"Emily!" Clyde called out at her

"Hey, Clyde!"

"How was your flight, Darling?"

"Its fine"

"What's wrong?" he asked worriedly.

'I hate profilers!' she thought. He always had been able to read her like an open book. "I don't even know it myself. But I will be, just need to adjust" she reassured him.

They arrived at Interpol London. It wasn't anything new to Emily for this wasn't really her first time to work for an agency.

Clyde introduced her to her new team members. "Em, these are your new teammates: Tony Dinozzo, Eric Delko, Ryan Wolfe and Nick Stokes."

"Nice to meet you, Ma'am" Nick said

"Please don't call me ma'am makes me sound like a really old woman. Call me Emily or Em, whichever you're comfortable at. No last names, had enough of them to last a lifetime," Emily said.

"Ok, nice to meet you Emily"


"You can call me Tony if you want, I don't mind" Tony said in a slightly flirty tone.

"Don't worry about him; we tend to ignore him, most of the time. Hi, I'm Ryan" Ryan said,

"I'm Eric, and Ryan is right. Tony is always like that especially to lovely women, like your self, we can show you your new office," Eric said.

"Lead the way" 'Yeah, this is a new start' Emily thought to herself.

Back at the BAU

"Montana. Three weeks ago, they found the body of a 16 year old boy, throat slit. No Witness, No prints, the boy was reported missing by his grandfather. He said he hadn't seen his grandson for about two days, got worried and reported it, the next day they found his body.

A week later, another boy, this time an 18 year old, throat slit just like the first one. Him too, was reported by his parents, they said that their son went to a party, never came back, a day after they reported him missing, a local LEO found his body at a local shop parking lot, and early this week another body.

Chris Joyner, only son of Christian and Elsa Joyner. Same MO, no prints, no DNA, no witness and body was found a day after his parents reported him missing, just like the others" Jj said.

"Not much for a cooling off period" Reid said.

"Same victimology, young boys. Ages ranged from 16-18, brunette all from middle class family" Rossi added

"The dumpsites are not consistent, first one was at a local park, next was at a local shop parking lot and the latest victim was found at a forest terrain often frequented by campers." Derek said while looking at the crime scene reports.

"Kids were always killed a day after they were reported missing" Jj said from her sit next to David Rossi

"We need to know why the UNSUB is choosing this particular victims, there would be more than just hair color and social status" Reid added.

"We also need to know the significance of the dumpsites." Derek said

"Wheels up in 30" Hotch said before he got up and exited the conference room.

"He didn't even ask about Emily!" Derek said as he collected the crime scene photos.

"Maybe he hadn't seen the letter yet and assumed she was just late " Jj answered.

"He could at least one of us where she is!"

"Why are you so bothered about this?! She is gone! She left us!" Reid snapped at him

"Why?! Because she is our friend! I would like to think that the reason she left, would have at least look for her. But guessed what?! He didn't!" Derek didn't even realize that the words left his mouth until he saw the faces of his team members.

"What do you mean?" Penelope asked

"Nothing" Derek tried to dismiss them "No! You can't just drop something like that and expect for us to just let it go. Claiming it was nothing when obviously it was something! Tell us!" Jj shouted back at him.

"Lower your voice" Derek tried to stop her.

"No! I won't lower my voice until you tell us why!"

"She is love with him!"