Summary: What first started out as a simple supply run, soon turns into a horrifying battle for survival. Daryl and Woodbury refuge, Karen, are forced to rely on each other if they hope to make it out of this nightmare alive.

Author's Notes: Well, since I won't be able to see any new episodes of walking dead for 6 more months, I might as well write till my brains go even more numb. So, here we go.

Disclaimer: The walking Dead belongs to Robert Kirkman, AMC, and whoever else I'm forgetting, I own nothing of it, and never will.

"Every town has its secrets... some are just darker than others."

Chapter 1: Home

"You don't talk much, do you?" Karen asked from the driver's side of the truck.

Daryl didn't answer the question, he jus kept his eyes trained away from the driver, staring numbly out the window, as the truck drove down the snow-covered road. He really wasn't in the mood for talking, honestly he didn't even want to be in the damn truck, he was pretty pissed with how the day was going.

The prison was running dangerously low on food, they were burning through their food supply fast, and with all new mouths to feed from Woodbury, something had to be done. So, Rick had asked him to go on a run to go on a supply run.

Now Normally he wouldn't be pissy about going on a run, but this wasn't an average supply run. It wasn't just his small group he was gathering food for anymore, his group could make do just with a deer, a rabbit, and some squirrels, but with all the people from Woodbury now taking up shop with the group, hunting wouldn't be enough, he'd have to go find a large amount of food and bring it back to the prison.

That meant going farther than he usually would, much farther, Glenn had guessed he'd at least be gone for a couple of days, which meant that he couldn't take his trusty motorcycle, and that also meant he couldn't go alone on this run. That in itself was another reason he was pissed off.

It wouldn't have been a big deal to him if went on this run with Glenn, or Michonne, or even Rick himself, but all three were busy. Glenn had already left on a cloths run with Maggie, winter was coming soon, and with new people staying with, they'd have to find better cloths for to survive the coming winter. So, the couple had left for Woodbury in hopes of gathering some warming outfits for the prison.

Michonne was helping Carl, Tyreese and Sasha kill all the walkers inside the tombs and out of the prison, they were trying to make it look more like a community, and less like a prison, which he personally thought made no fucking sense, if the people from Woodbury wanted to live in a community, than they could all just go back to Woodbury and leave his group alone.

Rick wasn't even an option to go along on any run really, poor bastard hadn't even left the prison since the Woodbury refuges came, he was leading the charge in helping the people adjust to their new surroundings, cleaning up the prison with Carol, Beth and Hershel,and plus he was still worried about leaving the prison without a leader since the Governor was still at large.

Now that left Daryl in a tough bind, he couldn't go on the food run alone, well he thought he could, but Rick had insisted he take at least someone with him, and since his normal choices were all busy at the moment, that meant turning to someone from Woodbury to go with him. Keep in mind, most of the people from Woodbury, were either kids, teens, or just too old, and not even Hershel old, because regardless of being an old man with missing a leg, Hershel was still a wise, shotgun toting, tough son of bitch.

There was one Woodbury refuge that he could take with him though, and that was Karen, the sole survivor of the Woodbury Militia.

Rick had liked the idea, saying it'd be good for someone from Woodbury to get some field experience working with someone from the original group, Daryl on the other had thought it was bull shit, he might as well have been going alone. How the hell was some green horn survivor from Woodbury gonna help him? Last time he checked, people from Woodbury couldn't fight worth shit. Like always though, he took on the mission without bitching and left with Karen.

They had been driving none stop for some time now, stuck in an awkward silence for hours, which he preferred rather than actually talking, but apparently some quiet time wasn't good enough for the damn woman, and she had been trying unsuccessfully to engage him in small talk.

"You really don't talk much, do you?" Karen repeated, Daryl's face scrunched up in annoyance, this damn woman wasn't getting the point that he didn't want to talk to her, he just wanted to get this shit over with, maybe kill some walkers, and go the hell back home.

Karen sighed. "You're going to have to talk eventually."

"Ya don't know shit bout Dixons, if ya thinking I will." Daryl thought to himself.

This continued on for an hour, Karen trying to make up small talk, and Daryl ignoring her. The damn woman was either talking about her damn son, or just asking questions he didn't feel like answering, frankly, he just didn't give a shit about what she had to say, all he wanted was silence! Finally something inside him just snapped.

"God damn it woman!" Daryl roared punching the dash-board of the truck. "Ya can't shut ya damn mouth for five fucking seconds? Who gives a fuck if we talk or not?!"

Now logic says, after someone gets yelled and cursed at, they should be offended, get angry, or try to at least defend themselves, to his Karen didn't do any of that, in fact, she just raised her eyebrows at him.

"That's the best you got?" She said keeping one eye on the road. "Cause I'm not scared of a couple swears, belive I've heard worst.

Daryl didn't say anything after that, he felt like saying something, but didn't. She wasn't worth his time or the headache, just hoped that if he went back to ignoring her, she would keep her mouth shut.

