First and foremost, thank you for those who reviewed this fic. Secondly, have you read the manga I mentioned from the previous chapters? If I remember correctly, I put the title of it. But I'll say it again, the manga is called MOMOIRO HEAVEN. For those who haven't read it, you should try reading it'cause it's really good smut manga. But for those who have, you'll notice the plot already. Thirdly, since the guy from the manga is a hot and handsome super model guy, why not make it to be SASUKE. Why? Because it suits him. I know the guy from the said manga is a MANWHORE since being a popular with girls and works as a super model makes you a playboy AND perverted. I'm not trying to make Sasuke a manwhore, but if you aren't happy with his 'manwhore' personality, I'll change the plot for you just to make you satisfied (reader).

SASUHINA is one of my favorite pairings from Naruto. I wouldn't let Sasuke in this fic being a manwhore forever when there's Hinata as his partner in this story, right? So, being a 'manwhore' is only temporary for Sasuke because sooner or later he'll fall in love with Hinata. But since it's just a beginning, 'falling in love with Hinata' has to wait for awhile.

I respect your review in this fic as much as I respect you as a reader. But since this is my very first M-rated fic, I'm kindly asking you to respect my story. Honestly, sex scenes is hard for me but since I'm the author, I just had to make a rated M fic.

I'm not mad with just one negative feedback and like I said, I respect it.

I'll still continue this fic even if there are some negetive feedbacks added OR not interested on reading this anymore.



*I'm very sorry for those who aren't satisfied with the character's behavior.

Your Author,