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By the way, there's actually a a littttttle bit of sex scene in this story but forgive me, it's not detailed enough, though because I'm not really good at writing sex scenes. So, if ever you guys didn't feel horny or something, just deal with it. LOL (Although I'm not making you feel horny)…

Anyways, this is my very first rated M story. Of course, it's a SASUHINA fic.

On with the story!


Hinata's POV

I'm currently living somewhere in the middle of delusion and reality.

'Is it okay for me to go inside?' I thought as I looked to my left and right alerting myself if there's someone I knew who would be passing by this area and sees me entering this book store. And the worst part is they might think I'm a total pervert considering I'm a woman.

I was currently standing outside the ADULT book store before me—contemplating not to go inside or to go inside. But I chose the latter. Why? I just had to. I sighed. Yes. I'm a GIRL. A GIRL that shouldn't go inside this lewd book store where several old and perverted guys looking for some provocative books and stuff like that. Do I still have dignity left if I go inside? Hm..I think so, unless… I shook my head not wanting to think that I'm a perverted woman—well, I AM NOT a pervert! There's really a reason behind this as to why I was inside this bookstore.

Once inside, I saw several books with different genres to choose from and there aren't really so much people as I thought it would be. I went to a nearby shelf where I could pretend to scan any books while waiting for the man, who's buying a lewd book, to go away.

"Thank you very much, Sir." The cashier lady said.

He nodded then left the store.

Making sure that no one sees me looking for a certain book as I looked to my left and right, I made my way to the section where the man had been to. Ahh, a lewd book that says, 'Erotica Nurse'—it was…really provocative to me as I flipped the page discreetly.

"Erotica Nurse." I muttered, feeling the blood rushes to my nerve near the surface of my face and neck causing a reddening of the skin on my cheek.

Hyuuga Hinata. A young maiden at the age of seventeen.

I could feel several eyes staring at me—some of them were intently and some of them were confusion, but that doesn't matter. What the matter is my trembling knees as I kept staring at those books. I don't really know why, every time I see some perverted things such as this, I tend to create arousing scenes in my head—that leads me unaware of my surroundings.

To other people, I appear as a normal high school girl, but that's just the face on the surface.

"I'm home!" I yelled throughout the house as I unlocked the door. 'I guess, I should start working on it already.' I thought.

"Onee-chan! Where have you been loitering around at?!" My younger sister, Hanabi, yelled wearing an apron with a ladle on her left hand. Ever since our mom died from illness, I promised myself to take care of my sister and stood as a mom to her. But I guess, that would be the opposite when she was the one doing all the chores and acts motherly to me. And as for dad, well…let's not talk about him, shall we? I'll just start recalling some painful memories about him. So, basically, we've been living at this house for a long time just the two of us.

"I just went to a bookstore for a bit." I said as I start climbing the stairs so I could change.

"Just hurry up and do your job! It's due tomorrow! I'll just call you when dinner's ready." She said while pushing me to the stairs.

"Alright, alright." I chuckled.

My other face is…an erotica novelist by the name of H.H.

Okay, maybe I'm a pervert, but there's a reason behind this as to why I kept writing this ever since our dad had passed away. He left his novels to me to continue writing erotic novels under the name of him. Maybe he was thinking of entrusting this to me? I don't know. Of course, it wasn't easy for me to write such an indecent novel considering I'm a woman. But since it was my father's masterpiece, I had decided to still work on it even if the author wasn't really me. My father was a famous erotica novelist in the world of erotica novels. His pen name was H.H. So basically, I'm a ghost writer—writing novels in place of my late father.


I was in ninth grade and winter that day when it happened.

"My father's…unfinished manuscript?" I said almost choking when I heard the news about my father's sudden death. I couldn't believed that day that he died when I actually said goodbye to him that morning. So, that was the goodbye for.

"I would like to discuss this with you. Hinata-san, for the sake of your father's novel, would you continue to write it in place of sensei?" The man I didn't know said.

I didn't know how to respond to that when he asked me that. I was really shocked at that time, so my mind wasn't really processing at what she was blabbing about that I agreed to do it absentmindedly.

