that it was probably time for them to leave, Myka was truly delighted.

She, however, didn't count on the long wobbly way their carriage still had to do. It was boring as hell, only the landscape and mister Wells to entertain her. She did her best to sound interested in his speeches in the beginning, but after a while even her betrothed didn't seem to believe her sincerity anymore and they continued their journey in silence.

When they finally arrived, Myka was pretty sure her behind would need a few days to recover. Along with her lungs. Wearing a corset the whole time hadn't been quite comfortable either. Once again though, Myka simply put on her standard smile again as a servant helped her descent from the carriage.

The castle in front of her was at least three times bigger than that from the Bering family and she was glued to her spot for several seconds. Until she felt a firm hand on her shoulder.

"Come, I want to introduce you to my own parents."

Myka was being guided through so many different hallways that she was quite sure she wouldn't find her way back by herself. She was so captivated by all the sculptures and artwork they passed, that she'd almost bumped into sir Wells when he came to a sudden halt.

"Are you ready?"

Myka straightened her dress once again before giving the man a small nod. "Yes."

With that two servants opened the heavy doors and a grand hall was revealed. There were several blue tapestries on the walls with some kind of shield on it.

Probably the Wells shield.

They walked up to the centre of the room. Unlike Myka's expectations, the room was almost empty apart from a few people.

"Father," Myka noticed that he was bowing his head and so she decided to drop a short curtsy herself, "I would like you to meet my betrothed, Myka."

Myka felt several pairs of eyes fall upon her. "I'm honoured to meet you." With that she deepened her curtsy, yet careful not to trip over her dress once again.

"The honour is all ours, child." After a few moments of silence, Myka finally managed to stand up again, eying the people in front of her. Two large thrones were placed central. The one on the right belonging to mister Wells, the other to his wife. The woman looked nice enough, though she hadn't said anything yet.

Myka's gaze shifted to two other thrones. One was placed right of mister Wells' throne and was empty. The other one was even smaller and Myka couldn't help but notice that it was just a little bit behind the others. It was only when she felt a pair of piercing eyes on her that she noticed it was occupied. A young woman, probably just a little older than herself, was sitting in it graciously.

Her hair was the same silky dark brown as the man standing next to herself. Myka's eyes travel further down to where the hair got scattered over her shoulders, making the beauty of it even more obvious.

When Myka realised she was staring she quickly pulled her eyes back up. Simply to find another pair of eyes staring right back at her.

"Honey?" Myka is pulled out of her trance by her betrothed's voice. "I'm sorry, I drifted off. Come again?"

He gives her a small smile. "I suggested that we get ready for the diner. Our guests will be arriving soon enough. All of them very eager to see you, I'm sure."

"Of course." She turns around to face the Wells family again. "If you would excuse me."

After another labyrinth of halls, she finally reached her new room. Well, temporary room until the wedding.

"Your baggage is already inside. Your servant should also be there, if her curiosity hasn't got the better of her." The servant rolled his eyes.

Mmh, seems like Claudia has already made a name for herself.

Myka had to do her best to keep her features straight.

"Thank you, that'll be all."

Opening the door, she noticed most of her stuff was already unpacked and in its new place. The room itself was a little larger than her own, green bed sheets bringing the only colour to it.

"Not bad, eh?" Claudia asked when she noticed Myka's presence. She was still busy unpacking.

"Not at all. It could use a bit colour though." Myka bitterly remarked.

"You're quite right. I'll see if I can do anything about it. Now is not the time though. I've heard there'll be a diner party tonight? We'd better start getting you ready then."

"Does that mean I can finally get out of this corset?"

"Yes! Only to get into another one, of course."

A desperate groan escaped Myka's lips.

"Come on, the sooner this diner party is over, the sooner you can put on some comfortable pyjamas."

So, I hope you enjoyed this chapter ^^ A little question though: Does anyone have any idea what the name of HG Wells brother is exactly? Thanks