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2weeks later:

Steve pulled his truck up to the guard gate at Pearl Naval Command Center and rolled down his window.

"Commander McGarrett, it's nice to see you again sir, what brings you to Pearl?" The young officer greeted

"Good evening, Johnson, I am bringing lieutenant Rollins her dinner" He smiled as he lifted the takeout bag from the passenger seat.

"Oh, I am sorry, sir, Lieutenant Rollins left a half an hour ago" Johnson apologized

"Are you sure?" McGarrett questioned in confusion

"Her car is hard to miss, sir" Johnson smirked

Pausing for a moment Steve replied "Thank you, Johnson" he carefully back up and drove away.

Steve thought it was odd that Catherine had left the base. She had specifically told him that she was working late again tonight. That's three nights in a row.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, he drove past her house. The house was dark and the driveway was empty. He continued and made his way home.

Entering his house he tossed his keys, the bag with the dinner on the table, and dropped on to the couch.

Hours had passed and Steve continued to sit in his living room, slumped on the couch, randomly changing the channels on his television. He had always lived a life of solitude and had never depended on anyone. The past few years have been different. Catherine had been there for him during the most difficult moments of his life. Danny has quickly become the brother he had never had. There was an unbreakable bond with these two people and that was making his feelings more difficult to understand. The past two weeks were wearing heavily on his mind.

Catherine had less and less time to spend with him. He could not help but feel as if the fight they had over Doris was the cause. He apologized for reacting before giving her a chance to explain. She apologized for not telling him sooner. He thought he had done everything right. He knew that up until that point, he had not been the best boyfriend; actually he was fully aware of how wrongly he had treated her. Danny, Chin and Kono, had made that very clear. He made a conscious effort to show her how he felt about her and was convinced that she loved him. Despite this, he felt that she was purposely keeping her distance and he had convinced himself that she was hiding something

Danny had been spending a great deal of time with Grace; understandably so. The custody battle between Danny and Rachel had taken a big toll on Danny and he was trying to make an effort to be the perfect father. Steve had been included in their special father daughter outings, but lately, they had neglected to invite him. He understood at first, the camping trip had been a traumatic event for Grace and the attempts on Doris, had made Steve dangerous to be around, but cutting him off completely was uncharacteristic of Danny.

As the evening progressed, Steve could not stop the random thoughts that were running in his mind. There was one that played on a continuous loop and it bothered him more each time.

He liked the fact that Catherine and Danny were getting along so well. The few times they were able to be all together, he had noticed a bond between the two. He had also noticed the conversations taking place between them when they thought no one was looking. A smile erupted on Danny's face each time they encountered each other. He didn't think anything suspicious about it, until he began putting together the pieces.

Each evening Catherine was working late or had other plans, coincidently matched with the evenings that Danny was also busy. Tonight was one of those evenings.

Steve couldn't take it anymore and he needed to find out if his suspicions were true. Immediately he picked up the phone and called HPD.

"This is commander McGarrett, I need a GPS track on a phone ASAP" He demanded as he proceeded to give the officer Catherine's phone number.

Moments later a text was received and to his dismay, his suspicions were correct. "She's at Danny's" he sighed as the pit of his stomach turned.

He stood for a moment in disbelief, he knew he was right, but hoped he was wrong. "How could they?" He dropped on the couch and covering his face, began to cry. The tears flowed uncontrollably, partially out of disappointment and partially from anger.

"These are the two people that mean more to me than anyone. More to me than my own mother. How could they?" He thought to himself over and over. "Why couldn't I be wrong just once?"

Trying desperately to ignore the jealousy that raptured inside him, he decided to give them one more chance of validating his trust. He picked up the phone that sat half hazard on the table and dialed Danny's number.

"Williams" Danny answered

"Hey, what's up? I was thinking we could go and get a few beers or something" Steve tried to act as non chalantly as possible

"uh…I'm sorry man but I've got Grace tonight, I told you that" Danny answered with hesitation

"Oh…I could come over and hang out with you guys" Steve replied

Danny paused trying to find a way to keep Steve away from the house "You know maybe another time. She has a friend with her and it's all girl stuff, you know how it is. I'll see you tomorrow at the office. Have a good night" Danny cut him off before the conversation could continue.

Steve stared at the phone in disbelief, as he rubbed his face and dialed Catherine's number.

"Well. Hello there Sailor" She answered

"Hey, do you want to catch dinner and a movie tonight?" Steve asked

"You mean like a date? Steve, I told you I was working late tonight" She responded sharply as she gave Danny a look

"Oh yeh, I thought maybe you had a change of plans" He tried to give her one last way out

"The Navy doesn't change their plans, sorry. Listen Steve I really need to go. Goodnight" She needed to end the call before her quilt got the better of her.

Steve slumped back into the couch and catching his breath to clear his head, he grabbed his keys and raced out the door.

"I need to see this for myself and end this once and for all" The door slammed behind him.