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Chapter 2

It wasn't any different this time. It almost took half an hour to get into her dress, let alone the corset. The only bright side to Myka, was that they both were grassy green. Myka found that it was the only colour of dress that really suited her.

When they were finally ready, Myka admired herself in the mirror. Or well, she admired the dress at least, as the comb had yet again done nothing to straighten her hair.

After a while she heard Claudia clear her throat.

"At what time exactly were they coming to get you?"

"Uh... I don't know?"

Claudia just stared at her.

"What?" Myka asked, getting slightly annoyed by the silence.

"You didn't ask them to come and get you?"

"Should I have?"

"Why yes, you should have! Unless you want to get lost in all these intricate halls… Along with me as I can't exactly let you wander around alone."

Myka knew she should be concerned but she couldn't quite help the grin that settled on her face.

"Myka, this is not funny! I'm responsible for this."

Seeing her friend so desperate immediately made her grin disappear. She walked up to Claudia, putting her hands on the younger woman's shoulders.

"We'll be fine, don't worry."

Just as Claudia opened her mouth to protest a little more, there was a knock on the door.

Myka frowned at the younger woman but opened the door nonetheless. A bunch of dark brown silky hair greeted her.

"Oh, good evening, miss Wells." She did a small curtsy again, not knowing what the proper greeting was.

A soft giggle coming from the other woman, however, immediately told her she had done something wrong and a blush immediately started spreading from her throat to her cheeks.

"Darling, there's no need for that. All my friends call me HG." She eyed Myka, "You can call me Helena too, though."

"Uh…" As if Myka wasn't already embarrassed enough, her mouth refused to form any sort of words.

The smaller woman giggled again. "I figured you probably wouldn't find your way." She held out her hand, "If you would accompany me?"

If Myka didn't have her back turned to Claudia, she would have seen the large frown on the redheads face.

"Of course." Myka took Helena's hand, glad that she was able to say at least one thing without making a fool of herself.

"We're already a bit late, we should hurry." Helena told her once they had left the room.

"Hurry? I can hardly walk in this dress."

A smile graced the other woman's face again. "Well, being pretty comes at a price I suppose. And you are very pretty."

Myka felt another blush starting to make its way to her cheeks. This was getting embarrassing.

The other woman, however, just kept smiling at her while pulling her along through several hallways.

Feeling the need to save her dignity, Myka cleared her throat. "That's a very nice dress you are wearing."

"Why thank you, darling. I find that blue is the colour that suits me best. I did, however, leave the corset behind today. Everyone will be paying attention to you anyway, so nobody will notice, I'm sure."

If Myka's eyes could have popped out, she was sure it was happening right now. She isn't wearing a corset? You mean that's her actual –waist-?!

"Yes, they are very uncomfortable."

"Very much so. I swear, if men had to wear these, they wouldn't even be able to take two steps."

It was Myka's time to giggle now, earning another gracious smile from the other woman.

When they finally reached the big wooden doors, Myka released Helena's hand. Once again, she straightened her dress.

"You look marvellous, darling." They smiled at each other, waiting for the servants to open the door.

For the first time, Myka didn't have to put up a fake smile.

~~~~~In Love With The Wrong One~~~~~

The great hall was decorated richly. Almost everything was a shade of dark blue, alternated by gold. There were a lot of tables, already full of people. Myka followed Helena to the table in the centre of the room, where the thrones had been standing not too long ago.

Helena took place next to her parents, leaving a free spot for Myka in front of her, next to Charles. Sir Wells immediately stood up when he spotted Myka.

"You look wonderful." He kissed her hand once again, making Myka feel slightly uncomfortable. She didn't show it, however, and just smiled at him. It wasn't as radiant as the smile a few minutes ago though.

After she was greeted by the Wells' parents, she sat down, careful not to wrinkle her dress too much.

The food was absolutely delicious, and there was A LOT of it. She could get used to this.

She flinched when she felt an arm around her waist pulling her closer. Charles smiled at her and she nervously smiled back, not quite succeeding in keeping her mask in place. Her breathing became uneven and she had the strong urge to pull away.

She almost jumped out of her chair when she felt another hand on her thigh. She carefully looked down, seeing as no one else had noticed. She was surprised to see the hand wasn't Charles' at all. It was feminine, and the only woman who was in reach of her thigh would be… Helena.

She looked up, trying to meet the other woman's eyes. Helena though, suddenly seemed far too interested in the conversations around her and didn't look at her.

Myka knew she should just push it away, but she found she couldn't. It was the only thing that calmed her nerves, the only thing that kept her from pulling away from Charles. It felt reassuring.

During the rest of the evening, Helena didn't meet Myka's eyes once. But she felt Helena looking at her nonetheless.

When most of the guests had left, Myka excused herself. She felt the hand on her thigh slowly pull away, already regretting the loss of its presence. She bid everyone goodnight, earning a kiss on the cheek from Charles, and left the hall.