Suddenly, I snapped out of my trance when he spoke, "I always heard from sensei about your talent in writing. Just this one time, we will keep it from the public that he has already passed away. You will receive money for the manuscript as well as the royalty, so…" He trailed off as he looked back at me as if trying to decipher the expression on my face.

I closed my eyes, thinking the possibility and the circumstance that will be happened if I agreed to his request. Maybe I should try at least this once?

I reopened my eyes and took a deep breath. "Okay, I'll do it." I finally replied.

Upon hearing my respond, his face lip up then suddenly it slowly dropped changing the expression of his face to being sad. "Condolence." He said.

I nodded. Not really trusting my voice because if I did say a single word, I'd definitely burst into tears.

End of Flashback

My father was a very good father who cared about his family. When he heard the news about my mother's sudden illness which caused her to death, he made a promise to himself to double up his love and care towards us, sisters—well, that was what he told us, though. He wasn't really a greedy man and a heavy womanizer one at that. So, when he passed away, he left us a mountain load of debt and the worst part, we only received a small amount of life insurance; so it wasn't any of help in repaying the debts.

As I keep writing this obscene novel, my sister was curious as to why I kept writing stories with door always lock. So I told her, but not entirely, though because there are things that she's not supposed to know yet at such a young age, but whatever comes into her mind, luckily, she doesn't understand a thing about it.

My mind was preoccupied when my sister suddenly knocked. "Onee-chan! Dinner's ready."

"Okay." I responded as I take off my reading glasses.

I've decided to start writing, and when I did, I was determined. So, I will write novels to support my sister and our life.

No One's POV

Hinata turned her head to the left as she extended her left arm and flexed her right arm with her hand pointing in the same direction as her left arm. Yes, she was yawing. Not because of the boring classes she was having right now, but because of her lack of sleep she had last night due to the novel she had working on just to finich it for the deadline. It's lunch time, actually.

"Aww…you're yawning again, Hinata?" A brunette with buns on each side of her head said as she sat on top of her desk.

"Y-Yeah." Hinata replied as she yawned again.

"You're into another game on the internet, right? You really like that kind of stuff, huh?" A bubble gum hair said leaning against the edge of her desk while looking at her.

"Mm-mm." Hinata mumbled. 'The only problem now is the short story for the special issue.' She said mentally, not really paying attention to their conversation. But, all of a sudden, Sakura, the bubble gum-haired beauty, spoke making her startled a little.

"Tenten! Come to think of it, 'SE7ENTeen' goes on sale today, right?" She showed to them a magazine with a handsome young man and a pale skin posed as naked—only the top, though. She don't know why but when she saw the picture of his, she blushed a little.

"There's no way, I'd forget this!" Tenten replied smirking.

Sakura squealed. "Kyaahhh!" 'Gosh, this girl squealed really loudly.' Hinata thought as she covered her ears with her hands.

"So coool! Sasuke's so hot!" Sakura squealed again making Hinata cringed a bit for her loudness. She rolled her eyes at her but it seemed she didn't notice.

"Who's this Sasuke?" Hinata finally asked. Sakura stopped abruptly then stared at her intently as if wondering why she was the only one unaware of Sasuke's popularity.

"You don't know Sasuke?" Sakura finally asked after the pause.

"I wouldn't bother asking if I knew him, right?" Hinata responded clearly annoyed by the obvious question.

Tenten rejoined the conversation and said, "Point taken." All of a sudden, Sakura interjected.

"How could you not know someone like him? He's all over the newspapers, magazines, tv, and even internet."

"Well, I wasn't really watching tv that much. I was…busy with online games, you know." Hinata explained, obviously playing along with the "online games" they had from the previous conversation about the lackness of her sleep.

Tenten sighed. "Seriously, Hinata. You should really stop playing online games at least for awhile. Your eyebags are turning visible already. That's not good for your health, you know." She exclaimed.

"Hai, hai, mother." She grinned as she mocked her "motherly" side which Tenten grinned as well in return.

"Can I see the magazine again?" Hinata asked Sakura politely.

