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Chapter 13

The both of them had been a bit baffled when Artie and Claudia explained exactly what the Warehouse was, and even more so when a woman just randomly appeared out of nowhere. Literally, out of nowhere. Apparently she was known as Mrs Frederic and was the "caretaker" of the warehouse. And apparently she also did 'random disappearing'.

What a strange future, Myka thought, all of a sudden unsure whether she would ever get used to it.

Helena on the other hand, was immediately taken with all the endless wonder.

How couldn't she be, she build a freaking time machine. She's a freaking endless wonder herself. Myka eyed the other woman again for what felt like the 60th time that day. Yes, she was definitely and endless wonder.

Another smile played along the smaller woman's lips and Myka just felt obliged to entangle their fingers. "You look as if you've just been to heaven."

"I have. This really IS endless wonder, there are things here that even I could not have imagined." She faced Myka, "and I've got you. I don't think my heaven would be any different than this."

They vaguely heard Mrs Frederic give a rant to Claudia and Artie about the fact that they just told two random people about the warehouse (at 'random people' Claudia of course started her own rant), but the sound barely reached their ears. It was as if they were in some kind of soundproof bubble, effectively shutting out all noise except for each other's breathing and two heartbeats that were completely synchronised.


They had each been given a room in the bed and breakfast, but Myka found that hers was completely useless as she spent more time in Helena's anyway. Not to say all of it. During the day, they found they were both pulled towards the library. It was in those moments, both propped up in the same couch, legs slightly intertwined, that Myka realised Helena was right. This was heaven.

It felt weird at first. Behaving how she wanted, wearing whatever she wanted. Myka didn't complain at all though, as she vowed never to wear a corset again. Nor those uncomfortable dresses. Trousers were way more comfortable anyway. (And it could have something to do with the fact that Helena found she looked very attractive in them.)

One night in the library, however, Myka was shocked to hear Helena curse. It was almost a sin that even a curse word could sound so very alluring in that accent.

"What is it, Helena?"

Helena didn't say anything; on the contrary, she pursed her lips while showing the cover of a book to Myka.

'The Time Machine'

Myka took it out of her hands, flipping through the pages. "Is this the book that inspired you?"

"No! I wrote this. It was only afterwards that I really started thinking of actually building one."

"What? You wrote a book?"

"Well, it was not really a book back then, more like scribbles. I never got to finish it either."

Myka looked at her with a frown before flipping to the first page. 'The Time Machine – Charles Wells'

"So… he basically stole your 'scribbles' and made them into a book?"

"Apparently." Helena pursed her lips again and Myka could see she was very angry.

She got up and plopped down on Helena's lap, taking her hand. "Helena, I know it's not fair, but we did abandon everyone. Your brother has probably been alone for years."

"That does not give him the right to steal from me, darling."

"But didn't you kind of steal from him too?"

Helena had a truly shocked expression on her face. "How can you even say that? You are no one's property. This is exactly the reason why we used the time machine in the first place."

Myka couldn't help but smile at Helena's adorableness. "You're right." She said, placing her hands on Helena's stomach while slowly leaning in.

"Although I don't mind being yours at all."

She swore she felt Helena's lips curl into a smile underneath her own.