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Chapter 2: Slaughterhouse.

"An opportunity?" Bridgette repeated, "An opportunity for what exactly?"

Walter grinned, "There will be a few episodes this season that will feature the past contestants talking about their experiences on the show, the ones who didn't make it on this season will be there too as a panel. You can say that this will be like a talk show."

"A talk show?" Geoff asked, "But I still don't understand why we are here".

Angelica and Gina giggled, it wasn't a sympathetically endearing giggle that Geoff was used to hearing when he was a little dim, it was a patronizing, wicked sound.

"We have decided to give you two the chance to redeem yourselves, by becoming Canada's newest TV personalities, in other words we want you to host the talk show" Walter explained.

Silence fell in the room, only to be squashed by a gasp coming from Geoff's mouth.

"Wow" He whispered, "That's so cool".

He looked over at Bridgette, hoping she would be just as excited, but was a little disappointed to see her looking cold and glaring at the four producers in front of them.

"But…why us? Bridgette asked, "We're not anything special, we said that once we got kicked off that show it would be over, we've found each other in this and that is what I wanted, in all honesty I want to put Total Drama behind and move on to a new chapter of my life".

Walter scoffed, "Wow Bridgette, you're 18 years of age and already talking like a 40 year old, what a real stick in the mud you've turned out to be".

The sniggers in the room grew louder, making Bridgette sink back into her chair.

"Like I said before, your relationship is popular, fans went crazy for that romance you had going on the show, you both have potential to take it even further. I'm thinking a few stints on this aftermath show and you will both be rolling in money" Walter explained, he rose from his chair and walked over to a board.

"We'd get paid?" Geoff asked, leaning forward, "How much?"

"There would be the general fee from the show" Walter explained, showing then a chart on the board, "Around a couple hundred for every aftermath show you do, then there's the publicity, the magazine deals, being paid to show up at fancy events, that stuff will get you the real earnings, you do this correctly and you will be getting around $2000 a week, $8000 a month. And for a couple of teenage kids like yourselves that will be gold for you".

Geoff gaped, that much money sounded amazing, it beat any crappy part time job he had in the past, he turned to Bridgette, who still looked very stern and skeptical.

"That's so much money" Geoff whispered to her.

"Yes it is" Bridgette whispered back, "But what about all the other stuff, are you really saying that everyone will love us, what about internet trolls, people that don't like us and that can tear us down, I don't think I can handle that".

"You'd have trained publicists of course" Walter said. "Saving you form any scandal, any wild fans, they will protect any social networking sight so you don't see the hatred, simple".

"Of course" a voice came from Angelica "The odd scandal here and there can be quite helpful to roll in the cash".

There were more sniggers, before Walter held up his hand and made them stop. "She not wrong, sometimes a bad reputation can help".

Bridgette scowled, "I don't like where this is going" She rose from her chair, "Thanks but no thanks".

She tried to leave, but was immediately stopped by Geoff, he grabbed hold of her and looked her in the eyes.

"Bridgette come on, please consider this, its such a great opportunity, think of the money, we can go on vacation! Maybe get a house or something, plus I kind of miss being on TV" Geoff said, his eyes drooping into a sad puppy dog look.

"If you need more time to think" Walter's voice piped up, "I can give you a day to think it over, but we really must press on, if you can't decide I will give the gig to someone else, someone a bit more up to the job".

"Just give us a second" Geoff said, "Give us five minutes".

Walter nodded, "Please, use the room outside if you wish".

Geoff nodded slowly, and escorted Bridgette out of the room, Bridgette was in no mood to back down, this was meant to be quality time for her and Geoff to finally get to know each other, maybe go to visit each others parents, this show had really pushed them behind all normal couples, they had technically been together for five months now, most couples would be in this comfortable state of mind, at the moment, Bridgette was still in the early stages of their relationship, all because of the show.

Geoff led her outside and held her hands, "Bridgey-bear, come on, this could be so cool, think about it, our own TV show!"

"Yeah, it would be awesome, in any other circumstance" Bridgette said, "Remember that this is a sadistic show, Chris McClean won't be there to torture us, it will be done from the powers that be. I can't, Geoff".

Geoff looked down at his feet and sighed, "I won't force you, but I really want to do it, it's not just about being on TV, it's the money, the money that I can use to spend on you, the chance to see our friends again, that's what I'm thinking of".

Bridgette sighed, she could slowly see their summer slipping away, "If this is really important to you…then maybe I'll consider it".

"Oh Bridgette! This is so cool-."

"On the grounds that you promise that you won't let this aftermath change us, I want to be the same people in the same place after this is over" Bridgette explained.

Geoff smiled, "Come on, Babe. Do you really think I'll change! I'm like the coolest dude out there! We'll go on TV talk to our friends and make a killer in money!"

Bridgette sighed, "Alright fine…you've twisted my arm enough…I'll do it".

Geoff smiled and pulled Bridgette into a tight hug, "You won't regret this I promise" He said and gave her a quick kiss, "I'll take you out for dinner tonight, my treat".

"Too darn right!" Bridgette smirked, the two slowly walked back into the room to find that the five hadn't moved, in fact they were pretty sure they had just stayed in silence waiting for the pair to come back.

"Well?" Walter asked.

Bridgette took a deep breath, "Ok…the answer is yes, we will do this aftermath thingy".

Walter smirked a sinister grin. "Wonderful".

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