"Sure." Sakura handed it over to her as she sat right next to her.

Hinata flipped the magazine a little too fast, but when she saw the biography of him, she starts to read only the important content.

'He's a year older that me?' She thought then flips another page. 'He's quite charming and his eyes are emotionless, dangerous yet so calm. He's…beautiful.' Shee thought. 'Even though it's a picture of a naked guy, he looks like an angel.' She added mentally.

"What's wrong, Hinata? You like him?" Tenten said in a teasing tome with a grin attached on to her mouth.

"W-What? N-No, not r-really." She stuttered making her blush even more. Curse the stutterring.

All of a sudden, a group of boys were laughing so hard making the three girls turned their head directly to them not to far away fromw them.

"Wahahaha!" A guy with a red triangle tattoo on each of his cheek laughed so hard as he grasp his torso probably couldn't breath as he kept laughing.

"Don't mistake that place with her asshole!" A guy with a purple paint on his face yelled angrily at him as he crossed his arms over his chest with eyes narrowed.

Sakura instantly said, "Ugh, those guys are talking about perverted stuff again. How gross." Her eyes narrowed and lips curled into a frown as she glared at each of them and crossed her arms over her chest.

The guys with the red triangle tattoos who's name is Kiba spoke again, "But like, she's a married woman."

"F-For real?" The guy with a purple paint on his face, Kankuro, asked.

'A-A married woman?! A high school boy and a married woman!' She said mentally not realizing the magazine she was still holding being crumpled as her mind drifted to something indecent scenes.

Kiba continued, "When I tried to force my way in, she panicked and grabbed my thing."

'Grabbed? That's a meager way to put it. That's not it.' She thought still holding the poor crumpled magazine.

Hinata's day dreaming (For novel)

Misaki, a married woman, lost to the boy's adorable face. She gently wrapped his erected member in her right hand.

"No, No…over here..Aaah!" She said with pure ecstasy as the boy continued to pleasure her. "Y-Youta-kun! Aaah!" He excited her whole being, from her mysterious daisy bud to her he feminine juice.

"Aaah! Y-Youta-kun! More! Deeper!" She screamed in a pleasurable way making the boy complied as he pushed his shaft deeper into her maiden hole.

Sweat beads startsforming from their naked bodies as they kept continued their indecent actions. With the penetrating he was giving to her, the boy suddenly said, "Y-Yoshida-san!" He closed his eyes feeling the warm that wrapped his shaft inside of her. Oh, she's so tight!

"….me Misaki." She said with a shaky breath. "AAAAHHHNNN!" She screamed. Then, all of a sudden—

End of Hinata's day dreaming

Hinata snapped out of her trance when she heard a sudden yell. It was Sakura.

"Hey! Cut that fucking out already!" She roared making the boys cringed at her sudden loud voice. "Don't talk about that kind of stuff in the classroom! Hinata totally froze, you know!" She added.

"What the hell?" Kiba muttered which apparently Sakuta didn't hear it. Luckily to them.

"Hinata, are you okay?" Tenten asked worriedly, but she were blushing as well. She sighed. "Guys really are gross. They always talk about sex. That's disgusting." She continued.

Hinata sighed.

'If I were a normal girl, when I hear about sex, I'm supposed to blush and get embarrassed and yet it was the opposite. I guess I have an occupational disease.' She thought.

'Huh?' She instantly halted from her thoughts when a girl, an underclassmen, opened the door rapidly.

"Sakura-senpai!" She screamed making Sakura gasped with a sudden call of her name.

"W-What's that? W-What's that scream about?" Hinata muttered unaware of the reason of the sudden commotion outside their classroom.

"UCHIHA SASUKE NEWS! THE INFO THAT HE'S GOING TO SCHOOL TODAY IS TRUE! EVERYONE'S ALREADY HEADING TOWARD THE SCHOOL GATE!" The girl yelled. As if on cue, the whole class walked—no, ran quickly as fast as they could, felt excited to get a glimpse of him. It felt like a storm had passed by judging by the look of the classroom—the chairs and desks were scattered in different area. Of course, with the exception of the boys…and Hinata, herself.

