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Chapter 5 : Interesting developments

It's dark outside and I stare at the dim lighted parking lot out of the window from my hospital room. Some time passed since the unexpected reunion with my brother. I don't know, how long exactly, because the medicine gave me, knocked me out for some time. I remember that told me his name some time in between the visit of my brother and now. I can't remember told me his name before or if I only imagined it, since my head injury combined with the medicine I got messed my memories of the time since I came into the hospital up pretty bad.

Hmm…I would use the sun as indicator when my brother was here, but considering the many clouds at the sky at that time and really the whole day, that won't work. There is no clock in my rom either…I can't believe that I saw that man again. I knew he was familiar from the beginning, but still…I absolutely didn't expect the man to be him. I close my eyes and think back to the last time I saw him…That was- "Oh…you are awake. How are you feeling?" I blink and look up at Dr. Cullen with confusion written all over my face. When did he get in here? Why didn't I notice him. My eyes narrow as I try to remember, what I was thinking before the blonde came in the room. "Miss?" I sigh and look up losing my train of thoughts again. "I am alright Dr. Cullan thank you. I only have a light headache and it is still difficult to concentrate on anything for a longer periode of time. And I still can't remember, how I ended up in the water." He nods and writes something down before looking up again and looking at me intensly before nodding again and writing something else down. "I am going to change your bandage now and check the wound, okay?" I nod and close my eyes as the doctor does his work. I relish in the soft caress of his hand to my head. His cool fingers feel so good on my throbbing head. They are not painfully cold just slightly beneath average. I can smell his delicious scent as he is bent over me tending to my wound. He smells like vanilla and new books. A unusual combination, but I like it. Very much so to be honest. Hmmm…he probably likes to read as much as I do… "So, finished. I will send to change your bandage in the morning. I will come check your wound again tomorrow, but don't hesitate any of the staff of the hospital before that, if you feel worse in any way." I nod again and watch as he leaves the room and closes the door behind him.

I lay back down and close my eyes. I really wonder, how everything is going to develop. I seams my whole life is going to change drastic within the next few days or even hours. I always blamed myself for the death of my brother. Just to find out, that he is not dead after nearly dying myself. I still can't remember, how I managed to get myself in this situation, but it doesn't matter anyway. Probably everything is going to be fine. Probably I am not the worthless pathetic girl, who I always thought I was. Maybe and just mabe I will have a family again. Be together with Lucca again.

I look out of the window again and look at the shining bright stars in the sky. Whatever happens I am not going to be alone. I have Lucca back now and I am not about to let anything happen to him again. The crystal clear night sky is reflected in my eyes as I think about my future, Lucca's and what we should do next. The moon casts everything in the room in a mysterious silver light and I can't look away from the nearly magical seeming view as I continue to try and process everything, that happened today and what I think is going to happen or will happen in the near future.

I don't notice a shadowy figure standing outside on the parking lot watching me with glowing red eyes. Am completely unaware of the emotions flashing in them. And even more of their meaning…