My Love

Just look here…

I see a little gentle flower growing in the mountains.

But… This is no place for it…

Still it somehow manages to blossom.

Its petals are delicate like silk,

Thin stem is growing along the ground

But the soil is poor, the winds are wild and fierce

And only sharp rocks are around…

Where does it take the strength and courage

To fight the storms, obstinacy to keep blooming

When there is nothing and no one to cherish it?

Because…You know it is so easy to give up

And succumb to wind storms and despair

And fall away into the abyss…

The truth is… the flower loves

The high blue sky and the sun

Which gives the warmth and caresses

Its petals and small leaves with its beams.

It loves rain which gives the strength to keep going.

It loves…

Therefore it is worthwhile to live…

Because after the darkest night comes a bright day…

For those who can wait.