Summery: Fame can tear apart even the most down to earth people, its power hungry and unfortunately for Geoff, he discovered this single handed.

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Chapter 1: There's always a starting point.

Love, that fiery, passionate word that beast strong throughout everyone's hearts, at one point in everyone's life it comes to that point where you reach full capacity, your feelings are overcome for another person and you can't hide it any longer, that love inside your chest explodes, and showers you in warm, tingling sparks that make you feel glad.

Glad that you're loved, or glad that you love.

It's a powerful thing, and can be expressed in several ways, through the gentle touch of another's hand, through a kiss, through gifts; anything can really express love, even something as protection. Love has been known to even break apart some couples for the protection of others, but it is known that love stays with that person forever.

At this precise moment, a young couple would not know that one day they would have the same fate, they were in love, young and foolish, and things were soon about to get rocky…

The touch of fingertips, the warmth of his body on top of hers, the taste of each other's lips and tongues, the feel of each other's breath, dancing with each other in the midnight air. It was just the perfect scenario.

It shouldn't have been a happy or romantic moment, given that the pair had just suffered public humiliation on a game show, the first two kicked off…it was really meant to go downhill from there.

However for Bridgette and Geoff, this evening was nothing but perfect. Sure it was kind of a slap in the face for being the first two kicked off of the new series, Total Drama Action, and even more so when the two got into an accidental fight on the way to the hotel where the losers would be staying. But this was a stupid fight, who fights over mac and cheese anyway?

The pair had decided that maybe being the first two kicked off was a blessing in disguise, sure it meant missing out on winning 1 million dollars, but it always meant that the pair could re-kindle their love, and remember all the reasons why they fell in love with each other in the first place.

As soon as they left the car, they made their way to their new hotel room, unable to take their hands off each other, a stroke here, a soft kiss there. It was torture not being able to rip each other's clothes off there and fornicate on the hotel lobby floor.

After an agonising elevator ride up to the hotel room they final reached the 8th floor and to room 809. Once inside they dumped their suitcases on the floor and immediately ran into each other's arms.

The kissing was intense, the feeling was extraordinary. Soon clothes were discarded and the pair were rolling around their bed, kissing and cuddled to the extreme.

Bridgette slowly lay her head down onto the soft pillows and looked back up at Geoff who was hovering above her, a warm smile spread across her lips and she reached out a head to caress Geoff's cheek, who enjoyed the feel of her hand.

"I love you so much" She whispered softly.

Geoff grinned, "I love you too, Bridge".

And with that the two carried on with their plea to show how much they care for each other.


Geoff awoke with a groan, a loud banging coming from outside woke him from a deep slumber, he sighed and rubbed his eyes and then turned to his side and smiled at the sight of a sleeping Bridgette sleeping next to him, he was glad to see that the banging didn't awake her from her deep sleep, he stretched out and stroked the top of her head, she stirred slightly and nuzzled closer into Geoff's shoulder.

He let out a small chuckle and looked up at the ceiling; he took a deep sigh and closed his eyes, hoping to dose back to sleep.


Geoff's eyes snapped open and he groaned again, this time Bridgette opened a bleary eye and looked at Geoff.

"What's going on?" She groaned.

"I don't know" Geoff said as he sat up, "Someone's at the door".

"Just ignore it" Bridgette said and lay back down in her pillow, "It's probably room service, they'll come back later".

Geoff agreed and lay back down too before…

"Hey! Open the door!"

Geoff bolted back up with an alarming look on his face, "Holy crap, are we being burgled?"

Bridgette groaned and sat up, "I doubt it…maybe it's Total Drama related".

Geoff sighed and finally pushed himself out of bed, he pulled on some shirts and jeans and Bridgette got dressed in her usual blue hoodie, once both of them were dressed Geoff made his way over to the door and opened it, revealing a small intern from the show.

"Hi" He said, shaking slightly at the sight of Geoff, "T-The producers of T-Total Drama w-want to talk to you".

"Both of us?" Geoff asked, "Why?"

"B-beats me…please come with me, I'm sorry for waking you up!" The intern muttered.

Geoff sighed and looked back at Bridgette, "Come on babe, looks like we're not done yet".

After a short elevator ride they were led to the hotel lobby, then down two flights of stairs, their cell phones losing signal was a very good indication that they were now underground, they walked along a well-lit corridor, past help-yourself station for making tea and coffee, and finally reached a door that read 'conference room 4'.

The intern knocked twice and opened the door for Bridgette and Geoff, Geoff stepped in first and looked around, the room was dimly lit and smelt strongly of cigarette smoke.

Bridgette peered in next, her stomach dropped, this room reminded her strongly of a mob boss movie, this room looked exactly like the rooms where poor men were led before getting shot.

"Ah, finally" A voice said from the end of the long table, "Please, take a seat you two."

Bridgette and Geoff looked at each other and slowly approached the long narrow table, finally getting a look in at the faces on the table, there were 5 people, two women, one typing furiously on a laptop, the other peering over her glasses at the two, and two men both of them sitting with their elbows on the table, watching their every move. And finally the head of the table, a tall, thin man with a slight menacing look.

"We were so sorry to see you voted off the first show" The man said, "The fans will be disappointed".

"Really?" Geoff said, "Man that sucks".

Bridgette, who still couldn't shake the image of a mob boss out of her head, "I'm sorry…but who are you people?"

The man chuckled, this was followed by the men and women laughing in chorus after him, "My name is Walter Simmonds. In other words the director of everything that happens at Total Drama, these are my team members, Gina" He nodded in the direction of the woman on the laptop, "My secretary" He then looked at the woman next to Gina, "Angelica, my Producer" Angelica lowered her glasses and smirked at the two.

Then Walter turned to the gentlemen next to him, "This is Morris, my right hand man to communicate with human resources, and finally Lawrence, my lawyer".

Both men didn't move a muscle, however their eyes both looked in the direction of Geoff and Bridgette.

"Now that we've done the roll call, it's time to get down to business" Walter said, shuffling some papers on his desk, "Like I said, tragic shame, you two were the first kicked off" He grinned, "A couple of money makers, you two".

"Really?" Geoff gasped, "how?"

"Believe it or not but love sells, we were getting so many emails, letters and fans gathering telling us how much they love you, your love was simple, clean-cut, adorable".

The four around Walter started sniggering again, Walter held up a hand to stop them, and continued.

"Our first episode sent ratings through the roof, shame we can't communicate with the other contestants to keep you on the show, sadly I feel that last night was a mistake. The show's demographic will lose fans, money, just because you two were voted off".

"I don't understand" Bridgette spoke up, "So why are we here, what do you want with us? Last year we weren't bothered at Playa Des Losers until that episode where they asked us who we wanted to vote off, won't that happened again?"

Walter grinned, "Not this year baby, there will be a spin off show, featuring all of the losers and the ones that didn't even make it onto this season".

"And what does that have to do with us?" Bridgette asked again.

Walter leant on the desk, clasping his hands above his chin, he raised an eyebrow at the two and glared at them intensely.

"An opportunity has arisen, for both of you to redeem your social status, to make a name for yourselves in this industry".

Come away little Lamb, come away to the slaughter

To the ones appointed to see this through…

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