One of the boys said, "Scary…a flood of girls." Looking through the glass windows. "Oh, here he comes." He added.

Hinata widened her eyes at the sudden news. So, he's really that popular judging by the hordes of squealing girls surrounding him.

Out of curiosity, she peeped through a small space where she was in between the two boys, who also looking down through the window. "Let me see!"

"Oh, you're not going, Hyuuga?" Kankuro said wondering why she didn't come down just like the girls outside the school.

Unfortunately for him, she ignored, or rather, she was preoccupied looking intently at the said prince.

Kiba instantly said in a bored tone, "Wow, the Uchiha procession is awesome." Clearly, he didn't feel happy about it at all considering the population of the girls surrounding him and his fame.

"I heard that he avoided going to school since morning to prevent a panic to break out, but even going to school late doesn't help much, huh?" Kankuro said.

Somehow…when I look at him from afar, I felt like he has this special air about him.

"You know, people say that he's the successor of the Uchiha Financial Group, but he's the son of the mistress." A voice behind her suddenly spoke. It was Nara Shikamaru. A genius in this class.

"Are you serious?" Hinata asked couldn't believe that he was just the son of a mistress.

"Yeah, he's gotta be especially good at sleeping with other people's women. And then in the end, he'd just throw her away." He continued. She doesn't know why he suddenly said that. He wasn't the type to pry in other people's business when he was called "Lazy bum" by other people here. But, now, he just said that.

'So, he's that kind of guy?' She thought. That's definitely not the kind of ideal man she wanted—well, every women wanted.

But, even though he has such a pretty face, people talk of him as if he's a devil. But…in the end, he still lives in a world different from ours.

'He has nothing to do with me. What's most important now is for me to think my next story.' I said mentally trying to get out of here.

"Oi, Hyuuga. Fourth period is about to start. Where are you going?" Kankuro ask wondering as to why she was in a hurry.

"I feel…a bit unwell, so I'm going to rest in the infirmary." She lied, thinking it would be best just to said so for the sake of her new novel entry.

"I see." Kankuro responeded.

Hinata was walking a little too fast, absent-mindedly as she's making her way to the said Infirmary—no, it was a different room, though. So, it was Audiovisual Room—unaware of two people who was inside of the said room.

She opened the door, delighted that it was unlocked. 'The infirmary is really not accommodating and it'll be bad if someone sees me writing my draft.' She thought as she went to the back of the room and laid down to take a nap.

She yawned. "Ah..I'm so sleepy. I haven't slept for a whole day." She mumbled. 'I'll just sleep a little bit.' She soon drifted to sleep.

Hinata's POV

A few minutes had passed, my eyes snapped open when I heard two voices in this room. I thought I was the only one in here? All of a sudden, a voice spoke-it was definitely a guy's, "Hey, wouldn't it be bad if someone comes?"

Then, the other voice—it was a woman's this time—replied, "It's okay." I shouldn't be eavesdropping, but my mind wouldn't listen to me. I decided to take a look at my phone to see what is the time already.

I gasped. 'No way! I overslept?' I screamed in my mind.

"Don't tell me you're scared?" They woman said trying to convince her about something I don't know. I decided to peek—now, I'm blushing already. I was having a hard time breathing, not because I was hyperventilating, it was because it feels like if I exhaled a huge breathe, they might hear me or something. Of course, I don't want that to happen! So, I stayed, didn't make any movement as I keep peeking on whoever those people are.

The man replied, "More like I'm scared of you, Sensei."

She giggled. "What are you talking about?" Now, I can see clearly from the distance I was currently in and widened my eyes to see it was Uchiha Sasuke having an intimate conversation with Kurenai-sensei—that might turn into an indecent action.

Author's Note: I know it's kinda long, so what do you guys think? Good? Bad?

BTW, this was based on the smut manga I've read before but now I was reaaaalllyy waiting for the next chaper. (Credits to the owner of the manga) But, unluckily for me, it hasn't updated yet. Sigh. Oh well.

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