After driving in silence for a couple of miles, Karen said. "You really are just like your brother, ya know that right?"

"That suppose to be an insult?" Daryl asked glaring at the woman. "Cus ya can walk ya ass back to prison if it is."

Karen rolled her eyes. "Last time I checked, I'm the one driving, Dixon."

"If ya talking bad bout my brother, that ain't gonna matter" Daryl challenged.

"I didn't mean it as an insult." Karen replied, not even looking the least bit concerned about Daryl's threat. "It's just your brother use to talk like that, all the cursing and anger, you just sounded like him for a second." She then briefly looked at Daryl apologetically for a second. "I'm sorry if it came off as an insult, I didn't mean anything by it."

Daryl grunted and looked back out the window. "Whatever, just drive." He said not really wanting to continue the conversation.

Karen looked like she wanted to say something else, but let it go, deciding to focus on driving the truck instead, the roads were covered in snow, and it'd be safer to keep her attention where it mattered.

She had thought about telling Daryl the real reason why he had been hand-picked for this supply run, and why she had gone with him. The truth of the matter was, Rick was worried about him, he thought that some time away from the prison would do him good, at least, that's what he told her. She didn't know what Daryl had been like before she had joined the group, but she knew there was something in his eyes, something troubled.

As they continued to drive in silence, something started to bother Daryl, it was a nagging feeling in the back of his head. Looking out of the corner of his eyes, he looked at Karen, for some reason, he wanted to know more of what she had to say about his brother, he didn't know why really. A lot of people knew Merle, and a lot of them had bad things to say about Merle, the only thing asking questions about his brother would do, would piss him off even more, and he really didn't need that, not today.

Grunting, Daryl mentally berated himself. Thinking about his wasn't gonna do him any good, it'd only distract him. He didn't need to know anything, better off not knowing. Nevertheless, he still kept stealing glances at her.

"You can ask me about him, you know." Karen said quietly, still looking out at the road. "I know you want to."

Daryl snorted, still watching her out of the corner of his eyes. "How ya think that?"

"Because, you've been staring at me for the twenty minutes." Karen replied still not looking at him.

Twenty minutes, really? Had he really been looking at her that long? No, she must have been full of shit. "Ya were gawking out at the road, how would ya even know what I was looking at?" Daryl shot back defensively.

Karen fixed him a dry look, she then said. "I'm a mother, I have eyes in the back of my head. You didn't know?"

"Smart ass." He muttered turning his attention back out the window.

Looking back at the road, Karen suddenly said. "Listen, I'm not happy about going on this supply run either. I'd rather be at the prison just as much as you would, but these are the cards we've been dealt, nothings gonna change that."

Daryl opened his mouth to say argue, but closed it right after. He hated to admit it, but she was right, getting at each others throats wouldn't do them any good, they'd just have to suck it up and deal with the bull shit.

He really couldn't make heads or tails of Karen, she'd been with them for a month now, and unlike the other naive slugs the group had brought back from Woodbury, she actually could hold her own. That didn't change much though, at the end of the day, she still hadn't proved herself to him yet.

Sighing, Daryl laid his head against the glass of the window and said. "Just wake me when we get there, and try not to crash and get us killed too."

"Fuck you too, Dixon." Karen muttered.

Just as Daryl was about to close his eyes and try to get some rest, he caught a glimpse of a road sign up ahead, and as soon as he read it, he shot up from the seat, and a cold chill went up his spine.

He had been so distracted the entire ride, that he didn't notice how familiar the landmarks were looking, how the view from outside the windows were starting to show snow-covered mountains, and not the flat scenery that he was use to seeing while driving.

"What's wrong?" Karen said noticing Daryl's sudden silence and lack of color. She subconsciously gripped the gun on her waist, a nervous habit she had picked up after almost being murdered by the Governor.

Daryl started to take deep, long breaths, then he gripped his knees as hard as he could, he couldn't believe he had been so stupid. Why hadn't he checked Glenn's directions before agreeing to go on this supply run?

He swallowed the saliva that had built up in his mouth, and then quietly said. "We're in North Georgia."

Daryl had somehow managed to go back to the one place on earth he never wanted to see again. A place from his nightmares, that not even the CDC, Hershel's farm, or even the arena at Woodbury could compare to. A place he hadn't been to since the world had first gone to shit.

Daryl Dixon, had found his way home to the Mountains of North Georgia.

Author's notes: Well that's all for now. if you're wondering why Daryl is acting how he's acting, I'm writing him in the way Normal Reedus said he could be in season 4, he said that Daryl would be more cold and angry, like he was in season 1, so I'm trying to do justice by that. As to why I picked Karen as a lead in the story, and not anyone else from the group, well that was because I wanted someone who didn't know anything about to Daryl, and who really had an unknown back story themselves I can work on. I think she makes a good foil for Daryl, and I'm interested in where her character will go in the next season, but for now, I'm gonna see if I can play around a little bit, before the show comes back.

Well thanks for reading, please send me ya feedback, good or bad, I love it all.

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