Bella's POV

A soft touch wakes me from my slumber. I open my eyes to sink into a honey-colored heaven. I have to look away to prevent losing myself in the depths. Instead my eyes explore the stunning being in front of me. Soft features and beautiful eyes capture my attention completely. Not able to do anything, but stare at the man in front of me I take in every detail of his face. The blond hair on his head has an impossible gold color. Not wanting to destroy this sweet dream I try to act, as if I am not staring at the man in front of me. Not that I am certain, that it is a dream. It wouldn't surprise me, if I was dead and in heaven, but then again it's impossible. There is no way, God would forgive. I don't deserve to be forgiven.

God would surely know about my sins. He would stop me right in front of the heaven-doors and send me down to a better suiting place for me. I sigh and open my eyes again not sure when I closed them in the first place. An angelic smile meets me as I look up at the blonde man. He is definitely no human. It's just impossible. No human can smile so sweet. It's bright and blinding and makes it impossible for me to think. I can't help myself, but smile back. His expression is just too dazzling and charming.

Instantly I am sure, that I wouldn't be able to resist his every wish, even if I wanted to. Dead or not I would gladly die a second time just to see his sparkling eyes when he smiles again. I mean, who wouldn't? He is the most handsome man I have ever seen. Not that I can even compare him to anyone I have ever met before. He is the incarnation of my dreams. Someone, who looks like he could protect me and feel make me feel safe. Before I know, what I am doing I stretch my hand to touch him. To feel his soft skin beneath my fingertips, but as my fingers are mere centimeters away from him my hand stops in midair.

What was that? Did I imagine that? I look at him confused and try to concentrate on him more. "-understand me?" As soon as I hear his voice I completely forget about my thoughts. And about that weird expression, that was on his face moments ago. It's not like it matters. This is just a dream after all.

I close my eyes and focus only on his voice. On his sweet sweet voice, that takes every rational thought away from me. There is a slight pain in my arm and then everything is black.

I have a warm feeling in my heart as I hear his warm and loving voice again. I smile as I open my eyes and find him in the same place as the last time. My smile fades as I realize, that he is talking to me. But what did he say? Did he ask me something? "Miss?" He sounds a bit worried. But why? Why does he look so concerned? A bright light forces my thoughts back to reality. I close my eyes instinctively, but open them again after a moment. I look a bit confused as I see, that someone has opened the curtains of my room. But there is no sunlight to blind me just a cloudy sky. Weird there should be sunlight. My brows furrow as I look at the sky again. "Miss?" I see a flash of worry in his eyes as I look back to his eyes. Hmm…he is still there? I didn't really expect that. Dreams aren't supposed to last so long, right? "Yes?" My voice sounds as terrible as before and it hurts to speak. Before I can say another word he presses the glass to my lips again. I start drinking and the pain grows instead of fading as it's supposed to do. The burning gets so intense, that it's getting difficult to breathe.

I start coughing and try to get the needed air in my lungs, but the coughing gets only worse. I can feel a soothing hand on my back and then the voice whispers something in my ear. I try to understand him, but I can't focus enough. There is a curse and then the voices calls something. My vision is blurry and there is the familiar blackness again. Before I can fade completely in sweet nothingness I feel, that someone presses something to my face. I open my eyes for a last time to look at the honey-colored eyes. Just that they are not honey-colored anymore. They are deep black.

Weird…he looks nearly like a –

My thought gets swallowed by the blackness, that slowly drowns me. All white spots, that were still around me a second before disappear to be replaced by the sweet nothingness. I can feel the pain fade as well as the darkness swallows me completely.