Chapter One- The Case

Jenifer Jareau just hung up the phone in her office. She had just received a new case that involved her sister, Alice. She gathered the team into the conference room. She put the pictures of four missing teenagers on the T.V. screen. The fourth girl was her sister. "Forks, Washington called us in to help on a four missing teenagers case. The fourth girl was taken over an hour ago. The only thing in common is that they go to the same high school."

"J.J. isn't the fourth girl your little sister, Alice?"

"Yes, Spence. The thing is that she has severe asthma so I don't know how long she can fight to stay alive. Before they die, they are raped and tortured."

"How long does he keep them?"

"It's longer every time, Hotch."

"Wheels up in thirty."

Thirty minutes later the BAU was on the jet, which had just taken off. J.J, Reid, Hotch, Rossi, Morgan, and Prentiss were going over the case. "The first girl (Mia) he used a spider to torture her. The second girl (Jenny) he used fire to torture her. The third girl (Alex) he using something completely different."

"He's using what hurts them or scares them the most against them. The question is how does he know that?"

"Reid and J.J. you two go to the station. Rossi and Morgan you two go to the first two dump sights. Prentiss and I will go the morgue."

"Hotch, the unsub took our foster sister and Alice's best friend. He took people that are close to us."

"Garcia do you have anything for us?"

"I can't find anything on Alice because her files are sealed shut. Alex was taken in by the McCarthy's when she was five years old. She is a soccer star for the varsity girls' soccer team. Her last name used to be Morgan and no she isn't related to her Derrick. Jenny lived with her Aunt and Uncle after her parents died. Both Alex's and Jenny's parents died in a car accident, which wasn't an accident by the way. Mia is the only one who lives with her parents. All four girls are soccer stars."

"How come you can't get into Alice's files?"

"I don't know it's like she isn't from this time. I'll keep working on it. Garcia out."

The screen went blank. J.J. knew what time her sister was from. She couldn't tell anyone the secret. It was the same as her secret. She and Emmett their older brother promised that they would protect Alice. So far it wasn't going that well. "J.J. how come your sister's files aren't in the data base?"

"They are in there, but well hidden. There's two firewalls and five different passwords in order to get in. That's how well her files are protected. That's all that I can tell you, I'm so sorry."

The jet landed in Seattle's airport. They each got into three different black hummers. J.J. and Reid in one, Morgan and Rossi in another and Hotch and Prentiss in the last one. Each of them drove to their destinations. It didn't take long for each of them to arrive. Chief Swan was waiting for J.J. and Reid outside the station. "Nice to see you again J.J. or should I say Agent Jareau."

"It's good to see you too Charlie. Chief Swan this is Dr. Reid. Is there a place where we can up?"

"Yes, of course, please follow me."

The three of them walked rapidly into the station. Charlie led J.J. and Dr. Reid into a conference room. White boards were already standing in a corner of the room. A bulletin board had everything about the case so far already either pinned or taped onto it. A long oval table stood in the middle with a telephone and a speaker on top of it. "Thanks Charlie."

"No problem Agent Jareau. I'll see you soon hopefully."

An hour or so later the rest of the team arrived at the station. David Rossi looked around the conference room in surprise. Derrick Morgan just sat down silently. Emily Prentiss walked over to the board to see the pictures of all the missing girls. Aaron Hotchner had no reaction to the new surroundings. He didn't even smile once.

The phone rang and J.J. picked up the phone. Garcia's voice could be heard at the other end. "J.J. how to get past the two firewalls and the several passwords? Your sister is very smart."

"I can't tell you how, Garcia I wish that I could, but I can't. Alice's secrets aren't mine to tell. She is a star soccer player. She's very talented at drawing, but other than that I can't tell you."

"Was there anyone who didn't like Alice or any of the girls soccer players?"

"Well, Garcia please look up a man named James Hunter. He's a senior in high school."

"Alright, I'll get back to you on that, Garcia out."

"Who is James Hunter?" Derrick Morgan asked for the first time.

"Not a very nice person."

Somewhere Alice was tied to a post while Alex was being tortured in another room. Alice couldn't do anything because she was too weak. The way that she was being tortured was nothing compared to getting hurt in soccer last year. Her hands were tied behind a post and she was gaged. She could barely breathe anymore because of her severe asthma. She needed help. Would she get the help that she needed soon or not?

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